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What once was

Ahadi and Taka/Scar playing together :). Taka pretends to hate his father's childish games, but he actually likes to play with daddy :giggle: They had a good relationship when Scar was a cub, but later this changed when Taka grew up and became leader of the Lion Guard, and Ahadi couldn't recognize his little son anymore.
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it's an amazing art 😃! do you think i can share on instagram ? (with credits and your prize)

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Theory time: Scar got his scar trying to prove his bravery to his father and start a fight that he couldn't win.

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WAit just out of curiosty... how is he the leader of the Lion Guard if he's Taka? Isn't he Askari in TLG?

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This image was uploaded in 2017 back before Season 3 of The Lion Guard premiered. Many people were under the belief of Scar's original name being Taka before Ford Riley confirmed in 2019 that Askari was his original name.

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Wonderful picture!
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Awwwww this is precious<3333 taka looks adorable !!!!!!!!!
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This version of Ahadi reminds me of those parents who go up to random people and go "Look how cute my son/daughter is" while holding the aforementioned child.

And now I imagine him doing that exact thing with both of his sons, and It sounds adorable.
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This is so cute. It's refreshing to see a version of Ahadi that's more faithful to the  AToTB book and have him be a kind and loving father as opposed to the evil, abusive monster he's often depicted as in fan stuff.
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I love everything about this piece! :) 
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Now I know what's wrong with lion guard...cubs are too big/ adult lions are too small
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did you just whAt
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So cute! I love all of your art! 
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Ahhhh so precious and sweet and !!! aaaahhh!! AAAAAHHH!!!
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This is, like, my favourite TLK art ever??? It's so great??? I love sweet and soft Ahadi's way more then the grumpy Ahadi's and you can see his love here and I love it! And these poses are so great!!! The colours look really nice together, too! :O
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Oh my sweetness!
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so cute...i love that movie.....Kawaii fox Purple ver. Messed-up Mane Simba 
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Awwwwwww so cute
Now I wish we got this as a movie instead
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This is actually really cute.

...Too bad Taka/Scar grew up and ruined everything.

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