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I draw, I trumpet, I play FeralHeart, I occasionally dabble in some fursuit/cosplay making, and maybe I'll stumble into some other things as time goes on.

But hey! Thanks for visiting my page, dear. <3

Online, you can call me Allegra, per my avatar/persona/fursona's name, though in real life I'm a 19-year-old trumpeter studying music education. My hope is to become a music educator and performer, potentially going on to get a master's degree in trumpet performance, so I can later teach in my own trumpet studio at the collegiate level.
We'll see where things go, though. c:

Back in the interwebs, though, I'm an administrator for FeralHeart (a lovely animal MMO), and frankly I've just been checking out a lot of things that catch my eye. Art, fursuit-making (pieces for the time being), a bit of crafting on the side, and burying myself in music are among my hobbies.

If you do need to contact me about FH matters, I'd recommend contacting me on FH's website/forum, since my replies will be fastest there.

I like to think I'm pretty down to earth and friendly, so do feel free to shoot me a message sometime if you'd like to chat. c:

Feral-Heart: www.feral-heart.com
Tumblr: allegralionheart.tumblr.com
DeviantART: I think you've got this one.
Email: I'd prefer something else!
Skype: Ask me!
FA: AllegraWLH

Snow Day

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Three days turned out to be the break I never got. Well, okay, let me back this up a bit. There&#8217;s a Hindu goddess named Ahkilandeshvari. Her name Roughly means something like &#8220;Never Not Broken.&#8221; Double negative turned deity. Go figure. She rides a crocodile in a perpetual death-roll (You know, that spinning thing they do to tear prey into little bite-sized chunks). She never appears in one final or complete form, either. Instead, she&#8217;s Always broken or still forming into something else. That idea, &#8220;Always broken, never complete,&#8221; and furthermore, &#8220;Strongest in pieces.&#8221; Th
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I paraded this little thing down the hallway all last week. Bounce, bounce, bounce, It&#8217;s got this imperfection in it that sometimes makes it Bounce Off in some wild direction When you least expect it. I found it in my purse, Pesky thing, Thumbless hitchhiker &nbsp; Bummed a plane ride to Ireland with us. Nestled away behind a zipper, Wide-mouth faux beige hide, Tucked in with the medicines my mother gave me For a rainy day. I forget where I picked it up, or When I threw it into my safety-kit pocket. To this day, it&#8217;s the only medicine I&#8217;ve pulled from it. Near-perfect manufactured prescription sphere, Dandelion y
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Crown Jewel

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What&#8217;s the point in sugar-coating it? Let&#8217;s dance in purple prose, something-nothing Self-indulgence. Make it lovely, make it eloquent, &nbsp; Poised and precious with blazing iron bones, Crown jewel of the family crest, &nbsp; Tuck your tail and doubt their adoration for you. (Lowly animal.) You&#8217;re mangled and tangled in wires above, Hanging by your scruff, dangling feet, Peel back lips, bare your teeth, &nbsp; Crocodile smile for the flashing pipes. Prim and proper, poised to bite, Hold your tongue;
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Passing by <3 Miss your beautiful art uploads. Miss you in general. Love you Allybutt
Happy womb emancipation day, Ally!~ I hope you are doing well.
Happy birthday, Ally!
HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYYY :D :iconspazhugplz: /)^3^(\
Happy birthday, old friend<3 I hope you're doing well