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The quietest

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The second part of this: The strongest by WhiteKimya

AnjdsdbhaKDSA I totally hate the background. If a hated the Mishana drawing bakground, I hate this even more. How hard is to do a couple of horrid clouds, I don't know. So deal with it Kume. Blearhg.

Moar cubs grown up. This time is Kume, Mishana's brother and the first child of Kiara and Kovu. He's the older of the litter but Mishana behaves like the overprotective big sis.

Kume is sweet, demonstrative and a little naive due his innocence. He has a compassionate heart of gold. He's more polite than his eloquent sister and unlike her, Kume is better for listening others and give advice. He's very observant and alert of his environment.
Kume has also a deep interest in flowers, trees and the flora diversity. Rafiki (yes, he lives :stare:) teaches him about the properties of plants and vegetables. Mishana often makes fun of it calling her brother "dandelion" (Taraxacum officinale).

Now, about design, he's very much like Kovu but more bulky, rounded and fluffy.
The lions in Simba's Pride are not so well defined like the first movie in terms of their bodies shape or details (just how they did on Simba or Nala, I understand they are older, but wtf, they lost completely their characteristic forms) so I assumed a Kovu being strong (he doesn't look so weak like most of outsiders members, which I always considered weird, but I suppose is because of his training with Zira, to make him look powerful enough to have a chance against Simba xD), with angular and sharp shapes. So I considered Kume inheriting the body of his mother's side.

Segunda parte del dibujo de Mishana que está ahí arriba.
Asdnjdasjdnfa odio ese fondo, odié el fondo del dibujo de Mishana y ahora odio este más xD. No sé que tan dificil es hacer un par de nubes ahí atrás. Lamentablemente, Kume lo va a tener que aguantar así...

Más cachorros crecidos, esta vez es Kume, el hermano de Mishana y primer hijo de Kiara y Kovu. Él es el mayor de la camada pero Mishana actúa como la hermana mayor sobreprotectora.

Kume es dulce, demostrativo y un poco ingenuo por su inocencia. Tiene un compasivo corazón de oro y es más cortés que su elocuente hermana, y a diferencia de ella, Kume is mejor para escuchar a otros y dar consejo. Es observador, atento y alerta de lo que lo rodea.
Kume tiene también un profundo interés por los flores, los árboles y la diversidad de la flora. Rafiki (el viejo babuino sigue vivo xD) le enseña sobre las propiedades de las plantas y vegetales. Mishana suele burlarse de él llamando a su hermano "diente de león" (Taraxacum officinale).

Ahora, sobre el diseño... tiene un gran parecido a Kovu pero es más robustito, de formas redondeadas y peludo.
En la segunda película de El Rey León los leones no están muy definidos en cuanto a los cuerpos y sus formas y detalles como en la primera película (solo ver lo que le hicieron a Simba y a Nala, que son más viejos sí, pero perdieron igualmente sus formas caracteristicas particulares) así que asumí un Kovu siendo fuerte (no se ve tan débil como los otros forasteeros, lo cual siempre consideré raro, pero supongo que es debido al entrenamiento de Zira, para hacerlo parece lo suficientemente fuerte como para dar batalla a Simba xD), con formas más angulosas y afiladas. Así que consideré a Kume heredando más del cuerpo del lado materno.
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Artfan4576New Deviant

He look alot like kovu

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CyberWolf09Hobbyist Artist
He looks like he's got a bit of Mufasa in him. mainly in the face.
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mimerto2000Hobbyist Writer
Handsomest lion I've ever seen! My heart.....
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TheNoirWoodStudent General Artist
Muy bello
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Adult Kovu lineart  by Kross09  Did you give this person permission to do this?
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Darkenedcharwi0802Hobbyist Digital Artist
Please check the dates on the posts. This was before that ^ so they sketched over this one.
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LadyYomiProfessional Digital Artist
Awww, es tan amable como adorable!!! :love: Gran trabajo me gusta su diseño! :clap:
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WolfPrancis2betProfessional General Artist
This handsome nature loving  brownie 
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Saphi-BooHobbyist Digital Artist
You can tell he's Mufasa great grandson 😆
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gosh heh i cant stop looking at this pic may i please use him as my profile pic on Facebook please 
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K-reatorHobbyist General Artist
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I'm sending WhiteKimya your profile and telling her to report it. You think what you did was fucking funny?,  I'm making sure you lose your account for that shit.
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You seriously did that. I went out of the way to help you and you block me and steal her art anyway.

Seriously this is the thanks I get for helping you out?

I will make sure WhiteKimya reports you for stealing her work, that was fucking low man. I actually helped you out, made you a character too and this is the thanks I get. 
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mimerto2000Hobbyist Writer
Dude, Idk what just happened between the two of you, but maybe just tone it down a notch? Just don't be cussing like that. 
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I can do as I please. This was a year ago though by the way check the date before responding please. This person was known for stealing fanart and not even asking for the artists permission yet still commented on their pics like they we're innocent. So check your facts before responding to me thanks.
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mimerto2000Hobbyist Writer
Whatever. You can still call someone out without cussing. You have a good day...
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I can speak how I wish, you don't control that anymore then I control your response. So please just stop wasting my time. This was almost two years ago. So don't waste my time over a past comment.
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mimerto2000Hobbyist Writer
As I said before. You have a good day.Nick Wilde - Icon 
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may i use this picture as my Facebook profile pic please? i really love it 
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He is a beautiful lion ^^
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beautiful *-*
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WhiteKimyaStudent Digital Artist
Thank you! :D
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DisneyLover29Hobbyist Filmographer
This is beautiful
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