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Rew and the Limpet by WhiteFoxKitsune Rew and the Limpet :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 5 0
GW/T XPrompt f/Evapilot00
Transformers/Gundam Wing project
: For Evapilot00
Prompt One: Blue Cord (Queen Relena Peacecraft, of the World; 213 words) {Colony-verse}

They hang honors in Peacemillion's mess.
There are not enough honors to give out to the dead, of course. They don't have a comprehensive list to give out to, even if there were. In the end, the survivors just kind of make it a memorial wall around what's there. Pictures and recordings everywhere. There are no tombstones or even mass graves on Earth-- there was no time.
Greatly Uninhabitable was a set of words that sent people into disbelief and then shock, and shock made them easy to move, so long as it stayed as shock and didn't give way to anger. But what could be called the end of the war had left bodies littered in the streets, beyond recovery.
The Pilots hadn't had a priority. Some people on Peacemillion had.
Relena caressed the blue cord-- honor to the dead, all the dead, all the civilians who had no idea what they were getting into, who
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 0
Multiprompt2 f/UponTheAngelsWings
for {UponTheAngelsWings}
Prompt One: Trust (Takeda Ryou, Armor of Wildfire; 238 words) [Ronin Warriors]

The trouble with being part of a cohort is everything that doesn't get said or spoken of at all, the things that are never shared amongst the group, and Ryou is horribly, terribly grateful for it regardless.
Not trusting the others is a problem, of course. Cye says it all the time, and Ryou even agrees with it; they can't have a proper alliance if they don't trust one another to stand by the agreements. Which is, on it's own, a whole different issue because there is no proper alliance or agreements or any of that nonsense, just the five of them and two civilians and Ryou's cat against an enemy so much bigger than they are.
But even if they had an alliance, Ryou would be hesitant to trust them. They're good people and they're determined that they are all going to come out of this alive, and it breaks Ryou to tell them that's not true, it's not possible. And he defin
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 3 0
A Season of Problems by WhiteFoxKitsune A Season of Problems :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 2 0
Mlti Prompt/ f MissBlue
Multiprompt [MissBlue]
Prompt 1: Steve/Mikel* Time Drabble (Steve Rogers, Captain Ameica; 185 words) {Avengers}
Four days to him, four years to her; Mikel had changed, and Steve really hadn't. He should have known that with magic involved the universe would try to ruin what he had earned, but he'd picked a good girl, the right girl, and maybe she hadn't run up to him and thrown her arms around him like he'd expected her to but she hadn't kicked him out of the house yet, either, even though he'd been gone for four years by her perception.
Magic was involved. It had only been four days. Really.
Or maybe it had been four years, one nearly-four-year-old chasing another through the living room, both boys laughing, oblivious to the world until Mikel reached out and took them both by the shoulders, drawing them back to her and then up onto the couch and then in her lap.
“Boys, really. We have a guest.”
And then she looked at him, endlessly amused. “This is Stef
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 2 0
Single-sized Girl's Quilt by WhiteFoxKitsune Single-sized Girl's Quilt :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 0 1
AC Prompt f/ ZpanSven
Assassins Creed / ZpanSven
Prompt One: Family (Desmond Miles; 197 words) {Modern AU}

