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This logo belongs to :iconwek11:, all rights reserved. Please don't try steal it.
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this is legitimately brilliant. I love your designs (just takes me a while to go through my watch list :3)
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THank you much! I'm glad you like it :D

I know what you mean :XD:
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hey now you're a keemstar

Sooooo cool!!!!
Could see this one being slapped on an aircraft, like some sort of cargo load :p
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Praise Lord Helix!

Yes, that reference needed to be made.
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Very Cool! Feels like a PMC or a weapons manufacturer :D
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Oh! I haven't thought about that but cool O:
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Ah, that's rad. :O
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I've been trying to get into logo design, but am having some struggles. Any hints or tips?
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Depends. What exactly are you struggling with?
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I'd like to say it's the translation from sketch illustration to digital, but I think it also has to be with just making mediocre designs... The few people I've done some for all seemed to have the same feeling.
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Mmm... Well to improve your designs you need to expand your ideas and how you compose your concepts. Here are some tips How to make a logo, The mental process

Now about the other. What program do you use?
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Hm hm. They have some interesting points that seem familiar. I'll try giving it a go. Thanks! 

I usually try to use Adobe Illustrator, mostly because I love the scalability of vectors.
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Well done. Vectors are the best option on graphic design, specially for logos. Now if you have problem making smooth lines you can try using geometric shapes to contruct more complex designs. Something like this…
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