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Making a Friend

By WhiteRaven90
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...because unlike real people, toys would never hate you. :|
And some of us - including her - simply have to work harder to make friends.

Full-size detail shots to compensate that the background doesn't seem visible enough.
[link] [link] [link] [link]
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BourbonTheManEaterStudent General Artist
I've read White Raven's chart, and i loved it. So, she makes like "toys" for not being alone or for herself and others entreteinment? Sorry, my english is very bad :)
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WhiteRaven90Professional General Artist
I'm glad you loved it :meow: She mainly makes toys for herself to not feel alone, yes, but she also gives them away to some people. The toys are like smart pets/friends.
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BourbonTheManEaterStudent General Artist
Thanks! ;D
Another question: I konw that most people in DeviantArt uses Digital art, but, which program they use? They use a Tablet, Photoshop or what? Do you use digital art?
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WhiteRaven90Professional General Artist
I think most people would agree that you need a tablet for digital art (i have an Intuos3 tablet, but i know many people like Bamboo, and if you got money then CintiQ). You can use a mouse but it takes longer and it's more difficult. Programs: i personally use Photoshop, but i want to try Paint Tool Sai too. Lots of people like Sai and you can try it for free. I mix Photoshop with Corel Painter sometimes (Painter is hard to use but it's better for mimicking traditional painting than Photoshop). If you can't get these programs, then there is ArtRage which is kinda fun and easy to learn. Or Gimp but i don't like Gimp. I also tried OpenCanvas but i didn't like it either. I don't remember any other program right now, but i hope i answered your question. >,>
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BourbonTheManEaterStudent General Artist
Yay! Thank you very much!, you know, i like drawing in the traditional way but sometimes I'm not patient >_<
 I'll search all the programmes you recomend me and I'll download them.
Thank you very much, again :D
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OtterbaneHobbyist General Artist
I would just like to say that this is absolutely beautiful :)
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TawnyDestrangeHobbyist General Artist
I remember doing this as a kid. :) It`s really stunning, awsome job!
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VMenFangirlHobbyist General Artist
awww.... this is cute x3 :heart::hug:
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I'm just... impressed.

Firstly: I adore this character - did you write story about her or something? I looked to your gallery and found Replacement and Out of reach and I fell in love with her.
Secondly: I agree with your "theory" about toys and people -maybe that's why I feel still impressed by your work, because not only the image is important, a content is prior.
Thirdly: composition and bunnies with theirs glowing eyes. It's amazing :wow:.

And simply I would draw, create new things, characters, places like you ^^'

btw. Is this one inspired by Varanius? :)
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I absolutely adore this picture- I'm glad I happened to stumble across it.

I enjoy macabre themes, I love pieces with stories even more so, and I adore story-telling pieces with macabre themes best of all. This picture practically speaks aloud to me~

The way that the masked character is working with her project with such evident care is touching; makes me feel for her <3

(Also, I absolutely must remark on how lovely the composition is. You picked exactly the right place for every item and aspect within the painting; I don't remember the last time I've seen something with such good structure, especially one with so many components as this.)

I'm definitely going to favorite this- it's an all-around excellent piece, and you did a most wonderful job~!
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Dark, I love it
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RhexFiremindProfessional Digital Artist
great work, i love the idea T_T.. i want to lear how to make them..

good job!
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SaiFongJunFan Digital Artist
That is so cooL~:fuzzydemon:
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KerneinheitStudent General Artist
Oh yes, that's so true! Wonderful work ^^
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donnaquinnHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, this is a beautiful piece, and so melancholy while being just slightly disturbing (glowing eyes *will* have that effect!). He seems to have a thing for kangaroos.
The soft gleam of the metal is a particularly nice texture in this piece.
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Rahh in my childhood, I was sure plushies live and these can move and feel emotion .

My favorite plushy was ''hibou coucou'' (it's his name it's a little owl). I loved him so much . I stole him form my sister because it's her favorite plushy too but she forgot him hihi. It's MINE now :D
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Poor thing... but with an eternally happy porcelain mask =\
It's a beautiful illustration btw.
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shideh General Artist
Aagh, I just love this character! :love:
Keep on doing an amazing job!
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seeneProfessional Traditional Artist
The scattered sets of glowing eyes are a powerful theme.
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I know barely anything about this character but she's so adorable! :< good job!
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Yeah, this is pretty inspirational.
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I dunno... I kinda miss a certain face from a certain pet-page-thingy...
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D'awwww! I just wanna hug her! x3 ...and her toys. To me, it looks like one of her toys was somehow damaged or injured and now she's fixing it, comforting it and all. I love this picture so much! ;w;
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WhiteRaven90Professional General Artist
Thanks. :meow: Hug her if you want, i guess she would be happy. x)
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