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n'yello again. i'd like to be able to buy gifts for my family this year, but, as you know, money.
if anyone would like a commission, please don't hesitate to ask.
i have information about it here:
commissions [OPEN] by whitekitestrings
i forgot to link my art fight profile lmao

u can reply here with yours i’ll probs give you a follow later! i’m in the middle of working on a huge batch of attacks.
tell me ... what you think
hiya folks. if you'd like a commission from me, i've decided to open them. please remember to read my ToS here, as well as this supplemental document.
to request one, please send and email to, don't send me a note. if you don't receive an answer within a few hours, you can tweet at me or rox to let us know you sent an email.

- i don't have slots, i keep a private queue and will usually finish your commission same-day.
- commission will be full body, the examples are half body.


lineart - $25
my dv guy by whitekitestrings peachie tea by whitekitestrings
(without shading present in 2nd image)

lineart with flats - $40-45
coolmcrad by whitekitestrings zemzach by whitekitestrings

payment info:

you will receive an invoice from after i've finished the art. the name listed will be whitekitestrings. please have payment on hand when i have finished the work, or let me know ahead of time when you'll be able to pay.
i got zero votes for "creepy" so i'm gonna go ahead and assume that most people wouldn't think goat eyes are weird! thanks for answering my poll.

if you don't know what i'm talking about:

the question is, essentially, if these types of eyes bother you, even in depictions similar to this:
kerubiel by whitekitestrings

since i can't use DA's polls, i made a strawpoll here:

i'd appreciate your input specifically because i'm considering giving one of my major characters species-appropriate design points, but i don't want to give him slightly-more-accurate eyes if they creep out a majority of people.
i just need to scream a little bit about how SORRY I AM ABOUT HOW LONG ITS TAKEN ME TO DO COMMISSIONS, HOWEVER
i have a whole week off and i am going to rip through them and get them DONE finally and all of the people who helped us with our rent are angels with the patience of saints. thank you so much again for the help.
this is the first month that we didn't have to scramble to pay rent (THANK GOD) and we actually have some money left over for january. it's a christmas miracle. my hours also got cut practically in half so... i have... five days off in a row........ (cough)
but the bright side to that pile of horseshit is that now i have time to do shit besides recover from working. i'm finally back in a place mentally to do commissions. that's the long of the story, i guess.

again, thank you all for your patience. it's been rough for us, but it's getting better.
mental health is currently bad, physical pain is also very bad, and money problems are a constant.
when i'm not working i'm emotionally and physically recovering from the pain that working causes so i don't have a lot of time for anything else.
uh just bear with me i guess. it may take a while for me and my roommates to really get a foothold on being responsible adults. i still have not been able to do anything medically about depression or anything else w/r/t disabilities.

anyway yeah so that's what i'm doing.
drawing is not something i have time or mental energy for at all anymore lmao............... oh well
there's an info post about it here:…
i'd prefer emails, but feel free to pm me here.
because i guess having a place for my shit on a high traffic website is probably a good idea.

i will not be taking old art out of storage

ps. i'm more active on my tumblr:
pps. i will be enabling comments when i have something new to upload; they're currently disabled because the content i've uploaded ranges from days to months/almost a year old.