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Yuletide Miracle -Christmas 2018- Noctis x Luna
    Noctis Lucis Caelum stood in his study, looking out the window that gave him a full view of the square below.  Ever since he had woken up and noticed that Luna was gone, he had been really restless and unable to concentrate on anything other than his wife.  Despite being a Queen for a few years, her duties as Oracle had remained her most important duty.  Noctis never objected to this, his only complaint was how she would be gone for long periods of time and he would worry about her day and night.  His worry became so overwhelming at times that he once tried to send the entire Kingsglaive out to escort her home.  Luckily Ignis had convinced him from making such an order.
    She had left a week ago and while she said she would try to be home as soon as she could, she couldn’t promise anything.  With Umbra being unable to travel with her due to illness and cellphones not working outside of his kingdom,
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Leixia and Xian, Chapter 1
            “You’re such an idiot!”
            A teenage girl of Chinese descent walked infuriatingly down the stairs of her home and into the back kitchen.  She was wearing a golden yellow blouse and short denim shorts.  She stomped across the carpet on bare feet.  Her shouting was heard loud and clear through the entire restaurant which was thankfully empty.
            What she was shouting about became apparent as a boy her age came tumbling down the stairs behind her, carrying what looked like a catholic school uniform but it was spotty with white splotches instead of black.
    The boy had short black hair and wore a green t-shirt that was designed to look like a karate uniform, complete with nonexistent sash on the bottom edge.  “I told you I’m so
:iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 2 0
Christmas 2017: Terra and Aqua
    Terra’s finger began to bleed a little after he accidentally broke the light bulb from using too much pressure to pull it out.  The string of Christmas colored lights was almost done, and he was replacing the last one that had failed to work properly. 
    It was a minor cut, he'd get it fixed later.  In the meantime the tree before him was just about done.  About time he thought, having been at work with it for the last hour.  A tree as tall as he was and pretty much prepared when he pulled it from the box, Terra had thought all he'd have to do is put the decorations on it and he'd call it good.  Then he had to find the stand since it wasn't in the box (it was in the basement when he finally found it), then the decorations box was not where he had last put it (it also had been in the basement in an unmarked plastic container), and then when he got it ready the li
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Thunder and Lightning [excerpt]
    Over the course of their meal many topics of conversation were brought up and though they ate quickly to savor the time they had left, it seemed like there was no pressure to hurry otherwise.  Éclaira spoke about how her paintings were getting better and better, while Remiel said something similar to his writing hobby among other things.  All the while they smiled, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company while all they spoke about were happier topics that would make them forget about everything else.
    Eventually Éclaira peered up at the ceiling, the rain was still pounding on the roof above them.  There was no danger of it breaking from the rain.  Éclaira returned her attention to Remiel, “It’s a bit too quiet in here.”
    Remiel silently agreed, and he had a way to please her.  “Let me fix that.”  He clapped his hands twice, and the wai
:iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 3 0
Wicked Game -Yusei and Akiza-
It was well into the night, moonlight pouring in from the windows behind where Yusei slept on his couch, staring up at the ceiling and not sleepy in the slightest.
Instead he was wondering how to get to sleep, as he was exhausted and he knew it, he knew he had to sleep. However, the events that had transpired earlier in the day were coming back to haunt him. What happened was his fault entirely.
A duel had been the start of it. A duel with a man who called himself Romeo and a droid known as Juliet, they had come for Stardust Dragon and Yusei had been determined not to hand his old friend over. A double duel had started between Romeo and Juliet against Yusei and Akiza, the only other 5D's duelist who was around to be Yusei's partner.
The battle had been long and hard, but the most crucial moment came near the end. Yusei had blocked an attack meant for Akiza's Black Rose Dragon with his own Stardust Dragon, and while he lost the card in the attack and had to send it to the Graveyard, Aki
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Mature content
Farewell -Noctis and Stella- :iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 1 0
Noctis x Lunafreya 2
Luna's hand fell as Noctis frantically reached for her, desperately hoping to grab her before she fell into the abyss, but he had failed.
He screamed out for her as his version turned to black.
His eyes shot open, the darkness of his nightmare vanishing with the late night shine of the stars and moon going into the room. He started to breathe heavily, his heart having a hard time catching up. He sat up as his bare upper body was drenched in a cold sweat not to mention he was shaking from the unsettling experience.
He took in a few deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. After closing his eyes again he felt a soft and delicate touch on his shoulder.
The prince held in his breath as he felt the bed shift and turned his head. There was enough light from outside that he was able to easily make out his surroundings. He slowly sighed in relief as he saw Luna sitting next to him. Dressed in her white nightdress and her smooth blond hair draping over her shoulders. He br
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Rest -King and Seven-
"A simple skirmish. In and out in less than an hour they said," Seven sat down on a fallen boulder, placing her whipblade next to her as the ruins of what had once been a building lay collapsed around her. This was the result of an hour spent on one battle, and there were as many as six more buildings like that that lay beyond where she sat. All of those were because of the use of an eidolon her Class had summoned to battle a giant machine. That machine was now a heap of junk being sent to a scrap yard, and she was resting. The rest of her class was doing the clean up and she had decided to stay behind and clean up the stragglers left behind.
