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Let's Shake Hands

By WhiteRaven90
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Inspired by *pallanoph's new deviation. :dummy:

...Poor little finger.
Yeah, it's my left hand. I used it as a reference for only the first one, the other 4 were not so lucky to have refs. D:

I might do this with other animals (wolf, horse, etc) depending on how much free time i'll have. :T
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Murrr talon need feet talons
lessthanhuman's avatar
Lovely transition!
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Beautiful work!
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i looked at it from right to left, so to me it looked like a birds foot was becoming a human hand
Lord-DracoDraconis's avatar
Do more, do more! This is cool you should do a Dragon as well!
scullychan's avatar
beautiful rendering.
Dragoniade's avatar
Very nice hand transformation, and very flowing too.
StormNobleheart's avatar
Very nice transformation sequance, you should draw the rest of the ideas that you mentioned. I would have to say that the anatomy is very good, and the transistions well executed.
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Thanks. I really want to draw the rest of the ideas. My time and energy is limited but i'll try. :P
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Just take it a little bit at a time. Will be neat seeing the horse's hoof, with the hand stretching out longer and the middle finger gradually becoming larger while the other digits shrink.
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yay csinájjá még többet... :dummy: kivi leszek a lóra xD
amúgy meg szakadj meg xD
WhiteRaven90's avatar
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This is awesome.
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jáááj! ez nagyon érdekesen ilyesztő tapasztalat volt! A középső állapot tetszik a legjobban!
WhiteRaven90's avatar
Akkor nem csak szerintem sikerült az a legjobban. :B
TonyAlbuquerque's avatar
cool sequence... simple and dynamic!
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I adore transformations like this. I don't have the patience, myself, but HEY. The third one is my favorite <3 <3
WhiteRaven90's avatar
Thanks! And i must say i don't have the patience either. I wanted to do 6 but i got bored. :D
Kieke-boe's avatar
OOoOoh! I really like it! =D It looks slightly painful though.. mostly because of the 3rd one, I think.
g3n3t1X's avatar
Very very good. I'd like to see other animals done.
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such beautiful work! love the detail.
Foo-Foo-Flower's avatar
That's so dang cool!
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