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Need You Now [G.Hayato x Reader]
Just like the title of this fic, the song I was inspired by is Need You Now by Lady Antebellum~
❄ ~   ♢  ~ ♢ ☾ ♢   ♕ ♢ ☽ ♢ ~  ♢   ~ ❄
[F/N] stared at the night sky, thinking back on the argument they had the day before. It was pretty common to have little fights and maybe some not so serious bruises here and there but, whatever happened yesterday was different.
She was so elated as the day of the party got nearer and she was just showing him the crimson dress shirt she had acquired for him. She hadn’t prepared her own dress but, when the female saw the deep shade of red clothing, [F/N}] couldn’t help thinking that no one could wear it better than him and got it almost immediately.
❄ ~   ♢  ~ ♢ ☾ ♢  
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Wedding Dress (Levi x Reader)

❄ ~   ♢  ~ ♢ ☾ ♢   ♕ ♢ ☽ ♢ ~  ♢   ~ ❄
It was midnight but, the girls were gathered together in Mikasa's and [F/n]'s room, having the usual girls' talk.
"Hey, have you guys thought of getting married?" Everyone stared at Sasha as if she had suddenly announced that she decided to give up eating.
"Hah? Do you know where we are?"
"She's right. How can we even think of that?" Some of the girls nodded in agreement.
Christa raised her tiny hand and piped up, "B-but, imagine being in a white wedding dress..." Eventually, everyone started describing their ideal wedding attire.
On the other hand, [F/n] who was seated crossed-leg on her bed, pulled out her sketchbook and started sketching the dream dresses of her friends as she listened closely to them describing.
"As for me, I prefer wearing a tux that matches Christa'
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Akashi Seijuurou, the Loyal Knight. by whitequeenkimmie Akashi Seijuurou, the Loyal Knight. :iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 3 9
I'll Miss You [Imayoshi x Reader]

Happy reading?

"Shouichi-kun!!!!" [F/n] whined as she rolled on the said-man's bed in boredom after spending an hour staring out at the wintery sky from the window. "You have been studying since the past few hours!!! Why don't you take a break?! Why are you even studying during Christmas break?!"
"[F/n]-chan. Instead of whining, why don't you join me?"
"Imayoshi Shouichi, you're asking a second year to study with you, who's studying for his entrance exams?"
"Ew. Why can't you be a second year like me?"
"Nah. I'd rather you're a third year like me. That way we'll be suffering together, won't that be great?"
"No way."
"[F/n]-chan, you're mean, nee? What happened to the 'I promise to go through all pain together with you, Imayoshi-kun'?" Imayoshi faked a hurt expression as he reminded her of the words she told him before.
"I hate you, Shouichi-kun."
"I love you too. Come here," he stretched his long legs out
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Warmth [Akashi x Reader]

"Eh??? A what....??? No....I've never heard of it before...Ask Sei-kun...?" Akashi's ears perked up at the mentioned of his name by his girlfriend, [F/n] as she was chatting with her close friend.
Red hues glanced in the females' directions only to find [F/n] looking at him, wearing a gentle smile on her lips.
His gaze on the [h/c] girl softened as she took small steps towards him and his voice when he spoke to [F/n] obviously showed how much the great red emperor, Akashi Seijuurou adores her.
"Nee...Sei-kun...You see, we were talking about winter in Japan and you know...this is my very first time experiencing winter...," [F/n] paused for a moment, waiting for a reaction or reply from the red-head.
Nodding, he said, "Yes. I do know about that."
"Well...[Friend's name] mentioned something a table that can warm people up....A...kotetsu?" Akashi found the way [F/n]'s face scrunched up as she tried to remember what h
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 233 46
Memories of Snow [Kuroko x Reader]

"Uwaaahhhh!!!! Snow!!! Kuroko-kun!! Snow!!!" [F/n] shouted excitedly as she ran out the school gym with wide arms.

A rare smile formed on the lips of the phantom sixth man at the sight of his girlfriend of 5 months, chasing and trying to catch the falling snow. Much surprisingly to everyone and Kuroko himself, [F/n] had no problem in noticing him and the first time she did was the very first day she transferred to his class. She was talking to some of their classmates before she noticed him and gave him a smile.
Before he knew it, Kuroko yearned for her attention and would go out of his ways to speak with [F/n]. Sometimes, it made him wondered if she knew the effects she has on him.

"Hurry up, Kuroko-kun!!" she turned to him with a grin, her face red and flustered due to the cold.
Heaving a sigh and shaking his head, he slowly approached the female, "[F/n]-san<
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Sailor Moon by whitequeenkimmie Sailor Moon :iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 4 0
Should Have Known[LevixReaderxErwin](Modern!AU)

Here's a little something to make up for the time I'm gone. It's actually just a prologue to something I haven't written but, have plans. Well, I'll get to it when I'm free.
Song: Wakatte Ita Hazu. (The lyrics are just translated to English. :3)

Walking down the streets and carefully avoiding puddles of rain water, [F/n] sighed and looked up at the clear, blue skies. The bright sun and lazily-floating clouds seemed to be laughing at her, mixed with the laughter of couples around her; holding hands and giving each other those loving gazes.
The laughing voices
of lovers passing by
makes me get all choked up.

