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I just realized how boring I am!

I've got tagged by Aschenvogel

01) Name: Saku

02) Your Nickname in dA: WhiteRoseGuardian

03) Birthday: March 29

04) Horoscope Sign: Aries

05) Birth town: London, England

06) Religion: Hindu

07) Nationality: Japanese, British, Indian

08) Parents: Annoying, always talking about college =w= I rarely get a night's worth of sleep cause I'm always pressured...but they try to be as supportive as they can.

09) Do you love them: Yeah

10) Brothers or sisters: None

11) Do you like the place where you live: It's alright.

12) Where would you move to live forever? As long as I'm with my friends and loved ones....I'm fine wherever

13) Color of your hair: Jet Black

14) Height: 5' 2"

15) Weight: 110lbs

16) What school/grade are you going to: I'm a senior in high school.

17) What marks do you have: Straight A's usually, but now a days it's been dropping because I'm so tired =w=.

18) How many piercings do you have, and where are they?: Ears, but nothing else.

19) What do you want to be in your life: Genetical/ Bio medical Engineer & Computer Engineer, With a side degree in Music, and Graphic Design.

20) Your life: Sometimes Dull, I have my friends that bring color to my life.

21) Personal quote: Youre so lazy I'm surprised youre not fat, seeing that you're not lazy enough to digest.

22) Lucky number: 6

23) What are you interested in: Too much! Really, it's too much.

24) Good side of your character: I'm called compassionate, a guardian of sorts....I just like to help people to the beest of my abilities...I mean, I can't watch my friend be know?

25) Bad side of it: I get stepped and used more than there are stars in the sky...

26) Is your life happy: Yup!

27) Do you think that you are crazy: Hahha I hope not.

28) What is the time: 6:28pm

29) What is the date: Mov. 08, 2010

30) What's the weather like: Its am I supposed to know? LOL.

31) Favorite day in a week: Saturdays!

32) Favorite music: I LOVE the 80's! I WORSHIP THAT ERA! I also like j-pop and j-rock along with classic rock.

33) Favorite Singer: Bon Jovi, Queen, David Bowie (I know I'm OOOLLLDDDD).

34) Favorite Band: Bon Jovi <3 <3 <3

35) Song: The ones I'm listening to most often at the moment are:
- Under Pressure - David Bowie & Queen
- Let Me Hear Your Voice- Big Band
- Face Down- Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
- Kids- The Management
- Crosslight- KZ

36) Best concert you have been: Never been to one ._.

38) Favorite Manga: .Hack

39) Favorite Film: Howl's Moving Castle & Star Trek

40) Favorite TV serial: Myth Busters

41) Favorite Theater play: The Twelfth Night- shakespeare (Spelling error city)

42) Favorite Film director: SPEILBURG!

43) Do you want to be famous: Sometimes

44) Do you want to be an actor/actress: Sometimes I've considered it. I've been admitted to a Drama Academy for 4 years so I certainly know a thing or two lol.

45) Do you want to be a singer: I've been in choir, and people tell me I'm good but for the most part nah lol.

47) Favorite Color: Red, Blue, Black

48) Favorite Flower: White Rose.

49) Favorite Food: Pizza!

50) Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper

51) Favorite Sweet: uh. chocolate.

52) Favorite Fruit: Apple! and Pineapple

53) The worst Food: erm....I dunno?.

54) The worst Drink: erm. Sprite and Mountain Dew. (men if you like your sperm count stay away from these.)

55) The worst Singer: I PLEAD THE FIFTH!

56) The worst Band: WNS

57) The worst Actor: YOU no jk

58) The worst Actress: YOU AGAIN! no jk

59) The worst Movie: erm...OH harry potter (after the 3rd one....when they had another director change) -shot repeatedly-

60) The worst book: I don't spend time reading a book if it's awful.

61) Do you drink alcohol: No.

62) Do you smoke: No.

63) Do you take some drugs: No.

64) What do you adore to wear: Erm. Jeans T-shirts, sometimes skirts, and jackets or sweaters.

65) Do you think you're pretty: Hahahah no..

66) What languages do you speak: English, Japanese, Spanish, French, Tamil.

67) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/male: Um. This dude named LEO DICAPRIO! and another dude named JON PHILLIPS ;D
(for all you know....theyre actors 8D)

68) The most beautiful person you have ever seen/female: ME no jk um I actually dunno

69) The most beautiful person on dA/male: YOU! :D
70) The most beautiful person on dA/female: Ohpeliac Overdose! OMG SHE'S SO GORGEOUS!!!

71) 5 best friends on dA/male: The Bunny of doom! and thats the only dude I know on here

72) 5 best friends on dA/female: Zoinkles I dont really get on here much so >.<

73) The ugliest person on dA/male: Plead the fifth


75) The person on dA who you love the most/female: Zoinkles!!! <3 <3 BESTIEEESS!!

76) The person on dA who you love the most/male: The Bunny of Doom!! <3 <3

77) The person on dA who you don't like at all/female: Oh, please, why waste time on people I don't even like!

78) The person on dA who you don't like at all/male: What I JUST SAID FOO!

79) Are you in love: Yes

80) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend: yes.

81) How does he/she look like: Hopefully like a dude O.o lol 6' 3" blue eyes and brown hair

82) Is he/she from dA: doesn't even know what DA stands for LMAO

83) When was your Very First Kiss:I'M PLEADING THE FIFTH! GAD DAMMIT

84) How was it: As Harry Potter puts it: "very wet"

85) When was your Very First Sex: WTF GTFO! NO NO

86) How was it: GTFO NOOOOOB! I never had it yet? I WAIT TILL MARRAIGE! sorry boys ;)

87) E-mail address:

88) Do you have something against gay people: No, not at all.

89) The best experience in your life: Now, that is really impossible to pinpoint, because there are loads. The whole of the last year has been pretty great in general.

90) The worst experience in your life: I don't really have one - fortunately! It's all in the past now, so they all look not that bad from the distance and that's okay.

91) When were you the happiest: I'm quite happy at the moment.

92) Who can make you happiest when he/she tries: ZOINKLES= IRREPLACEABLE= LITTLE SISTER 4 LIFE!

93) When were you the saddest: I've had something of a rough time three years ago.

94) Who do you want to go on deserted island with: Zoinkles- this is slowly turning into a love letter. 8,D

95) Do you have a secret: I'm an evil alien overlord with a supreme master plan to conquer and govern the earth. 96) What would you do if you were invisible for one hour: I'd probably not manage to do much in only one hour. I'm living in the middle of nowhere. Get into my car and freak out people passing by?

97) Who do you want to get stuck in a lift with: OH THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE -shot-

98) Do you have an idol: Yeah. Plushenko and Apolo Ohno

99) If the world goes to apocalypse, and you can save only one person, who will that be: For the sake of the world I'd probably pick My darling Jon Phillips (whom you all know as that actor that you'll never know about ;D)to build a new human race in memory to all those lost. I'm so selfless, aren't I! Eternal procreation with the man of my dreams! Well, our new race would go extinct pretty fast because of all the incest - on the other hand: it worked once before, so who knows!

100)Tag 5 of your friends:
*Zoinkles I'm friendless ;_;
  • Listening to: Collide
  • Reading: NOTHING!
  • Watching: NOTHING
  • Playing: Halo Reach!
  • Eating: Candy
  • Drinking: water and tea


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deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium
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Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
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Operating System: Vista
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Favourite cartoon character: Saku
Personal Quote: Alright. What.



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