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:RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase Status: OPEN!  :RainbowBummiesParade: by MenInASuitcase

Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru


you can check my Newly made Facebook Page too :

Dancing Kitteh EmoteWhiteNamikaze's Facebook Page Dancing Kitteh Emote 

Emoji40 by Emoji-icon I will draw : 
- Anime related art
- Moe girls
-ikemen/handsome boys (oldman is okay too)
- semi-realist art (still looks like anime )
- any kind of coloring style (cel shading, soft shading)
- shounen ai or Shoujo ai is okay
Ecchi (showing Abs,bra, bikini, swimsuit,
) is okay
-light NSFW is okay

Emoji43 by Emoji-iconi WONT draw :

Kaomoji Emoji Set | Listen to Music by cute-materials How to order ?
you can send a  Note  / email to me like this :
notes example :
Subject : Commision Request

  • -Email : 
  • -Commission Type : (commission number 1/2/3)
  • published or unpublished : (can i upload your request on my DA, pixiv, or fb or not)
  • -Characters reference : (link)
  • *Spesific Description :
    • Canvas mode: (portrait or landscape)
    • Canvas Size:
    • Character Design : (hairstyle, eye color)
    • Background Setting :
  •    *Pose Reference:  (Link)
( *) If you don't fill that, I'll make it based on my imagination .)

Payment :

Paypal Stamp by artist4com

When you send the payment, PLEASE CHECK THE "NO ADRESS NEEDED" ON PAYPAL, See below :

  • No Shipping Required by WhiteNamikaze

  • Please wait patiently for my respond
  • I ALWAYS Do the best for every Commission Request i got OwOb
  • after agreement, send me half of the payment via paypal or i wont start working on your request
  • When you send the payment, PLEASE CHECK THE "NO ADRESS NEEDED" ON PAYPAL
  • by commission me i asume you already seen my other art and like it, so if you want to cancel your request NO PAYBACK FOR YOU!
  • i will give you the progress of you request ( sketch > based color > low res) after the approvement for based color you can't change anything or it will cost you
  • max revision is 4 times. more than that, you have to pay for revission fee
  • after done, i will send you the low res of your request and after you pay me the rest, i will send you the hi-res one
  • I have the right to reject your request.
  • i can upload my work on pixiv,DA,facebook with my watermark on it (if you dont want me to post, then tell me please)
  • Size and complexity artwork affecting the price
  •  I'm working on 300dpi
  • Black and White Artwork are -5$ for all category (exclude headshot)
  • price currency is $ ( US dollars )
  • Sunday is My Day Off
  • if you are going to commisison me via fb, please tell me who you are first, because i don't accept friend request if there is no mutual friend on you :)


1. Headshot 15$ (for avatar/profile picture, NO BG)
- with BG + 10$++
(Depending on details)

COMMISSION - Fox Girl by WhiteNamikaze
Grandchase : Uno and Sieghart by WhiteNamikaze 
World Trigger - Masato Kageura by WhiteNamikaze


2. Half Body 30$
Max size A4, no BG
- with BG + 10$++
(Depending on details)
- Additional Character +10$ each
-With Armor/ Too detailed design +5$

MARGINAL#4 - Atom Kirihara by WhiteNamikazeCOMMISSION - Cornet and Diancie by WhiteNamikaze
COMMISSION - Adepta Sororitas by WhiteNamikaze


3. FullBody 40$ (max A4 no BG)
  - Additional Character +15$
- with BG + 10$++
(Depending on details)
-With Armor/ Too detailed design +10$

COMMISSION - Mage Elf Wizard by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Moonlight by WhiteNamikaze
 COMMISSION - Olivia by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Storm and Emilie by WhiteNamikaze
 COMMISSION - Lucien and Lust by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Fuyu and Aki by WhiteNamikazeCOMMISSION - Alessa by WhiteNamikaze


4. Chibi 15$ (max A4 no BG)
- Bigger size +5$
- with BG + 10$++
(Depending on details)
  - additional Character + 10$

COMMISSION - Claire by WhiteNamikazeCOMMISSION - Chibi Mascot #1 by WhiteNamikaze 
COMMISSION - Sarah Yoshida Chibi by WhiteNamikaze  

5. Character Sprite 40$ (for Visual Novel or gaming purpose)
  • Base Sprite Included 1 outift, 1 Knee Up pose, and 5 base expressions (normal,happy,sad,angry,confuse)
  • PNG format file
  • Extra outfit +5$ each
  • Extra Pose +7$ each
  • Extra Expression +5$ each for 3 expressions

 COMMISSION - Ryzia by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Safiya by WhiteNamikaze
COMMISSION - Emilia Character Sprite by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Hshino Nagata by WhiteNamikaze

