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- Logo Design $85 USA dollars

$30 USD in Advance (Non-Refundable in the case of cancelation)

$55 USD when the project is finished (No high-quality files are sent before payment)

  • No limit of design approaches or revisions

  • High-quality editable vector files

  • Additional editable .psd files

  • Vault Service

  • Follow-up after the project is completed

  • All Commercial Rights

- Business Card Design $35 USA dollars (Subject to availability)

- Priority Projects additional $25 USA dollars

(Receive the first design approach within 72 hrs)

- Flash Offer Commissions $55 (Subject to availability)

IMPORTANT NOTE: The cost may increase if the workload exceeds the amount of a usual project. For further information please read the SERVICE section. 


To request a commission you will need to make an advance payment of $30 USD, only then the project will be considered "active". The payment is nonrefundable in case of cancellation/project desertion and once the project is completed it will be deducted from the cost of the commission. I only accept payments through Paypal. I will require your email tied to Paypal to send you an invoice that comes with Terms and Conditions of the service provided. Please don’t send any advance payment without receiving an invoice first.

NOTE: Payments must be ready within the 5 days after the design is finished.


Please send a note, mail or chat to email, Twitter DM or Discord at Whitefox.Designs#5612 with the following information:

  • Name of the Project/Logo

  • Name of the owner of the copyrights (Full Name, Company Name or alias) This name will be referenced by the designer on his online portfolios.

  • Information about the company, service, character or any other pertinent information for the realization of the design.

  • Specify if the design will be an Icon (Image only), Word Mark or Logotype (Signature) and Combination Mark (Text and Image).

  • If possible proportionate an example of logo designs that you like. Look at my gallery and sites like Dribble and Logopond for inspiration.

  • Please tell me if you need an specific color or palette of colors in your logo. Especially if you require a PANTONE for printing. (I do not provide PANTONES)

  • Set a deadline for the conclusion of the project. Please consider a minimum of four weeks is required.

  • An email address linked to Paypal.

  • Please specify if you wish to use the Vault Service if you wish for the logo to not be displayed publicly.

NOTE: If there are prior projects in progress, there can be a delay of one or two weeks before I can start your project.
NOTE: If you wish to Commission a logo but you aren't sure of what you want please feel free to send a note and request an Advisory. It doesn't have a cost. 

Once the project starts the designer will provide with:

  • An initial design approach. It can be one or more cleaned designs (No sketches)

  • Frequent updates based on the client's speed of response and changes requested. All updates are on jpg files of 25% of the actual size of the design. No high-resolution images are provided at this stage.

  • Varied options for the design like black and white, single-color, icon only, text only, etc.

  • When a design is approved and the final payment is received, the designer will provide the original vector file and other formats requested.


Request design approaches so you can compare them with other designers and decide if you wish to hire me or not. If you wish to do this please don't bother contacting me.

Please don't request new design approaches without giving feedback. I don't limit the number of design approaches or revisions but that doesn't mean I will make as many as you wish.


No limit of design approaches or revisions

Most design services offer only three design approaches and two changes. I don't like that system, I find it too limiting for both the client and the designer, so instead, I usually start doing one or two design approaches to see what are your preferences. Then I polish either approach or make a new one. I keep making changes until you are happy with the design and I don't charge any additional fee per design.

NOTE: This doesn't mean I will keep doing design approaches infinitely. If I consider the project is not moving forward or the amount of work have exceeded a limit, I will contact you and ask you if you wish to continue but with an additional fee. I won't charge any additional fee without previous notice.

High-quality editable vector files

I work on Adobe Illustrator (Version CS6) which is the best tool for logo design. Why? Because you can make vector files. Vector files allow you to resize the design without any repercussions, it's easier to change colors and select specific parts of the design to alter. Many designers don't offer these files because that way clients will feel compelled to come back whenever they need a change in the design and they can charge for it.

Additional editable .psd files

Usually, most of my client's requests.PSD (Adobe Photoshop) and.PNG files. I also provide any other kind of files you require as long as I possess the program and exporting is possible. I don't charge any additional fees for this.

Vault Service

The vault is a service you can request to keep your design in storage, which means I won't display it on my online portfolios.

Follow-up after the project is completed

You can request new files and minor changes (Color and Text if it's editable) anytime without cost. Also, I keep a backup of all the files I send you in case you lose them. Still, I recommend you to be careful with them in case something happened to me.

NOTE: You won't be able to request new files or minor changes if I find compelling evidence of you violating my Author Moral Rights.

All Commercial Rights

This is related to the last point. Some designers charge for each possible use of a design. They charge for printing, web, video, app, billboards, etc. I don't do that, once you paid me you can do whatever you want with your design without a need to tell me. You can sell it or modify it. I only keep the Author Rights which allows me to say I made the design and display it in my portfolios.

NOTE: The Author Moral Rights aren't for sale. This means you can't claim you made any of my designs even if you request the Vault Service. This doesn't apply to those designs where I was hired to only trace them into vectors or further redesigns of the design I made.

Trust and Expertise

This point can be subjective but nonetheless is an essential part of my work. 7 years and almost 1000 successful projects can be evidence of my experience and dedication to giving a good service to my clients. You can also visit my Service Review to see the comments left by some clients


If the designer doesn't receive any news from the client within 7 days, the project is considered "abandoned and canceled". If the client wishes to restart the project it will be considered a new project and they will require paying the advance payment for it. Once a project is canceled, I can reuse or recycle any designs made for this project as long as these don't violate any copyrights (Use of an unauthorized mascot or name).

