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Senya Short- Season's Greetings
Aboard the medical ship Stalwart...
Claire tapped her pen against the table, eyes darting from it to the holo-clock glowing at her side. The seconds seem to tick by achingly slow, almost as if it knew there was somewhere she wanted to be and was denying her this out of some universal need. Frustrated, she began tapping the pen faster as if doing so would make the seconds go by faster. It didn't, but it still helped her at least.
"Yeesh girl, you hit that glass any harder you are liable to break it!"
Flinching, she looked sheepishly at her co-nurse. "Sorry Abby." Claire said, half feeling it, "The night shift on this ship is always the slowest and I really just want it to be done you know?"
Abigail flicked a strand of black hair out of her eyes as she went through her charts. "Oh yea, I know. But the desk doesn't deserve your oh-so-fiercesome tapping wrath. Just hang loose like the other girls and it'll be over before you know it."
Blessed with such
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For the Lulz by WhiteRavenLord For the Lulz :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 10 20 Abagail Nox and A Capharian Guard by WhiteRavenLord Abagail Nox and A Capharian Guard :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 13 15 Adhesive Triangles Swimsuit by WhiteRavenLord
Mature content
Adhesive Triangles Swimsuit :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 6 7
Design-A-Swimsuit Contest by WhiteRavenLord
Mature content
Design-A-Swimsuit Contest :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 7 26
Mature content
Grocery Shopping, Naomi's Domme Story :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 15 28
Murbol Wildling, Orc Shaman by WhiteRavenLord Murbol Wildling, Orc Shaman :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 17 24
Senya-verse: The Matriarch Program
 Every organization has a figure head. With the Navel it is Central Command, with the Alorian Empire it is the Empress. The Inquisition, based in on the Korin world dubbed "The Black Citadel", is no different. The Grand Inquisitor, code-name "Matriarch", is the cold ruthless head of an order known for its cruelty and near religious fervor zeal in punishing those that would defy the status quo in the Empire.
No one knows the identity of the Matriarch, even when the mantle is placed upon a new bearer when the old is "retired". Whether it is through sacrifice on the field or longevity, the mantle of the Matriarch is passed within a close fraternity of the Inquisition. Members are chosen for their excellence in various fields of study, though in order to choose the ideal candidate for the Matriarch they are chosen quite young with all records of their former life being destroyed. When the time comes for the choosing there is a ceremony that is performed at the highest point of the Cit
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Mature content
Nalen Kara's 'Retirement'- Contest Entry :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 10 13
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Senya Art Contest- A Knight's Pride :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 3 4
Mature content
Senya Art Contest- A Knight's Pride :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 2 12
Senya Art Contest- A Knight's Pride
Part 2
Nethyria system
Base Camp Alpha in the Whispering Mountains
2 days later....

