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Bonemergeable Pony Eyebrow (SFM) [DL]

Jeez i finally find some time to finish this, just a small edits to the eyebrows made by :iconnutrafin: - Preview pic by :iconsourcerabbit:.
This is pretty much for SFM but give it a try on GMOD too.

Now when you bonemerge them they stay in the right place, each one has a bone so they can be moved as you want.

Pretty much that is, in gmod they work but you know what happen when you bonemerge them to another model, they lost the possibility to use face poser on it, so they still have to be manually placed.

The original model can be found here:
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i locked the head but when i drag zero it puts it in the wrong position can you think of a fix
KayMan13's avatar
i locked it but when i do zero it goes in the mouth and not the head please help me
0PaintyPony0's avatar
can you please make a video tutorial of how to put them in the pony please?
Russty223's avatar
Could you please explain how to bonemerge it on to there. I can't find any information on how to do it.
TweshDash's avatar
Tutorial Plz 
zafuanadi's avatar
i have no idea how this works .......and position 
White-thesnow-cat-11's avatar
I download this AN I tryed an they spawn in invisible the bones shows but the model is invisible did I do something wrong?
mlg21's avatar
Can you make something in sfm
Keonwolf96's avatar
How do you bone merge the eyebrows to the pony model I find it difficult.
EvilAndCrazyDoctor's avatar
When I lock the eyebrows head to the head of a pony model then zero them... eyebrows go inside the model
I did as you said, locked the heads of both models.
This is broken ._.
KayMan13's avatar
CallieGreen's avatar
Twi got that rape face on. :D
Zyrolex's avatar
if i decompile this and compile it to my oc do i still able to move the bones on the prop ?
SkylightShepherd's avatar
I got the eyebrows to attach but they are hovering slightly away from the pony's head. Does it need to be positioned manually after zeroing it or should it already be aligned to the head perfectly?
Gyr0TheScout's avatar
how do you attach them to the pony?
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Like any other prop, lock the head bone and zero in it.
Bubblescratch225's avatar
Thx this will help me a lot in my youtube vids :)
RedxanNL's avatar
isn't there a link for bonemerging tutorial? jus ask before is screw my work.
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Not sure, is simple to do on sfm just lock and zero in.
RedxanNL's avatar
It will maybe a good idea then to have it to the model's itself it can be easier for other sfm users, then try to placing them right.
WhiteSkyPony's avatar
Any tutorial of sfm should work for the eyebrows.
OceanDriftwaterlog's avatar
any time I go to lock it, and zero it... the head moves with the brow, causing it to be like, weird! The brow wont all...
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