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Sorry for not sending individual notes but I've no energy.

Feel free to disregard my orders, I don't want refunds and if you want you can reuse any work you've done on them for other purposes.

Thank you.
I can offer art or some USD for them

I'm looking to flesh out both Visp and Duos' herds also have a couple standalone ballators

You can offer either uploaded horses, genos, or breeding slots though I'd rather have an already designed horse or geno versus trying to deal with breeding right now

What I like
- Contrasting designs
- Simple/Medium complexity horns
- Pastel horns
-  Roans
- Dapple
- Flaxen (when on a darker coated horse)

My favorite types
-Mountain (draft babies are <3 )
- Lilliput

I like all the types of ebs so I won't be overly picky on the type

Things I avoid
- Neon colors (unless paired with darker coated horses
- Overly complex horns (I want to be able to redraw the toothy horse without dreading their pointy bits)
- Overly complex designs (like mosaic)
Not good enough
Why even try anymore
But fuck me, right?
Leafie 9854 by EyeOfGalyx

Clean slate, was a custom

I paid $175 Usd for her, I'd like to get at least $100 back but I'm willing to look at other USD offers, ONLY USD, do not offer art, slots, points, genos, or other imports.
Commissions are going to be closed for a while.

As for my MLP next gen stuff, if you don't like it then you're going to have a bad time because currently it's been at the forefront of my head space, I'm gonna post and draw what I want, just wanted to  give those who don't like it a fair warning.
Just a journal to compile my EBs stories and relationships, if you see a place you think your own ballator might fit in just post them below! I'd love to get other members included 83

Also please note it's like.... 4 am as I'm writing this down and the info in it might change when I'm not drunk on tiredness, this just serves as a quick jot down for a few of my EBs.

4003 | Sepulchrum Vispilio by Whitelupine
The leader of a small band of Aether followers, a very calm and sweet natured stallion who isn't exactly confident in the ways of wooing and love, it'll take a special mare to become his "queen"

Mate: None (Open to other EBS)
Rival: Duos
Friends: (Open to other Ebs)
Herd Members: 557 Rum Spatium
(Open to other Ebs, would mostly be elderly, in need of one big strong ballator to be his bestie)

Main Story Arc: Spreads the word of Aether wherever he goes, while he is accepting of other ballator's devotion he will avoid followers of Hannibal. He doesn't like to fight but the persistence of a certain chimeric stallion has pushed him to violence on more then one occasion. Received Highlord Aether's blessing during a rather dark time in his life, his best friend had been killed in front of him by another EB and for a while Visp walked the wilds alone, bitter and cold until one stormy night, he fell down into a steep and muddy ravine, twisting his leg, the young stallion bellowed to the heavens all the hate and pain he'd felt for so long until a voice whispered to him on the thunder, Aether spoke to him and in that moment, all of Visp's hate and rage turned to understanding, using the last of his strength the stallion pulled himself from that pit and breached the top a new horse. The clouds cleared and the Highlord himself appeared to bestow the gift of the Hyalus onto the tired and bruised colt before him. Since then, Visp has used his second chance at life to spread Aether's love and knowledge to other Ebs.

4121| Is Quisnam Tripudio Pro Duos by Whitelupine
The cannibal follower of Hannibal, a rather unpleasant stallion who trusts only a choice few, the lowlord Hannibal, and his companion Silicis.
Mate: None (Silicis would like to think so. Would take a very patient and durable mare/stallion) 
Rival: Visp
Friends: Only Silicis.
Herd Members: Silicis

Main Story Arc: Duos was a rather happy surprise between his mother and father, the perfect representation of both of their genes. However, Duos was a rather weak and sickly foal, rather fragile and meek despite his parent's best care and love. Out in the desert he and his parents lived as outcasts, banished for Duo's father stealing the heart of their former herd leader's mate. The trio made due though despite Duo's condition. Sanctuary was found though however when they came a crossed a small band of rouge EBs who lived in an oasis, Duos met another young colt by the name of Silicis, a rather dorkish colt who didn't seem to mind much that Duos was only half his size at the same age. The two became friends and grew up together, Duos at first found the other stallion annoying but soon came to accept the other male's quirks and tolerated his existence. Over the next couple years Duos grew and finally reached a suitable size for a desert stallion. Duos and Silicis soon discovered that the Oasis was host to a fighting pit where other Ebs of the Oasis band could test each other's strengths. The pair decided to enter and both proved themselves as rather good fighters, often pairing up or cheering the other one on from the side lines. One night however a sore loser followed the duo home and charged Silicis, Duos lurched between the two and a bloody fight broke out, Duos ended up killing the other stallion and in a fit of rage, began to eat him. Other band members came to see what the commotion was and when they found the macabre scene before them, Duo's coated in blood tearing chunks of flesh from the still warm corpse to devour them whole, they chased him from the Oasis, banishing him to solitude. However, one followed him. Silicis.

Duos received his gift from Hannibal after his first meeting with Visp that ended in a horrible fight after Duos killed a member of Visp's herd. Hannibal came to Duos while the stallion licked his wounds and from the chimeric stallion came a fiery glow.

