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EFNW Charity Quilt

I finally got around to taking pictures of this! Getting a good picture of something this size is difficult. Thanks to everyone who participated in this project! I think it turned out really wonderfully! We made $20,000 for Seattle Children's Hospital at the charity auction!

This quilt is a collaboration between 34 different artists. Each artist sent a square to me and I combined them into this larger piece. WhiteDove-Creations suggested adding Lauren Faust's OC to the list of included ponies and she even was able to get Lauren to sign the square for us! It was a lot of work and took much longer than I anticipated. I'm glad I left myself a lot of time to get it done! Even with the time I gave myself, I didn't feel like I really had the time to make the border with the various scraps as I originally intended, so the quilt isn't queen sized as planned, but it's still a good size! The quilt is about the right size for a double bed, though could easily be displayed on a larger bed as well or hung on a wall.

Here is a list of all the squares and the artists who made them. If I made any mistakes with the list, let me know. A few of the squares had different crafters than were originally assigned to them and I may have messed up something on the list because of that, but I think this is the final list. Sorry, they aren't in the order they are on the quilt. I just pulled the list from the spreadsheet I made while I was figuring out assignments.

Fausticorn WhiteDove-Creations
Celestia The-Night-Craft
Luna Korth
Cadance SarahPixel
Twilight Sparkle WhiteHeather
Rarity GreenTeaCreations
Fluttershy sugarstitch
Rainbow Dash TheHauntedNeedle
Pinkie Pie EquestriaPlush
Applejack thurinus
Sweetie Belle eebharas
Apple Bloom Peruserofpieces
Scootaloo greepix
Spike SpaceVoyager
Derpy Shihazriah
Doctor Whooves WhiteHeather
Lyra ButtercupBabyPPG
Bon Bon Yunalicia
Zecora PrinceOfRage
Vinyl Scratch GrowlyLobita
Octavia Arualsti
Big Mac makeshiftwings30
Cheerilee fireflytwinkletoes
Shining Armor Drachefrau
Trixie munchforlunch
Spitfire dolphinwing
Daring Do Nazegoreng
Aloe/Lotus StarMassacre
Berry Punch valleyviolet
FlimFlam Bros Sophillia
Lightning Dust Nsomniotic
Chrysalis adamlhumphreys
Discord Jillah92
Sombra CrescentMoon96
Nightmare Moon PheiPlushies
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This is so cute! Did u make it?