6. CG 40$ (for Visual Novel or gaming purpose)
  • size depend on your game size but i can do max 1080x1920 px
  • what will you get : 1 character, 1 background, 3 basic expressions
  • Extra Character +15$ each
  • Extra Expressions +3$ each
  • Extra Pose + 7$ each

CG - Rainy Train Station by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Caylie by WhiteNamikaze


7. Character Sheet 45$
  • size A4 no BG include front and back pose, 3 expression and different angle
  • extra clothes 10$
  • extra acc 5 $

COMMISSION - Aurora Irving by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Elfie Frudnick by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Arietta Character Sheet by WhiteNamikaze

8. Sprite for RPG Maker VX Ace 30$ 4 direction. ADDITIONAL POSE +3$

COMMISSION - RPG Sprites by WhiteNamikaze

9. Long Comic
15-20 Panels MAX
  FULL COLOR : 60$ per page
  Black and white : 50$ per page

COMMISSION - Boy to Girl Transformation by WhiteNamikazeCOMMISSION - Serena on Stage by WhiteNamikaze


  Depend on how long the animation and the animation details

 Rhapsody a musical adventure - Cornet (Animation) by WhiteNamikaze

  • Please note that i have crappy perspective sense T_T
  • - if you can provide a real photo reference i can follow the angle to, it will help me ALOT

COMMISSION - Girl's Bedroom Interior by WhiteNamikaze COMMISSION - Restaurant Interior by WhiteNamikaze

check this Background Gallery

another Animation Check My Youtube Channel

Ripple the Water Spirit

Short motion- ants

if you are interested, kindly PM me via facebook  DA  

Note : if you are going to commisison me via fb, please tell me who you are first, because i don't accept friend request if there is no mutual friend on you :)

1. Rellawing (HP, working on lineart) via Discord
2. Safron (FP, working on coloring) via Discord
3. A3208 (HP, working on sketch) via Discord
4. Fureasei (FP, working on coloring) via Email
5. Sebastian (FP, working on sketch) via E-mail
6. dmasterxd (FP, working on lineart) via discord

waiting List :
1. Buhrmi via LINE (contacting soon)
2. maverix75 via DA Note


Sugita is epic, Sugita is LOVE

© 2015 - 2021 WhiteNamikaze
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NIMH-P999's avatar

Hello :) I see that some of your commission prices are not so expensive, such as the fullbodies, the sprites, the CG, the character sheets and maybe the background, so i will like them (those prices very well).

WhiteNamikaze's avatar


ah Yes :D

thank you for liking it~ :love:

AlexArgentin's avatar

Do you accept DA points?

WhiteNamikaze's avatar
i'm sorry.
i only accept paypal at the moment :( 
AlexArgentin's avatar

Don't worry, I just ask you :)

AmagiriJanErika's avatar

It's alright, AlexArgentin. Everyone Commissions WhiteNamikaze with the Anime Next Generation OCs.

GregoriusU's avatar
Saw you on pixiv and liked your office design. Looking for artist to aid in background designs for graphic novel, horror, school, home, outdoor settings. Older pictures here… some newer ones at 

If interested or just want to make contact, FB friend me at

WhiteNamikaze's avatar
thank you for liking my art :D
yes, i'm interested ( as long as i'm not drawing the ghost XD )
but as you can see on my commission info, currently the slot is full right now.

if it's okay with you i can put you on the waiting list and as soon as there is a slot open, i will contact you :D
SolarAsteria's avatar
Do you have examples of semi realism arts?
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
hmm i have only one example and it was 4 years ago if it's okay with you....

you can see it here :  Nakazawa Masatomo by WhiteNamikaze

thanks! :D
KitsuneHavoc's avatar
I might be interested...
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
thank you so much :D
you can contact me anytime~ :D
SolarAsteria's avatar
Would you be able to draw a character’s mount or animal?
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
sorry for the late reply
if there is a references i cam follow, YES! :D
SolarAsteria's avatar
No problem! Thanks for the answer!
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
How much is just for a simple background?
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
can you describe what kind of simple background you have in mind?

thank you so much :D
Fragmented-Starr's avatar
I sent you a note. ^^
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
i have replied your note :)

thank you so much!
ZeoSpark16's avatar
Long shot but are these still open?
WhiteNamikaze's avatar
yes :D 
i have 2 slots left ( i haven't update the note yet)

you can note me or email me if interested~
thank you so much!! :D
Jason-Jamey's avatar
Hey there! I saw that you once did a commission for visual novel sprites and thought you did a good job. Maybe you can do some for me?

The question is, how do you handle that since my sprites are going to almost the same character and pose but with different facial expressions?
WhiteNamikaze's avatar

sure no problem!

my character sprite price is 30$

it has 1 outfit, 1 pose, and 5 base expressions.
if you want to add more expressions it's extra 2$ on each expressions :D

thank you so much!!
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