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We all understand the confusion and difficulties that have come with the full implementation of Eclipse here at DeviantArt.
It is also understood that because of the challenges involved working with this totally new system that there are many things overlooked and missed.
However I have noted that many requests for showcasing and sharing are being allowed to expire without review.
I would ask that you please check for any requests sent by this group for showcasing your artworks and review them for permissions.
We are one of the very few surviving groups here and would like to continue to survive and thrive sharing the art with our watchers and members so that it can be appreciated properly but we need your assistance to continue to do so.
Thank you.
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This is a group about the extravagance of white or platinum blonde hair. Whether real hair, wig or made ​​with Photoshop. If we request an artwork from you, feel free to join us as a group member as well.

Folder Infos

Featured – Only one per week. Post your best
Female Photo – For Photos of Women with white Hair
Male Photo – For Photos of Men with white Hair
Non Human – For Elves, Demons, Aliens, Angels, Mythical Creatures. All Media.
Animals – For any kind of Animals with white Fur.
CGI/3D – All work made with a 3D Programm like 3dMax, Blender, Maya, XNA, Cinema4d...
Painted Female – For Painted or drawed Images of white haired women.
Painted Male – For Painted or drawed Images of white haired Men.
Groups – Everything with more than one person. Not every one must have white Hair, but at least one of them.
Founded 8 Years ago
Sep 22, 2013


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Art Collection

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617 Members
735 Watchers
58,375 Pageviews

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Mature Content

Genshin Impact Paimon Jack-O Challange by Lewdcifer-AHH

Mature Content

NAKED ESSENCE XI by jairolago

Mature Content

[R] Yuki by Lewdcifer-AHH
MONSTER HUNTER Rise by kanaliha
Female Photo
Prymal: The Photobook #3 Advert #2 by ericalannelson
Prymal: The Photobook #3 by ericalannelson
Mermaid in water by GreatQueenLina
Jamie by nikongriffin
Male Photo
People_04 by Al2017
People_09 by Al2017
Helios Baby Animation by DiscipleDJ
Kadoc Zemplupus | Fate/Grand Order by DenpunPhotography
Non Human
CLOSED adopt DOMINO DRAGON by Snowman and Octopus by SnowmanAndOctopus
Istorvir PG1 by VitaliaDi
Eu sunt Mephiston by VilebloodHunter
Another Zazel Drawing by dengekipororo
HHandHB: Kiss Me More by HaraaJubilee
HH: Looking Good In Black by HaraaJubilee
A5922 Nala by mene
Morning yoga with Lhamo by AnnaSelena
Angels of Death - Corbulo by VilebloodHunter

Mature Content

LILY: The Goddess of the Mary Celeste by DarkOverlord1296

Mature Content

The silk sublimation by Chilimanzar

Mature Content

Demon Stare by ramasters
Painted Female
Lullaby for Moonbeam by Ladesire
Red Spider Lily by KuraiGeijutsu
CD: Not Alone by HaraaJubilee
Moon Goddess by AmavaArts
Painted Male
1 OPEN Snowy Owl Magician CHIBI adopt SB 15 USD by SnowmanAndOctopus
CLOSED Elven ghost adopt by SnowmanAndOctopus
T1-GF by asabelmori
White daemon [CM] by AnnaSelena
Flower guardians march to war by MidnightDJ-SK
Earring thief by KanahaniART
Ningguang - Genshin Impact by Kouq98
Not Alone Anymore - Dawn (Valentines Day part 2) by AmavaArts
Black and White
DH-4D by asabelmori
1Z-87B by asabelmori
1P-H9 by asabelmori
MP-TD8 by asabelmori
Sweet elegance by Marusera-Yumeart





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