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HxH-- Hyskoa X Illumi

By whitekitsune
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Um, yeah, for . S'her birthday soon, though this isn't her birthday gift. Though it might be if I don't get the other one done. ^^;

S'for her to SQUEE at~ or for her to color. X3

Hyskoa's hair is hard to draw up, so it's not gelled like in book 16. And it's Hysoka instead of Hisoka, because Hisoka is a wonderful angsty empath in Yami No Matsuei, not an insane clown person-thingie. ^^;

The proportions are a little off, because Hyskoa's actually a lot taller than Illumi (1- 1 1/2 heads taller) but he's like... falling down or something. Trying to take Illumi with him. >3

Characters (c) to Togashi Yoshihiro (Yoshiro? ^^; )
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love it!
its sooo cutee^^
This is so cute!

I love it!!
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this is really cute! these two r awesome together! and HxH rocks!
thank you .you just made a gay picture of my favorite character
LunarBlossom's avatar
i really like this, it is so very clean, keep it up!
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Aw I love the way Illumi has one marking on his cheek, that's adorable ♥ And I must resist making lame superstar jokes, oh yes ;P
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ILLUMI!! is soo cool with Hisoka..? ^^' I don't really support the pairing but I loving this. =^__^=
haneMIsaki's avatar
I like hisokaXgon paring more but this is SOOOO CUTE!!!

whitekitsune's avatar
XD I'm glad you like it! I'm more of a "Ignore Hisoka and go for the Killua/Gon!" fan myself. xP Hisoka scares meeeeee.... ;A; but it was fun drawing him with his hair down. :3
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My favorite pairing in HxH~ Kudos!!! <3 I love the look on Illu's face~ XD
kuroneko3132's avatar
i love HysokaXIllumi pairing... they're sweet :) love that blank look on Illumi's face (as always) heheh
sengokublender's avatar
devart should let me know when people post scraps up. (eyes widen)

whitekitsune's avatar
hm, isn't in in your preferences or something? To be able to see scraps?

Tochi-Totchi's avatar
oooh, I love the darker one's hair! (illumi...?)
Very pretty, all twisty woo~
Ahah, dead pan expressions are always the best <3
whitekitsune's avatar
yups, illumi. ^_^

Thanks for the comment! ::snugs::
WindyWings's avatar
yes with the hisoka thing yami no matsuei is awesome!! we should show it in anime club (can we?)
i like illumi's eyes hahaha
hisoka (hxh) is cool tho. i want to cosplay him >W< (i can't >"<;)
whitekitsune's avatar
Hm, I guess if we get the licensed DVD...

YnM is fun~ X3
WindyWings's avatar
it's licensed?
whitekitsune's avatar
::nodnod:: S'called "The Descendents of Darkness" Only the anime is licensed-- the manga's not.
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