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The Coronation of the Lioness: Part 1
It was one month ago when the trial by the Sparrow and the Faith Militant took place in the Sept of Balor. One month ago when Cersei Lannister, daughter of Tywin and Joanna of house Lannister, widow to King Robert, Dowager queen to the now two deceased Kings, her beloved sons, King Joffrey and Tommen Baratheon, and princess Myrcella Baratheon her only daughter, was to stand trial for her crimes of treason. One month ago, when she had Wildfire destroy the Sept of Balor and killed the Sparrow's, the High Sparrow himself, the Noble's of King's Landing, and her daughter in law and queen, Margaery Tyrell, to escape her trial.
And one month, since she was immediately taken into custody by her brother, King's guard and lover, Jaime Lannister and was put into the dark cell's once again to await her fate.
Cersei thought she had everything figured out. She thought her plan was fool proof, that she can erase her mistake of putting the Faith Militant into power and get rid of her rival for Tommen'
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The King of Lust by WhitePedal25 The King of Lust :iconwhitepedal25:WhitePedal25 10 15
Coming Home: Chapter 6
As some of you may not know, not only will I be posting this story on FFN, I also posted this story on DA if anyone would like to read it there. And soon I'll be making fanart of my story for DA.
I want to thank Autobot once again for helping me with this story, and all of you who read and review it.
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Hi guys, for those in the anime community know, Vic Mignogna has been fired from Funimation, Rooster Teeth and was cancelled from appearing to other conventions due to allegations of sexual assault by a few fans and the voice actress Monica Rial, but thanks to many online they gathered information that the accusations are false as many have years of tapes of Vic Mignogna at conventions only giving hugs and kisses to his fans who asked for them, and if a fan didn't want to be touch he said he respected that as he is Italian descent and in his culture that's how they greet people, and the fact they fired him immediately and not conduct a proper investigation on the matter is ridiculous as the saying "Innocent till proven guilty" should always apply, especially in cases like this. And keep in mind, this started around the time the new Dragon Ball movie was announced and Vic voices Broly which is huge, and the other voice actors say he was doing it for years but yet they NEVER reported the assaults (which would screw them and the company over as they would be seen as complacent to Vic's "crimes", especially when they go to conventions with young teenagers which can put them and the company in jeopardy of endangering minors), and Funimation was shady in the past as they did an under the table deal with a company to dub Yugioh uncut without the proper license.

And a few years back, Scott Freeman, a former Funimation voice actor who voiced several characters, including England from Hetalia, was arrested when he was found with child pornography in his possession from an ACTUAL investigation and was found guilty with evidence to prove it. If they did an investigation on Scott to put him away on a serious charge, why didn't they do that with Vic when he was first accused, and instead fire him immediately and not get the police involved to see both sides of the story?

And on twitter, Monica Rial made threats to people who asked her when Vic first attacked her and asked for some evidence, saying she will sue them and Twitter has been deleting people's accounts who defended Vic and showed proof of his innocence, with more stupid people saying those who are on Vic's side will be arrested. And what's worse is that on Facebook, there have been pictures of Vic and his fans together that they are using against him saying it's "proof" that he is a predator, until a girl in one of the pictures said he didn't touch her and she didn't want her picture being used against Vic.

Rape and Sexual assault is a serious issue and the people who say they are raped should be heard and have their side be told, but to many times there have been women lying and accusing innocent men of rape when they never harmed them and usually do it out of spite, regret or jealousy and the men usually never have their side told to see if the person was lying or not. And that not only ruins a man's reputation and life, actual victims of sexual assault become more afraid of speaking out as they're afraid they'll be called liars and won't speak up out of fear. And that's something I have a major problem with.

There also have been youtubers calling out Monica, Funimation and the other fans and voice actors for the contradicting stories they told about Vic's behavior and how they used facebook to find fans that took pictures of Vic at conventions to use against him. Here are some of the video's, be sure to give them and the people who found the inconsistencies in Monica and the other voice actors and the people who accused Vic a BIG kudo's for their research:

I don't know about you guys, but the more Monica and Funimation accuse Vic, the more guilty they look as they seem dead set on destroying his career.

Not only do I think Vic is innocent, I think he should get his job back, which is why I'm posting this petition here for everyone to sign so he can get back to voicing RWBY and Dragon Ball again, as well as have his name cleared. He's been through Hell because of this and will need our support more than ever:……


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