Holding her [f/c] umbrella, the [h/c] woman turned her head towards a vintage cafe. She observed as a girl fed her boyfriend. Happiness written all over their features. She imagined herself in the girl's place with a certain raven-haired male, though she knew all too well that he's not the type f
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 106 32
Portrait Assignment by whitequeenkimmie Portrait Assignment :iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 1 8
His Brightest Star[LevixReader](SailorMoonXover)

I find it a little funny how I had initially planned to make the reader a Sailor Senshi like Sailor Moon and then, it kind of became a story of Shingeki no Kyojin characters with a mixture of Sailor Moon. Some of you might think I'm having a major problem and might have one or two screws out of place. It may be true. I won't deny it.
If you don't know Sailor Moon, then this might get a little confusing. But, the main point is that Star Seed is like someone's soul. No soul, you dead. 
Blast Bless me.
This story is set during the Star arc/ Sailor Stars season and a little flashback from the Dreams arc/Sailor Moon Super S  season. I wish you a happy reading?

The most important person in Levi's life is surprisingly, a girl, who is both clumsy and a crybaby.
Their first ever meeting
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 49 29
Vanilla [Levi x Reader] Modern!AU

Oh, there's a little cursing. This is the Corporal we're talking about.

Seated at a table for two, Levi observed as [F/n] surveyed the first-class cafe; famous for being frequently visited by personalities. Her eyes trailed from corner to corner only to conceal themselves again, behind the menu in her tight grip.
"What would you like to have, Mr. Ackerman?" a waitress inquired, a notebook in one hand and a pen in the other.
Putting down the menu, Levi answered in his usual dull tone, "Black tea and this br- lady here will have vanilla tea."
[F/n] flinched when he referred to her, [e/c] orbs widened in surprise as they looked up from the menu to meet his dark hues.
"I'll be back shortly with your orders." The waitress bowed before leaving the table of two.
The mood around the pair was heavy and it was silent. Of course it'll be. Levi Ackerman; the famous CEO of the Acker
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Namesake [Erwin x Reader]

'Stable duties. Great.'
A [h/c] girl groaned as she brushed the golden mane of a white thoroughbred.
'Never had I gotten punished before!!! Where the heck is the damn horse-face when he is supposed to be here cleaning the stables too?!'
"Whoa!! [F/n]!!! How did you do that?!"
'Speak of the devil. Long live, Kirschtein,' the female rolled her [e/c] eyes at Jean's sudden outburst from the entrance. "Do what?"
"Tame that horse!! That horse had never allowed anyone to go near him, let alone touch him...well, except the commander."
"Oh? I didn't know that..." she muttered, slightly surprised. The stallion had no problem with her ever since the first day she joined the Survey Corps. She was immediately attracted to this very one rather than the other horses. Maybe because of its golden mane, icy blue orbs and white body reminds her of the man she had a crush on. A man whom will never be able
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 391 199
[RQ] OC by whitequeenkimmie [RQ] OC :iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 1 3
Start of Something New [Jean x Reader]

A reincarnation-ish!AU. Seriously, I have no idea how to describe this. LOLS
Song: Start of Something New (Yes. Another High School Musical song. But, seriously though, the idea for this fic came from this song.)
I hope you'll enjoy this fic?

"Hey, I'm Jean Kirschtein. What's yours?" A boy with copper hair was giving a smug grin as he sat next to a [hair colour] girl, who replied, "[First name] [Last name]."
"Are you a campfire? Cause you're hot and I want s'more."
[First name] rolled her [eye colours] orbs and scoffed, "Sorry, Kirschtein. I'm not another conquest of yours."

Noticing the male still wearing that idiotic grin made her felt irritated, but before she could make a move, a brunet held her shoulder and a short blond was shaking his head, warning her not to.
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 103 13
Reflection[Tsuna's daughter!ReaderxImplied!Hibari]

Song: Reflection 

It was said that her marriage is the happiest moment in a women’s life.
But, for seventeen-year old Sawada [F/n], daughter of the Vongola Decimo, she just want to shoot the next person who tells her she looks beautiful in her wedding dress.
Look at me 
She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror of the dressing room. True enough it was her dream to say the sacred vow but, to someone she truly love, not someone she see only as a close friend.
I will never pass for a perfect bride, or a perfect daughter.

Her close friend from an allied famiglia had proposed to her out of nowhere and she couldn't say no. She couldn't tell them that she had a person whom she fell in love with. A person whom she shouldn't fall for.
Many times she asked herself, if
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 16 10
[SnK]Seed of Love [Erwin x Reader]

[f/n] - First name
[l/n] - Last name
[e/c] - Eye colour
[h/c] - Hair colour
[b/n] - Brother's name
[f/c] - Favourite colour

Erwin was woken up by the sound of sheets shuffling and the absence of the warmth from his hold but, the blond made no move to wake up.  He would have gotten out of bed; getting ready for another tiring day, if it wasn't for the fact that it was a day where he could sleep in a little longer.
Unfortunately, as the commander, he would have to get up sooner or later. Shifting so that his face was buried in your pillow instead, taking in the light yet, soothing scent of yours that was still lingering. 
Exiting from the shower, you couldn't help but, let a smile be painted on your lips at the sight of your lover sleeping on the bed with his back facing you; his expression was peaceful and serene. This side of stoic Commander was something only y
:iconwhitequeenkimmie:whitequeenkimmie 316 39
Do favourite or leave a comment if you like any of my works!!

Love, Kimmie.



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