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Hello again, everyone. :happybounce: I was recently introduced to an art app called Drawpile, and it's the one thing I've always wanted, but never knew existed! It's one of the few art programs that has online functionality, so multiple people can draw together on the same canvas at once. My friends and I have had some fun times on it this month. exists too, which is a browser based art program quite similar to Drawpile. (Although the GUI looks a bit more modern.) While Krita is still my main art program, it's nice being able to collaborate with people on Drawpile as well.

As a result, I have some sketches I'd like to share. There is more I could show, but I didn't get permission to share them, so I'm posting the ones I worked on while drawing next to my friends. :XD: (Some things were demonstration sketches of hands for a friend anyway.)

Drawpile has been helpful in other ways too. It's much easier for people to offer feedback than if it were a livestream. They can directly highlight trouble spots they think needs correcting, or demonstrate a technique next to my drawing while I watch. We've had a lot of back and forth moments like that, sharing what we've learned. It's also fun to watch people deface my drawings on another layer!

This is exactly what you think it is! Lilac as a dog. I don't know why it entered my mind one night, but I had to draw it. :XD: The process was interesting, because it's the first time I sat down and tried to draw a proper dog muzzle. With some help from a friend, I managed to do it! While there's still room to improve my technique, it's nice being able to think of anthro muzzles in 3D now. This is what that looked like:

I also like to draw poses that I have in mind off to the side of a drawing. It makes the drawing process a lot easier for me when I've already taken the time to settle on and commit to a pose I like. Don't mind the Snooty Turtle. :XD:

This is an sketch. I had trouble getting pen pressure to cooperate for some reason, so I simply deal with it. As long as I get to draw with my friends, I'm happy. I am a dummy!

"Oh! Did that Ninja Hurk cosplayer ask *me* to take a selfie with him?"

Makes glaring typos in binary. Can you still tell what she's trying to say? :XD:

A drawing of Lilac that I thought would be worth coloring- until I put color on it. I think I've fainted. If there's one thing I learned from it, it's this: If you're not happy with the sketch, the inks, or even the base colors, it's not worth adding detail to. The eyes, for instance, seemed like they were the correct size until I colored the drawing. Then I realized how wrong I was, le whoops.

That's all for now! If anyone wants to get together on Drawpile some time, I would be more than happy to have you join in! :happybounce:


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Hello! I'm Lilly, a digital art hobbyist also learning to play the ocarina and guitar. I love open-source software and draw everything with Krita and GIMP, sometimes Drawpile too. 💙

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Favorite dA Artists: AWMikeHarvey, RabiesGirl, ValaSedai, etc.
Favorite Authors: Peter David, H.G Wells, Drew Karpyshyn, etc.
Favorite Music Genres: Video Game Orchestrations/Covers, Folk Music, Vocaloids, and Metal parodies.
Other Hobbies/Interests: Electronics, Programming, Tea, Music.



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