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Thank you EVERYBODY all of you every last one for all the support and comments and favs and love and attention THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Have decided not to continue the art collection on this account, but it was very exciting and fun to try something new and I had a lot of fun and made lots of adorable friends and it has over all been a positive experience and encouraged me to take up art again.

For more info click here.

Dear Yuichi,
Yes these are a bunch of pictures of you with a horse. Don't ask why! It was an odd year! Wish you the best, and yes that random American spamming your blog with English comments and probably aggravating your mods was me, sorry! Love you always. :meow:

Toy horse art & photography at dcToyHorses - On hiatus but not forgotten!

Ancient original account is DannyCam - No longer active here!

Always on Your Side Epic Version by WhiteFoxFarm


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ALIENS!!! And a million others, movies are great. YuichiYuichiYuichi.
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Kamen Rider Den-O, Fullmetal Alchemist, YuichiYuichiYuichi.
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If it sounds good, I'll listen to it. YuichiYuichiYuichi~
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YuichiYuichiYuichi. Oh, you meant REAL books? I only read in the bathroom.
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I'm doing and don't have enough potatoes and something.
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Original Devil May Cry Series, Xenosaga, Final Fantasy VII, Kingdom Hearts
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Playstation 2
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Mechanical pencils; Printer paper; Photoshop Elements 5.0
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SolinaBrightHobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday! ♥
WhiteFoxFarmHobbyist Digital Artist
thanks so much! cB this was my only da birthday message ;o;~
LiaLithiumTMHobbyist Digital Artist

Rococoval Ticket by LiaLithiumTM

If you don´t want to enter/or you are not interested please ignore  or simply delete this message :)
thank you
have a nice day!
Nawaii Digital Artist
I hope you're still drawing!! Your works were always so inspirational in the way you could capture characters like Constellation. I miss seeing that beauty. :heart:
WhiteFoxFarmHobbyist Digital Artist
sorry for the delayed response :noes:
i'm still drawing but i've gone back to doing fanart, and i've dropped digital and gone back to traditional. so i'm afraid my art doesn't look the same. :'c
i considered coming back to the horse art thing only with my fanart characters on horses, because drawing a real person in all this was just making me really uncomfortable and fictional characters don't care what you draw them doing. i even started a thing where i was creating a custom horse breed that went with them. but i haven't completely made up my mind about really doing that yet. right now i'm finishing up a fan comic.

my "just whatever" account for myself is now SoraWithWings and my serious art is on dcYuGiOh 
there are yugioh characters who ride horses so that is my best link back to the horse art community through fanart if i decide to come back to the shows and whatnot. i'm just not sure whether to make a whole account dedicated to it, like wff was, or just have the horse pics tossed in with the regular fanart. there's obviously going to be a clash between "i'm just here for the fanart" and "i'm just here for the horses" so from the watcher's point of view a whole new account works better but making a whole new account will be pointless if there are only gonna be 5 pics on it, you know?

i think i could probably easily slip back into the horse stuff because i really loved horses and the atmosphere around wff was so nice. it would be the same situation, where i created the horse but not the rider, and that worked fine with wff because the horse is what people are interested in, but this time it's more likely that people will also be fans of the rider as well. it would just be weird for people only interested in the horse to watch an account that also had a bunch of other stuff they are completely oblivious to. if i'm gonna do it need to really go all the way with it, like i did with wff.

wff was probably my best experience on dA in my whole life and i really miss it, i would just like to do it without having a real person in the art so i'm free to completely make up whatever without worrying about the person in the pictures seeing it and being all "what the heck is this?" etc...

if i decided to do it i would probaby come back to wff and put an announcement about the new account and see if any of my old friends are still around but i feel like the most likely scenario is that i waited too long, and i'll come back and everyone else will be gone, it'll be all new people doing new things and it's all just completely different, etc... and the experience won't be the same...

maybe i shoudl test the waters first, like see who is still around and who's doing what right now, and see if it's worth making another account for it and doing this again.  it says ur message is from way bck in april last year so you prolly aren't around either ;n; i think i've just been gone too long to just suddenly come back :c probably no one remembers me or constellation anymore.
Nawaii Digital Artist
Hey sorry for such a late response! DA has definitely been on the back burner lately, but I miss drawing as an outlet. I rarely get to do it anymore and lord do I miss it. I am all for your new ideas as far as fictional riders go, and I am so excited to get some insight on your creative juices that are obviously still flowing! I loved WFF btw, so even if I'm not around as much as I used to be I'd still love getting on every now and then to see what you submitted about Constellation since the last time. And you're so right, the atmosphere you created with them was amazing. Very cheerful and happy, they were always my favorite. Plus the story lines were so much more simple and pure than some others I had seen, Constellation's may have been the only one I regularly followed.

I definitely get the whole "testing the waters" concept. I can tell many people have left our corner of DA, so I'm not sure who is still all around. I wish I could make a come back too, like I said, this was always such a great outlet.
WhiteFoxFarmHobbyist Digital Artist
i decided in the end to do what i want to do just because i want to do it, regardless of what other people think ;x; i mean it would be nice to have supoprt and all but what really matters the most is me doing what ir eally want to do and being happy with it and stuff ;x;

thanks very much ;x;

le new account is YugiohHorses
info about it is here -> New Horse Art Account by WhiteFoxFarm
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