Postponed projects

The client can request to postpone a project for one month. If the client restarts the project within the set time they won't require paying the advance payment again.

Intellectual Property Rights

This is a professional service. All designs are protected under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Creative Commons and their Intelectual Property Rights of each country where these designs are registered by their rightful owners. If you try to use one of these designs without permission you are subject to legal actions.

What happens in the case of Multiple Discovery?

In the case of a Multiple Discovery (When inventions are made independently by multiple people), the client can request a new design but only if it's within 2 months after finishing the commission.


  • The client agrees to cover an initial fee to commission a design.

  • The client won't receive any high-quality files until the remainder of the cost is acquitted.

  • While the project is in progress the client can't share any design approaches with other designers or artists to replicate or modify.

  • Once the transaction is done, the client accepts he/she is satisfied with the design provided and the price established.

  • There are no refunds of the initial fee or the remainder of the cost once it's paid.

  • After the payment is done the client will receive the original file together with any other file he/she requires.

  • The client can request minor changes to the design any time he/she desires.

  • The client can request new files anytime he/she desires.

  • The client has full commercial ownership of the design with all the rights it entails.

  • The designer keeps the author's moral rights to promote and display the work as made by him.

  • The client can't promote himself/herself as the creator of the design.

  • All unused design approaches belong to the designer.

  • The designer can re-use, recycle, modify, share or sell any unused design approaches that aren't variants of the chosen design.

  • The client can redesign, modify or alter the design in any way he/she wants. The designer will only keep the author's rights over the original design.


Can I use the logo I commissioned on other websites?

Absolutely yes. You can use the logo however you want. The logo is an identity and as an identity, you can use it in any way you feel is right to identify yourself. 

Can I commercialize the design?

Yes. All commercial rights belong to you the moment you pay me. That's why I send the original editable files. While you commercialize the design, you can't promote yourself as the creator of the design.

Can I resell the design? 

Yes. As mentioned before you own all commercial rights, including selling the identity. But keep in mind that you can't violate my author's moral rights, which means you can't promote yourself as the author of the design neither the new buyer, nor you can agree with a third party to pull down all images containing the design, including those on my portfolios.

Can I purchase the author's moral rights?

No, but you can request the Vault Service so the design won't be displayed in my portfolios. Still, this doesn't mean that you can claim you made the design but you don't have to tell others I did it. 

For any questions please feel free to send me a note in deviantART or contact me through email or skype

© 2020 - 2021 whitefoxdesigns
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Chompzer's avatar

hello! are logo commissions still open? id love to get a slot!

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hello! My commissions are always open. I still one slot available for November ^^

Chompzer's avatar

alright! may i claim please? :D

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Sure! Please send me a note, email, discord message or twitter DM with the requested info ^^

Chompzer's avatar

ill contact you on discord! tysm!

Froggypink's avatar

You should raise your prices.

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Thank you! I'm thinking about it but I also want to stay affordable

absol's avatar

Hello there! c: Could you please notify me next time you have a slot available? I'm most active on Discord: elk#8780

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! I tried to add you in Discord but it seems there is a problem with the tag

absol's avatar

Oh! I saw your reply that this discord waitlist is only for a certain type of commission, and that you are always open for the icon-style commission I was looking at. But if you still want to contact me via discord, it's now: elk #8780 (there was an emoji in my username before that I took out -- should work now)

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! This waiting list is for the Flash Sale. For those who want to get a discount and are willing for wait longer. My regular commissions are always open. I don't have different costs depending if it's an icon, combination mark or logotype.

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! My commissions are always open. Right now I have slots available for October. The waiting list is for those who want to wait for the Flash Sale. Next one should be on November or December.

BewitchedFox's avatar

Hey there! I would love to be added to the wait list if there is one! For a logo and business card! c:

My twitter is IceFoxWorks !

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! Just to clarify, the Waiting List is for the Flash Sale and I don't know when I will make the next one. My regular commissions are always open and right now I have slots for October. :)

BewitchedFox's avatar

Oh! I wasn't aware of that! I would definitely love to get in on your regular commissions!

What's the best way to communicate with ya? c:

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

I'm always on Twitter, Discord, Email and here. ^^

BewitchedFox's avatar

I'll shoot you a discord message! c:

Tigenki's avatar

I'd love to be added to your waiting list! Twitter: @Tigenki c:

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! I couldn't find @Tingeki in Twitter. Please send me a link or contact me there so I can add you to the waiting list ^^

ForeverFrosty's avatar

Do you have a waiting list? I have been eyeballing your logos forever and I would love to get one at some point lmao!

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

Hi! I have a Waiting List for my FLash Sale but my regular commissions are always open. Please take a look at the Project list for the availability. Right now I have three slots for September.

ForeverFrosty's avatar

Ok! I will have to crunch some numbers but I will def be returning at some point!

whitefoxdesigns's avatar

If you wish to be added to the Waiting List please let me know. The next Flash Sale should start soon.

ForeverFrosty's avatar

Probably wouldn't hurt, that would be awesome!

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