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I did this exercise to get back on my feet.

I started doing it for the patterns on their skin only, but then i imagined the colors and soon i was also concerned about the shapes. I started looking for interesting patterns/shapes on existing animals. 2nd row 3rd head is heavily inspired by antelopes, 2nd row 4th started out as crocodile-ish, and midway i looked up butterflies. 3rd row 1st head is fully based on butterflies. 3rd row 4th head is based on horses, and 2 kinds of goats (mountain goat and markhor). 4th row 1 and 2 and the last head are based on crustaceans, especially on one that i didn't even find a Wikipedia article about (Acanthonotozoma). This is just a fraction of animals i referenced.

More of these…
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you inspired me a lot dude. Thanks.

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Very very awesome work,. Love it ❤❤❤
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Hihetetlen a változatosságuk, nagyon jók! A különböző pikkelymintáik különösen tetszenek.
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Very impressive I love your style ! un bon coup de crayon l'artiste
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Mightyy Dragooon Riiiise !
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Sounds like Rhapsody~
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Thats because It is!
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I love all the detail!
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You're great at drawing dragon heads in fact your technique seems very recognizable. I might've redrawn one of your pieces...I don't post it though because I'm no art thief. I write books instead
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Wonderful Dragon heads.
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I want the on the top right <3
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I love the oriental ones! Do you do commissions?
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I'll keep these in mind for referencing.
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These look awesome! Keep it up!
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Whoa they look incredible! The detail you put in and uniqueness of each one is amazing!
I also love that I can tell which animals you may have based the designs off of, very cool! *screams*
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These are amazing! I love that you can see what animal influenced a lot of them (the moose/elk one is so cool :D), but they're all still so unmistakably dragons and each so unique. Beautiful work!
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But, where's the night fury? Lol!
WhiteRaven90's avatar
In the official DreamWorks HTTYD artbook! ;v
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It's great, a wonderful combination of the Dragon with the animals!
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It's so cool that they're based on other animals. These look awesome.
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Pretty impressive patterns and use of the pencil. Do you have any more dragon heads designs?
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