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INFP/INTP | ♀ | illustrator | True Neutral (and likes D&D)

♥ fantasy & sci-fi, illustration/concept art/storytelling

♥ turtles, cappuccino, rain, variety, snow, fiction books, mythology, RPG, interesting OCs

♦ Vague life goals: to bring the best out of people, including own self (also to figure out what "best" means), to discover and invent (to be creative). To become more skillful and more imaginative, more open-minded, more tolerant, tougher, less avoidant, and to worry less and know more. And to pay the bills. I'm not particularly good at half of these.


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contact: whiteraven.art@gmail.com

Favourite Games
2017/18: Subnautica, 2018/19: Oxygen Not Included
Tools of the Trade
0.5 mechanical pencil, Wacom Intuos 3, Photoshop, Corel Painter, Sculptris, Sketchup, Clip Studio
Other Interests
turtles/reptiles, psychology, 3D modeling/texturing, animation, literature, comics

part II

part II

An update on the previous thing. First of all, i'm still alive. >_> Secondly, it's better now. I'm going to need to be low/no activity for a little longer. That's the TLDR version. ------- During the past two weeks i haven't drawn a lot, but it doesn't make my anxiety rise, and i don't get flashbacks to that bad night, and i don't get particularly unnerved by the break from drawing, and i haven't had to force myself to have this break. I discovered something that's been poisoning me for at least 16 years. There is a case to be made that it's been present all my life. We could call it... a falsehood? A concept corruption? ...Fuck that, let's call it Bob. Not necessarily a lie... and nothing like "i actually don't want to be an artist, i was just pressured into it, my life is a lie" , nothing like that. Something more primal/simple? Something older. Something even a baby could process and be harmed by. My brain keeps resisting, it doesn't want to believe that i found something

makes some life signs

makes some life signs

Skip first 3 paragraphs if you are in a low mood (yes this is a content warning). Some unholy fuck happened in early 2020. Never experienced anything like it before. I was extremely emotional, at all times. Anything and everything made me cry. Even when i felt happy, i cried because of the realization that i wasn't feeling funeral vibes. Everything made me feel extremely deep sorrow, as if someone i loved died, or is dying, or if i was going to die soon and must say bye to things. I went to a Sabaton+Apocalyptica concert, which is pretty metal, and it made me cry, like i was seeing an incredibly moving drama film masterpiece. Who the fuck cries at a powermetal concert? A few weeks later(?) my anxiety disorder joined in and I was entering a certain dark state of mind that i've been terrified of since about 2014 (i'm not sure but i'll go with 2014 for the sake of brevity). I wrote this out in vivid detail because my brain won't stop putting the scene in front of me. I want to make it

Limited Prints at Gumroad

Limited Prints at Gumroad

:star: https://gumroad.com/whiteraven90 :star: This is just a limited test run, tailored for Christmasy needs. I’ve been meaning to test out Gumroad forever. I’m planning to add both digital and physical products there, long-term. I’ve limited each print to 5 - that way if something goes wrong i will not go completely bankrupt. If you’d like to have some more print variety, my InPrnt shop has that covered year-round: http://www.inprnt.com/gallery/vassmelinda/ Leave feedback on the Gumroad shop, if you’d like! I’m a complete noob, so if i can do anything to make it better, i will. Thanks for looking!

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XahastarianHobbyist Digital Artist
I cannot describe how much i absolutely adore your art oh my god,,
anubis-xHobbyist General Artist
All of this...this is just GORGEOUS work!
h3video1RavenShadowHobbyist General Artist
llama 4 U xD , great work!!
Inky-ShadeHobbyist Traditional Artist
Greetings from Austria dear neighbour :D
WestlyLaFleurProfessional Digital Artist
ChistokrovkaProfessional Digital Artist
    Thank you very much for the watch!  I am greatly honoured! :hug: