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A Lad of Red Scales

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Illustration for a 'Timeless' song, 'A Lad of Red Scales.' You can listen to the song on SubscribeStar: subscribestar.adult/posts/1231…

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A Lad of Red Scales
Lyrics and vocals by Kerstyn Unger.
Melody and percurssion by Marco.

'Twas a time long ago,
When a spark took hold
Of my dear maiden heart by a lad with eyes of gold
And the faces they change but his stayed same
As he grew into a man I knew I could never tame

Everytime I watch him go
My heart is laid asunder
But when I see him come, it’s as loud as the thunder
And the nights they last long and yet always too short
But our love is so fierce and something that cannot be thwart

A lad of red scales came from the far off hills
And stole me to the skies with the blink of his eyes
A lad of red scales went off to far off dales
And now only I have his kiss to keep him by

I ride beyond the hills
With my heart brimming its fill
That I might spy a man from when time stood still
Like the shewolf hunts the stag, the maiden hunts the man
Who stole my tender heart when he was just a lad

A lad of red scales came from the far off hills
He made my spirit whole and when he left it was asunder
A lad of red scales returned from far off dales
And kissed his lips to mine as he did so many times

That lad of red scales I will always chase his trail
For his heart is with mine and cannot be un-entwined
My lad of red scales, please take me on your trails
Kiss your lips to mine and let’s soar to the skies

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thenephelibataNew Deviant
Okay I'm new in deviantart and I just found out about White Mantis and Timeless and I'm loving it! But I'm still kind of lost. Can somebody explain me what exactly is Timeless?
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Amethyst-PhoenixxHobbyist General Artist

The coloring and details are stunning! Well done... It is such gorgeous piece! <3<3<3

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Lichen93Hobbyist Digital Artist

are these two time traveler?

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WhiteMantisArtHobbyist General Artist

No, I just draw them in alternative universes when I have the desire to explore certain themes that don't fit their original storyline.

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Lichen93Hobbyist Digital Artist

Ok, But it might be cool if they are aware they have alternative World beings, like soul mate or something (wait isn't that weird to have siblings as soul mate?)

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MarioAntonioBStudent Digital Artist


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Good job :)

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love your dragon people

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I can actually hear this Picture :D She is totally rocking that dress too.

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Shadow-DimensionStudent Digital Artist


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Wolf-RizerHobbyist General Artist


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EvodolkaHobbyist Traditional Artist

lovely work :D

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