"General Vix, you are needed in the Comms room."
General Vix gave a growl of irritation. Resplendent in her freshly polished grey uniform, she glared out of the viewing window at the winding passageway into the Whispering Mountains in the fading light of day. Tanks limped their way in reverse back into camp while nurses rushed out to take in wounded troopers prioritizing the more critically injured soldiers. Those that could walk were training their rifles back at the pass in case anyone should try to pursue them, but just like the last few times the rebels were content with remaining within their "fortress".
Every time we move to clear the mines leading into the pass they blast us from their higher vantage point forcing us to retreat. Then they replace the mines cleared out for us to repeat this song and dance endlessly! she thought, the frustration showing on
:iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 4 7
Mature content
Senya Art Contest- A Knight's Pride :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 4 11
Senya-verse: Alorian Army Composition
Legion #1 The Golden Dragoons
HQ: Aloria Prime
Stationed: Val-Avia
Legion #2 The Silver Spears
HQ: Kel-Avis
Legion #3 The Bronze Bayonets
HQ: Sol
Stationed: Ravin
Legion #4 The Dawn Legion
HQ: Val-Marion
Stationed: Fle-Alara
Legion #5 The Steel Exemplars
HQ: Vorrim
Stationed: Kuobos
Legion #6 The Hammers of Law
HQ: Suolla
Stationed: Isomura
Legion #7 The Relic Guard
HQ and Stationed: The Old Hall
Legion #1 The Darkshields
HQ: Tarsis
Stationed: Ustruna
Legion #2  The Ivory Hawks
HQ: Offerin
Stationed: Lyona
Legion #3 The Black Scorpions
HQ: Wyland
Stationed: Lia
:iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 4 7
Mature content
Lunch and a Show (A Rosie Birthday Story) :iconwhiteravenlord:WhiteRavenLord 11 9
The Imperial Map Expansion prt2
The oldest and wealthiest house, Korin is the center of banking and trade in the Empire. They are the oldest allies of the Alorians, and as such they enjoy the same high standards of technology and medicine as the core systems.
While there are obvious disparities of wealth between the various social classes, its never been made more apparent than in Korin. Each world that houses members considered to be of "noble" birth or even those with enough wealth have palaces floating above the ground trended by commoners. Even more off-putting is that members of the noble class refuse to walk from place to place if they can help it, instead relying upon hover chairs to see them to their destinations. If they must walk it is along pre-approved carpeted paths that for a commoner to step upon means a one-way trip to the Pits.
Militarily speaking they stay out of conflicts that arise from other houses, but in the same breath if money is to be gained from it they will absolutely lend one
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Carol the P.O.W. by Doctor-Awkward
Mature content
Carol the P.O.W. :icondoctor-awkward:Doctor-Awkward 22 0
Commission: Room Service by Lady-Distracto Commission: Room Service :iconlady-distracto:Lady-Distracto 35 6 Dancer Class by whispwill Dancer Class :iconwhispwill:whispwill 309 8 Natamin's Big Swimsuit Adventure! by Natsuko-Hiragi Natamin's Big Swimsuit Adventure! :iconnatsuko-hiragi:Natsuko-Hiragi 93 19 Bunny Goat by ImpracticalArt
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Bunny Goat :iconimpracticalart:ImpracticalArt 145 3
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Game Over - White Mage :icondankestofdans:DankestOfDans 129 8
Mature content
Grack, the King of Goblins :iconspirit-of-vice:Spirit-of-Vice 8 9
Jc01 by Dogsupreme Jc01 :icondogsupreme:Dogsupreme 27 1 Goblin by elsevilla Goblin :iconelsevilla:elsevilla 791 21 Mage Babe by firstedition Mage Babe :iconfirstedition:firstedition 202 10 Orcs Must Die Unchained: Smolder by firstedition
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Orcs Must Die Unchained: Smolder :iconfirstedition:firstedition 130 5
Fire Emblem Loki (Commission) by AyyaSAP Fire Emblem Loki (Commission) :iconayyasap:AyyaSAP 2,806 77




There is a whole playlist done of the movies in this style, its quite awesome.

Beatdown by Bound-to-please
Nice. B)

For clarification this is a heroine character I made some time ago named Beatdown. Never did anything with her, so I figured this would be a good place to start!
What does eating in a restaurant in Australia and chess have in common?

They both end in a check, mate.

Thank you, I'll see my way out.

Look at this dank ass 80s cheese. I love it. XD
As most know, I am a huge fan of playing Magic. It just feels good matching wits with other people and committing about sweet plays.

Friend of mine over on the Dagger of Hammer profiles issued me a challenge (having been a old school player herself) to build a 60-card singleton deck using only what is currently Standard playable AND only using commons.

I currently have three decklists. With a possible fourth. Ooo boy.
-Simic Tempo
-White Weenies
-Orzhov Life Matters
Through the history of magic there has been a name that has been whispered about since the game's beginning. Its referenced in several cards here and there in Magic's history, and in fact that same name is featured on a creature that for many of us who played the game near its beginning was associated with a creature that was a mono-white All Star.

Herald of Serra by WhiteRavenLordSerra Angel by WhiteRavenLordOn Serra's Wings by WhiteRavenLord

That's right, the name "Serra". Tons of lore about her peppered in game with flavor text. Might have even been featured in a few stories talking about her in deification tone, as if she was a god. But because its magic, at MOST we can surmise that she was a planeswalker who apparently created angels on every plane she went to which is why you see so many of them and why, generally, they all look the same. Yet she has never, in the entirity of magic, had a card dedicated to her. Hell, Karn, one of the more recent beaters of a planeswalker to be printed, used to just be a colorless legendary creature with an okay ability. But not our home girl.

Until today, that is.

                                                                Serrathebenevolent by WhiteRavenLord

Ya'll. This card is FIRE. Like I get it, a lot of people arent going to be thrilled or impressed with her because she doesn't "do enough". But Im here to tell you to fuck all of that. The reason why I specifically like her is because of that first ability of hers, BECAUSE when I play magic I like to have a lot of fliers. Like, a LOT of fliers. Doesnt matter what is on the ground so long as I can fly over it and kill them before they kill me.

Then I can make angels for the secondary ability and that last one basically means I can't lose the game so long as I have creatures? Im on board with this.
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