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HxH-- Hyskoa X Illumi



Um, yeah, for . S'her birthday soon, though this isn't her birthday gift. Though it might be if I don't get the other one done. ^^;

S'for her to SQUEE at~ or for her to color. X3

Hyskoa's hair is hard to draw up, so it's not gelled like in book 16. And it's Hysoka instead of Hisoka, because Hisoka is a wonderful angsty empath in Yami No Matsuei, not an insane clown person-thingie. ^^;

The proportions are a little off, because Hyskoa's actually a lot taller than Illumi (1- 1 1/2 heads taller) but he's like... falling down or something. Trying to take Illumi with him. >3

Characters (c) to Togashi Yoshihiro (Yoshiro? ^^; )
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