ID#: B-606 Silicis quod Sceptrum by Whitelupine
(needs updated ref)
The rather obsessive follower and self proclaimed best friend of Duos, laid back and has all the chill.
Mate: None (open the other EBs)
Rival: None
Friends: Duos
Herd Members: Duos

Main Arc/Story: Grew up in the Oasis herd not really knowing his place, despite his laid back attitude the young stallion had a lot of self doubt. The other colts shunned him due to his lineage, the abandoned son of gypsies Silicis was just weird to the others who knew their parents. Silicis was the top fighter in the Oasis pits and thus sparked much jealousy from other herd members. Silicis followed Duos around all the time like a shadow despite threats and death glares from time to time from the other stallion, Silcis didn't mind, Duos never acted on those threats, in fact, Duos never once raised a fang or horn towards the dark faced stallion. After the fated night of Duo's banishment, Silicis followed on his own accord, leaving the Oasis and only home he'd ever known behind to follow the other stallion to parts unknown, he didn't care though, Duos was all the home he needed.

B- 628: Bellum Deam by Whitelupine
(needs updated ref)
To Be Added

you realize how irrelevant you are
*Edit awesome friend gifted me a core <3

I miss having a core but funds are tight right now so if anyone is feeling generous I'd be willing to draw you something nice.
In a dark place and it's not getting any better, no matter what I do or try, it just ends up the same, me knowing I'm a horrible person and nothing more than a fuck up.

I don't have the drive to do anything, getting up in the morning is just a chore and trying to draw just ends with me staring at a blank canvas.

For years now the little voice in the back of my head saying that I'm worthless and the world would be better without me has been a constant but, recently, it's been screaming so loud I can't hear anything else.

Dunno why I'm writing this, all it is is just bitching and throwing a pity party.
So my refurbished dinosaur is on it's last legs and I've decided my next computer should be a notebook or something similar, I'd like something I can carry around easily but still set up on my desk if I want to, I'd like to be able to draw on the screen with pressure sensitivity, a decent amount of memory would be nice but I also plan on getting myself an external hard drive or a good sized usb.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Taxidermy Secret Santa 2017



  1. Post up a journal with 10 things you'd like for Christmas. We suggest at least 5 of these be taxidermy related
  2. Make sure to try and send other people gifts, even just sending card is nice!
  3. Asking for non-taxidermy items is fine, but if you don't want any this might be the wrong SS for you.
  4. Please include your address on the journal or a way for people to contact you to get your address to send the gift.


List 10 items you'd like to get, list can be as detailed or blunt as you like, Example using my wishlist done below.

1. BONES, skulls preferably but bones are life! Any damage is just added character.
2. I hand bind books so fabric scraps of all kinds are welcome, I even collect them just for fun.
3. Gaf taxidermy (jackalobes, two headed ducklings, oddities) *please see end of journal
4. Full furs or fur scraps, the fluffier the better!
5. Old books, either old cook books, instruction books, medical, ect, just old and full of history
6. My Little Pony Friendship is Magic related stuff
7. Cards that show off your home town!
8. I've always wanted a wolf tail or just a tail in general
9. Pastels, stripes, gradients, COLORS
10. Recently got a kitten so anything kitten related or friendly is welcome <3


2525 Rose Island Rd
Sebewaing MI, 48759


Esaki dragonmissy KreisYMutt 

*Please no wet specimens or bird scraps/skins, stray feathers are fine but bird skin creeps me out XD
Some might of noticed that I haven't been very active on DA lately, in fact, art wise I haven't really been drawing at all the past few weeks aside from the two images I posted earlier today, this is due to the fact that I am now working the closing shift at Mcdonald's, my first ever job, because of this I'm too tired during the day to draw or do much and at night I am working, I also take my bike to work so in by the time I pedal into the drive way at 1:15 Am I'm pretty tired and don't feel up to drawing let alone turn my computer on.

So, in due time while I get used to this new thing expect activity to remain slow to none.

Just wanted to explain what's been going on, I have the next couple days off and I'll try to post some personal art if I can gather the gumption.
SO I have a comic/story completely written out and ready to begin drawing but, here's the thing, I know that everyone watching me isn't exactly into ponies and it'd be a long ongoing project, so, here's the question

Should I make a new account for my pony art?

I already have a pony account but it's so old and full of cringe I'd rather just make a new one if I had to.

Lemme know what you peeps think.
With the world being as dark as it currently is I figured I'd make a positive journal.

This is a list of artists I admire and at some point would love to commission or even collaborate with <3 Feel free to share your own list in the comments!

List is in no paricular order but this group of artists are ones I go to for inspiration and have impacted me in some way throughout the years I've been on DA <3

Also go check these people out. Do it.

Serphire (We've collabed before and it was an awesome experience <3)

I'll add more later because I KNOW there's more XD
Fuck it.
I'm in need of $50.00 and need to make it quickly so, doing a sale

Colored and Shaded full Bodies will be 15.00 (If character design is simple I will go down to $10.00)


Slot One: Open

Slot Two: Open

Slot Three: Open

Slot Four: Open

Slot Five: Open
I have the chance to  get a very precious Stryx back from someone but I need at least $50


Every Stryx in this Journal is $5.00
I am NOT looking for more stryx genos or slots



Ines 518 by EyeOfGalyx


Bebe 2465 by EyeOfGalyx

Fel 3105 by EyeOfGalyx


Flare 4266 by EyeOfGalyx

Apollo 4503 by EyeOfGalyx

Darius 4485 by EyeOfGalyx


Chance 4412 by EyeOfGalyx


1) Male - Common Harpia
Crepuscular - Healthy
Frosted Soil with Crescent

Female - Common Harpia
Diurnal - Healthy
Frosted Hooded Soil Pangare

Male - Common Harpia
Diurnal - Healthy
Ringed Snow with Brindle

Male - Common Gryph
Crepuscular - Healthy
Frosted Flecked Soil