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The Forest That Once Was

By WhiteRaven90
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Well, now… i haven’t painted a world-related illustration in 3 years. 
Here it goes:


On Tetra, you get plant spirits too. The definition of spirit is a being that the four Tetran gods - four dragons - once began creating, but left half-finished in a semi-ethereal, undying state. It is also known that not one single spirit was born at least since the Tetran people began recording history. Their numbers never grow, only decrease. Back when the planet was new, most of the time they died in battle against incoming dragons. Nowadays, under silent skies, spirits more often get to the point where they end their own lives.

This once was a plant spirit - all the giant trees a single entity. It once stood close to the south pole of Tetra, on a land of permanent snow. In all likelihood it was killed by a dragon a very long time ago. All that remains of it is one broken trunk, fossilized already by time and the polar cold.

Ryan and Tau traveled to it because they didn’t want to risk visiting Soran, the only one plant spirit left alive today. The Tetran dragons are mistrustful of Tau - it’s a mystery why they even let him enter their little corner of the universe. Either because he’s a weak dragon - they could kill him if they wanted to - or because they somehow know that Tau is a respectful kind of person and only wishes to learn.

Nevertheless, Tau really wanted to see a plant spirit, so Ryan figured he could take him to the grave of one. What he didn’t prepare for was that Tau, being super inquisitive, would summon the image of the forest from the past into the present, to see it as it once was. Occurrences like this is why Ryan keeps going on trips with weird strangers.


(give me bonus points for trying my best not to ruin the mood with my usual remarks?)

In Solitude by WhiteRaven90 8PM by WhiteRaven90 environment color practice by WhiteRaven90 Tau by WhiteRaven90 

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I've always wanted someone to draw a picture of huge trees at a place full of ice which gives a calm feeling.
Aurora and tree spirits is my ideal dream. This is like a dream come true, virtually :P
Thank you and congratulations on this amazing piece of art! Love Heart 
Here's a jazz music that I'd love to hear it 24/7 if I'm sitting at that place Heart Huggle!…
WhiteRaven90's avatar
What i wanted was a load of plants on a polar ice cap. :meow: I'm glad you like it.
I listened to the music, jazz is not my cup of tea but it was good, now i can't help but raise my standards a little (they sunk pretty low recently). Regardless of that what i listened to while painting, might have been Two Steps From Hell:… Or something like it.
wynnedotte's avatar
What an awesome concept :0 brilliant execution!
JWiesner's avatar
Ahh, this is beautiful! ;v; We're so focused on animal spirits in life and art that we forget about plants. It's so nice to see them get more appreciation. Especially because I love large old majestic trees.

You really captured that certain essence of an old forest well, even though it's a spirit, in that first image. It kinda makes me sad to look at the second image and see how little is left without that forest.

There are always days when I wish, very hard, that our continents were covered in mostly forests again, as they used to be before human population grew larger and larger, and forests got smaller and smaller. ;_; Imagine we could have huge old trees like this as part of our normal daily lives. And so little natural disasters since forests do a lot of protective things for everyone. <3
WhiteRaven90's avatar
Plants don't move around much, and people tend to focus on movement (and cats). ^^; I do hope that i can direct some attention toward them. I did this to warm up for a commission that has redwoods in it, and i read that there aren't too many of them and i didn't even know. Things that are so big seem like they are forever, except they are not. :/ 

Though i recently read that big, stuffed forests are not that good either, because if a forest fire happens it spreads faster and wider than in a lightly packed forest (i didn't know this). BUT there certainly aren't enough forests on the map nowadays, at least i don't think so either. I like to play with Google Earth and i noted how every green patch seems to be a wheat field, not a forest and ESPECIALLY NOT meadows or vast grasslands. And now i feel like designing a grassland plant spirit.
JWiesner's avatar
Yes, that's what deer and other herbivores do, they cause natural meadows by eating (or gnawing at) young trees and trambling the earth, so trees (and other plants) don't get too packed. Rodents also eat seeds and roots and have a similar effect on plant life. Of course this is just another balance story again, because too many of those animals kill a forest too. That's why there are predators taking care of these animals. Predators are often territorial too, which keeps the number of predators low enough so they don't eat their prey into extinction and everything starves to death. Nature got it all worked out. ^-^

I visited the Red Wood Forest during a visit in the USA, and these trees literally left a huge impression. To this day I never met any larger or older trees.

A grassland plant spirit would be neat! I read this book about Mongolian tribes and how they consider the grassland to be the "great life" without which all "little lives" (humans, animals, etc)  wouldn't survive. They barely have forests in their country due very harsh weathers and temparatures. But they very much depend on the grassland because of their live stock, herbs, and of course running water in rivers and lakes. If the grassland turned to a desert (which is sadly happening more and more around the world), all of these things die off and disappear. :U
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This is incredible! I love the northern lights so much and you captured that beauty so well. Plus there's so much skill in the composition, especially with those huge trees. Awesome!
WhiteRaven90's avatar
Ooh, thanks! I never seen an aurora personally but i'm going to Norway apparently very soon so i hope i'll see one there. D:
meowmeowmelody's avatar
I've never seen them personally either actually, but I dream of it! I hope you have a great time in Norway, I'm hoping to go to Sweden in the next couple of years and see them myself!
ApalrieusCentauri's avatar
 Wait so... Tau is one of the people in the picture? But he's also a dragon? So he can change his appearance to look like a human? :la:
WhiteRaven90's avatar
Y- erh, no. Sort of?! The human one is more like a small piece of himself that he sent to Tetra. The Tetran gods would murder his butt if he went all-in. The rest of Tau is chilling on one of the Tetran moons where he bothers no one. 
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