Altair was Desmond's half-brother on their mother's side. Desmond knew this-- had known this, ever since he ran away from home at sixteen a few years ago and Altair had shown up in the middle of bloody New York like he'd been a ghost, sliding into Desmond's life for a few, precarious months while he tried to figure out how he was going to survive now that he was here, off the Farm, on his own.
Maybe he had known it before that, because even now he had half-there memories of a boy a bit older than him wrapped up in gray with a splash of red.
But the fact of the matter was that Altair was Desmond's half-brother on their mother's side, not a thousand-years-dead ghost of an ancestor, and when he shows up in Desmond's sterile surgery-steel room in Abstergo, Desmond clings to him for several reasons.
Altair is his half-brother on their mother's side, and alive, alive.
That he looks so much like ancest
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 2 1
PKM: Eevee (for QuartzFire) by WhiteFoxKitsune PKM: Eevee (for QuartzFire) :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 2
RW: Distill
Cye knew something was up the moment he opened his eyes. Partly because he was staring at himself, but mostly because he knew he had never owned a mirror that big, little lone planted it on the ceiling above a four-poster bed, and certainly he had never owned a four-poster bed in the first place.
Also because he was sharing it with a ghost.
Suzunagi hadn't woken yet, thankfully. His brain wasn't catching up with the rest of the world just yet, he was sure. Yesterday he had gone to bed after a small celebration; Mia and the guys-- and by proxy, their spouses-- had come down for his birthday, he had just turned twenty-one. He'd made sure his mother was well as she could be before retiring to his futon early, shooing his guests out and on their way to their resting-house. He had to open the shop the next morning.
This room didn't look like his. The bed was four-poster in the way four-poster beds aught to be, but each post was a European lamp post, candles installed and all. There was a se
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 1
HoC: Wild Alice by WhiteFoxKitsune HoC: Wild Alice :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 0 0 HoC: Doodles by WhiteFoxKitsune
Mature content
HoC: Doodles :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 1
Black Pearl by WhiteFoxKitsune Black Pearl :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 3 0 DS: Still Here For You by WhiteFoxKitsune DS: Still Here For You :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 2 0 Le Doodle: Locke bird by WhiteFoxKitsune Le Doodle: Locke bird :iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 1
Offspring Meme 1: IA
(Characters A and B have a kid, insert scene about kid)
Prompt One: Amy & Rafe (For Rainbowgal) (Lune Ander; 111 words)

Lune knew her mother was beautiful, with her pretty violet eyes and dark hair, blue-black beneath the light. Mother was elegant, and graceful, and the envy of all her peers, one way or another.
Usually because her father, her mother's husband, was handsome, and well-established, and, oh, yes, was Commander Ander.
Of course, he was Lune's father, so Lune couldn't see it. But he had to be attractive, because Bennu looked just like him, and girls fawned over her brother like he was an Aztec sacrifice.
She kind of wished boys would look at her that way. But they didn't, and she didn't know why.
Maybe she just wasn't pretty enough.
Prompt Two: Rafe & Amy (For ZpanSven) (Bennu Ander; 1448 words)
The truth of the matter was this: Bennu really, really hated Gemoa. The planet had done nothing to change his mind on it, either.
It was a decent enough planet, with d
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 1 1
Lupercalia/Avengers: Runt of the Litter (Steve)
Bucky's wolf was a bitch, mottled brown and brown and more brown with a shade of gray, none of which with any shape or substance at all, changing and twisting and shifting the longer Steve looked at her, like her coat was a pelt of camouflage only a wolf could ever have. The lone thing that did not change was a patch of stark white on her chest, the color of fresh fallen snow.
Steve was an artist. He could see the eagle on her chest as sure as anyone, but probably better. The head sat there, in the strange little curl of fur that twisted like a cowlick, and there was the body, there, the center mass threaded together where fur met over her breastbone, and there were the wings, swept from outside in but still clear and apparent. There was no question at all of her origin in Steve's eyes.
If there were all he would have had to do was take a glance at the dog tags she wore, silver on a ball and wire chain like any other soldier. Bucky probably had a matching set under his shirt, identical
:iconwhitefoxkitsune:WhiteFoxKitsune 0 0

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You know that thing I haven't done in a while?

News. I haven't done the news in a while.

Let's get on that.

~Whats New~

1) I'm twenty-four now. To quote some of my coworkers, I'm "old as dirt". Huh. Thanks, you ungrateful wretch, at least I made it to twenty-four without forgetting every hair-care lesson I ever had. Please, take a shower, put some shampoo in that mess.

2) @impluvium & rainbowsand666 -- Your gifts are -still- in progress. Ryo-fic is tenative and nebulous, as I sketch out the world around him, but Seiji-fic is hypothetically... half-done? There are a few more things I want to put in there, and it's set between Ryo-fic and Distill, the fic I wrote that started all this nonsense, so I can't even do Ryo-fic proper before I finish this one arrrrgh

3) I'm doing themed scarves for my kin this winter. I did not think this through. Hrmm.

4) I have to update dA and, I have not done that in a while, I have horribly neglected them in favor of Ao3. Urk.


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