Not that she had expected to find any, but she did check around and found nothing but a few flans so she had done her job.
Still, the mission they had been sent on had taken over three hours instead of one, and that irked her. That meant more papers to fill out and she was not in the mood to fill out what she had seen.
Heavy footsteps got her atte
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Christmas 2016 -Edgar and Terra-
In a town like Narshe, it snowed all the time, as it sat up in the mountains and it was like that all year around. It helped the mood however, as it was Yuletide, and with it there was a great amount of cheer to be shared. Lights were colored red and green, thanks in large part to the special candle wax made in the absence of magik. These waxes were a special order from Figaro and thus were sent to Narshe as a gift every Yuletide since the defeat of Kefka. Cheer was something in abundance since his demise, how he would look in scorn at such happiness and instantly he would destroy it, if he had been alive now.
Thanks to the Returners, however, he was no more than a memory many wished to forget.
A memory such as that would bring others down, so a celebration of the Yuletide was put in place every year in Narshe. The Returners all came to celebrate, though this year only a few did so because of their other affairs. Since the end of the fighting and the subsequent vanish of all magik in t
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Mature content
Drunk on Shadows - Hinata and Tsukimiya- :iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 1 0
Noctis x Lunafreya
The sun was starting to go down, and life was peaceful as ever for the Prince of Lucis.  As he wasn't able to leave the palace for awhile due to his responsibilities finally catching up to him and he couldn't ignore them this time, he had been busy all morning and hadn't been given much time to catch his breath.  Such was the price of being a prince.
But now, finally finding time to take a breather, he walked slowly though the back garden behind the Citadel.  It was a park but he referred to it as a garden since no one but the inhabitants of the castle could walk through it.  It had a few trees that were lush and full of green leaves.  There were flowers of all kinds from around Eos, sylleblossoms being the favorite due to the ties Noctis' kingdom had with the former kingdom of Tenebrae.  There was one large portion of the garden was given to this flower and its bright blue hue as they flowed with the breeze. 
Walking through the garden along the path
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Reaching for a Shadow -Leon and Ada-
"Lancelot, check in."
The voice over the speaker rang in Leon's highly attentive ear, and he responded instantly, "This is Knight, reporting. Loud and clear."
"Loud and Clear, Lancelot, just keep your eyes forward and watch out for any suspicious activity."
"Roger that," Leon repeated, turning off the microphone in his jacket pocket.
As his duty was to protect the President wherever he went, Leon was in the preferred place he'd rather be which happened to be out of sight, and then he'd take out any and all threats before they would know he was there. Out of sight, out of mind. That's how the saying went.
Too bad the party had one major problem. There were too many people; it was very crowded and tight even for Leon. There was so little room that he had to post himself on the balcony outside the bar, and had a great view of the backyard and garden. The building they were visiting happened to be a university that had security akin to Harvard and it was just as tight. The President was in
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Ichigo x Orihime 6
A thin crescent moon hung from the night sky like a beautiful pendant amidst the stars.  The summer night was quiet and Ichigo tried to be as quiet as possible as he walked in through his front door, trying to make sure that he wasn't seen by his sisters or his father.
"Follow me," he whispered behind him as he took off his jacket and tossed it on the sofa, knowing where everything was even with the lights off.
"Ichigo, I can't see real well," Orihime said as she slipped her shoes off, one of her hands had a hold of Ichigo's shirt to help make sure she didn't get left behind.  Though there was no way he was going to forget her.
If it weren't for the fact that it was past three in the morning then Ichigo wouldn't have bothered with stealth, but the fact that it was what he had deemed an emergency made it alright to be quiet.
"I know Hime, but the last thing I want is anyone to wake up," he replied, grabbing hold of her hand and guiding her across the living room.  
Her ha
:iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 6 1
Valentine's Day 2016: Natsu x Lucy
Laying on her right side, covers covering only up to her knees, Lucy felt the sunlight on her back and realized it was way past morning.  She kept her eyes half open, not only because of the fact that she didn't want to get out of bed but because of the strong muscular arm that was around her waist keeping her still.
Natsu was fast asleep, his cheek resting against Lucy's back at the base of her neck, the lengths of her blond hair going down lost of her back..  She could feel his warm breath against her skin, and it was comforting.  Her shirt, red and white to match the holiday that was now today, rode up to just below her chest, leaving her midriff exposed.  Her skirt was also up a ways, revealing the smooth skin of her legs.
She sighed pleasurably; resting her left hand on the one Natsu had on her stomach, and opened her eyes a bit more.
On Lucy's bed was a large red heart that was open and many foil wrappers of the chocolate the two had eaten in the course of the
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My Second Tank by WhiteFoxKitsune88 My Second Tank :iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 2 0 My First Tank by WhiteFoxKitsune88 My First Tank :iconwhitefoxkitsune88:WhiteFoxKitsune88 2 0


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