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birthdAy '10: decade of deviousness
Brush Lover: Early DeviantArt muro brush adopter
I Heart DeviantArt Gear: Proud supporter of deviantGEAR
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My Bio
Sta- . Professional. Celestial. Diplomatic. -Pathic.

Favourite Visual Artist
kenneth rocafort, Alphonse Mucha, J. Scott Campbell and Eric Basaldua
Favourite Books
the imagica by clive barker and the magicians series by lev grossman inkheart by Cornelia Funke
Favourite Writers
Neil Gaiman, c.s. lewis, clive barker...and you know who you are.
Favourite Games
warcraft, disgaea, FABLE!, DDR, FFTactics, kingdom hearts 1 and 2, .hack
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2, WII , 3DS, XBOX 360, WiiU
Tools of the Trade
trusty mechanical pencil, photoshop CS6, wacom intous 5, lightbox and bristol.
Other Interests
Deep thinking, sewing, writing.

Floral Breeze

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Funky hi there

“Nothing is worth more than laughter.

It is strength to laugh and to abandon oneself, to be light.”

- Frida Kahlo


This wonderful skin provided by dA!

why am i always coming here to tell you i love you guys...i dont care here i am :)

So check it out.......admittedly not the word choice "I" would have picked or the place but here it is, a chat for you guys check it out if you use discord! https://discord.gg/8z6wGERu
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It's sad but true my last post here was the last time I had been able to visit dA logged in due to some major life changes I had some difficulty recovering my account. That was WELL over a year ago but I'm glad to be back. I'm glad to have the chance to be here again for and with you all, yays. 16 years now......headed to 17 I've been here a lil while... I do have some news though.... I'm definitely stripping down my account. These months I've been away have still been plenty of people contacting me that my work is being used without my permission for various things, and this site is the only one I have currently. I have not been the colorist work monkey that I was in the past. Instead I am working on getting a lot of my own stuff together. Like extravagant mystery boxes and self published books, hand made jewelry, hand drawn pictures, and home made soaps and soaks. Comics was a dead ended road for me, they way I traveled it. Time to walk a different way. I dont use a
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Deviousness Award

There is no question that WhiteHowler7 is a talented artist - it's evident by looking at her expansive and impressive gallery of work, most notably her comic work for Marvel, DC, and Zenoscope. WhiteHowler7's gallery on DeviantArt showcases her artistic growth and process but what is most special is that she took this time to also encourage and improve others. This practice of give and take is integral to the core of DeviantArt and WhiteHowler7 continues to demonstrate that, after 14 years, and through all her success, she's still a deviant at heart. It is because of this that we are honored to award Deviousness for February 2018 to WhiteHowler7!
Awarded Feb 2018

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Do you take commissions?

You are a rare breed right now. Amidst a sea of art made specifically by AI, I can tell your work is hand-drawn. Actual effort went into your work! Keep it up, don't let the craft die!

Badge Awards

as it shall stay! :D

thank you!

Awesome Art Work Well Done Details Phenomenal Works Love it 😎

It’s true I’m no here very much between 2021 and these comments. Helpful feedback is always good. Should be more of a presence here :)

Hi Nei,

I know you aren't very active on da anymore, but as a long-time follower of your artwork here on the site and as someone who has most of your comicbook work in his collection, I wanted to thank you for the joy your work brings into my life.

Today I read of George Perez's death, and it made me think that if possible you should let the creators whose work you love, know about that.

thank you for thinking of me, these kinds of comments are really special! :D