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Lowpoly ~ Thorin

This is for BringerOfAshes:iconbringerofashes: :dance:

So this is a "Star Special" ~ that's how I call my experiment-practicing project offers ;P
I wanted to create a character in 3d lowpoly, similar like you see it in cartoony video games. 
I just had one slot for this but I'm gonna practice more in the future. I thank everybody who was interested!
I did 3D animations before but I belive I've never really presented it, so here you go :D 
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Gorgeous work! I loved your animashes growing up and it's good to still see you around! Definitely will be on the lookout for those renders as commissions!
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Do you do commissions for this kind of stuff 
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My 3D modeling skills are so weak so I'm always really impressed by what others create! Brilliant work! ✨
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Thank you very much! :dummy:
But it took me A WHILE to get to this point. Things like 3D can be sometimes really frustrating, so it's good to take your time and make small steps :)
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You're very welcome and thank you for the kind words of wisdom~ ✨
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Do you do commissions?
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Not yet, but hopefully soon :dance:
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if you do I'd love to know!
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Okay, this is epic
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OH MYGOD ?? how in the WORLD did you use blender for this ?? perhaps i just got a very very basic version but goodness i went to a camp many times to learn blender over summers and classes during my studies and i have nOOO idea how you did this!! i have the general idea of moving limbs but how you drew this ?? the fluff on the tail ... and the eyes ?? in blender??? you goddess!! you have me absolutely hooked by your animashes and now your art is making me SWOON
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Oh! It also means A LOT that you knew/know my animashes!! :dummy::heart:
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Thank you! 
It's really just a combination of shapes and texture :D
The eyes are 3 different textures that I replace: open, closed, looking away. ;P
And the tail fluff are just a few bent cone-shapes on the mesh. The texture smoothes everything out in a way.
Also I use IK bones, they make it WAAAY easier to make a natural looking movement for the animation!
It took me a while to learn how 3D stuff works, but yeah, it's absolutely possible in Blener :la:
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GASP !!! you did this ???? Literally looks like it came out of a video game !! you seriously never fail to impress me it's unreal !!
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Haha, thank you so much!! :heart:
Makes me so happy to hear it looks authentic :la:
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Nice. Ive never been good at 3D myself
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Thank you! :heart: Hehe, to be honest, I started 3D years ago and was really bad at it so I stopped for a while, but later I startet again and it went on like this for years. So I gained practice over a long time, and it's really just about doing it often. I think that small steps/goals are the right amount to improve :D
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Yeah. That's how I got better at frame,by frame. :)
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awwww so cute how did u make it?
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Thanks! :D
It's a 3 dimensional model, that I animated. (I used a programm called "Blender")
Video game characters are made in the same way ^^
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wow cool wish i could do that
your so talented
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