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Three days turned out to be the break I never got.
Well, okay, let me back this up a bit.
There’s a Hindu goddess named Ahkilandeshvari. Her name
Roughly means something like “Never Not Broken.” Double negative turned deity. Go figure.
She rides a crocodile in a perpetual death-roll
(You know, that spinning thing they do to tear prey into little bite-sized chunks).
She never appears in one final or complete form, either. Instead, she’s
Always broken or still forming into something else.
That idea,
“Always broken, never complete,” and furthermore,
“Strongest in pieces.”
That idea wormed its way into my head about a year ago,
And it’s been tucked in there ever since. In fact, it made itself at home. I even made tea for it.

So, we’re done backing up. The past few months have been the normal chaotic;
Plan a conference trip here, five clinics there,
Ten classes at once, tangle with the throngs of one-dimensional thinkers who got stuck
Somewhere between “résumé builder” and “the only work study I could find at the time”
For something that we actually came here to find (a degree, that is).
One day across the state, one day the country, we’re gonna jump an entire ocean next week.
The next day under the knife, the next puking my guts up from some bad sushi.
I’m always back up on my feet, though,
Back up and working a twelve-hour double shift to make ends meet
(A moment to thank the father’s prayers and convenient lack of money
Whenever he stops talking about the Harley accessories he just purchased).
The typical answer I give to the “How are you?” is a softy smiling “Tired.”
Sometimes I wonder if I lost part of myself through the normal chaotic,
Or maybe it’s less of the chaotic, instead more normal.
Sometimes I cut out one obligation, say I’m starting to crack under the unrelenting flow.
Never not broken, I’d tell myself. It helped. Back on my feet.

Suddenly, the world halts, hushes, flutters its eyes closed under silver clouds
And blankets the world in white.
And, it keeps coming, keeps coming.
The emails stop, work closes its doors, the car’s buried.
Airplane bottles sparkling on the window sill, nutmeg honey chamomile tea in matte black cups,
Indie folk music and snow-flecked friends tromping in the door.
We discovered our inner roleplaying nerd, playing D&D for about eight hours a day
(My character died twice).
A household of four turned into about seven or eight for the past few days,
Talking, talking, playing, music, drinking, gaming.
Pull back the curtains to a sheet of perfect gray
Lined by a sliver of light against a blue sky above.
Three days turned out to be the break I never got. 


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Allegra Valentine Lionheart
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
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I draw, I trumpet, I play FeralHeart, I occasionally dabble in some fursuit/cosplay making, and maybe I'll stumble into some other things as time goes on.

But hey! Thanks for visiting my page, dear. <3

Online, you can call me Allegra, per my avatar/persona/fursona's name, though in real life I'm a 19-year-old trumpeter studying music education. My hope is to become a music educator and performer, potentially going on to get a master's degree in trumpet performance, so I can later teach in my own trumpet studio at the collegiate level.
We'll see where things go, though. c:

Back in the interwebs, though, I'm an administrator for FeralHeart (a lovely animal MMO), and frankly I've just been checking out a lot of things that catch my eye. Art, fursuit-making (pieces for the time being), a bit of crafting on the side, and burying myself in music are among my hobbies.

If you do need to contact me about FH matters, I'd recommend contacting me on FH's website/forum, since my replies will be fastest there.

I like to think I'm pretty down to earth and friendly, so do feel free to shoot me a message sometime if you'd like to chat. c:

DeviantART: I think you've got this one.
Email: I'd prefer something else!
Skype: Ask me!
FA: AllegraWLH


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