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As much as I admire the Sydney Opera house and the architectural triumph that it is, it always makes me think of a giant sea shell. While I know that was intentional, I can't help but wish for a giant sea monster hermit crab thingy to emerge from the ocean floors and make it his new home. While I wait for that day, I thought I could paint a teaser for what it might look like. Actually, I really just wanted to do a nice easy watercolor ocean landscape and this was a picture I've had in my head to do that matched my mood. No drama and carnage, just a nice peaceful seascape with a giant crab . Thanks for taking the time to look guys.
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Gives me an idea for Fallout Australia.
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Dear Whiteflyinglizard,
I love your work. Actually it inspired my new pic, if you don't mind I mentioned you: Objects in the sky # 50
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Ahahahaa! Nice idea
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General: Madam Prime Minister, we have a situation at the Sydney Opera House
Prime Minister: What's wrong?
General: A giant enemy crab has crawled up inside it and won't come down.
Soldier: This is your last warning, crab! Come out now or we'll blast you!
Crab: Relax, dudes, I'm just lounging!
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AWSOME! love all your concepts
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I thought you were Australian as I read your artist comments, but I see I am wrong.  Your art is wonderful no matter where you are though.
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Thank you for the complement. No, I'm not from Australia but I would absolutely love to go visit there some day. I've heard great things about the people and seen some beautiful pictures from over there.
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You're very welcome, and I thank you for the compliment too.  Yes, visitors from other countries do say that they find us very friendly and helpful.  I hope that lasts forever.  Our landscapes, flora and fauna are sometimes pretty unique - and weird - you'd love them!!  There's a folder in my gallery for native Aussie things, but that's not why I came to your pages, I hate it when people only visit to promote their own art.  But if any of the things in my photos inspire you to turn them into humour, well then, that would be fantastic.
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It's a hermit crab! Hermie!
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Now that's just brilliant!
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that made me crack up so bad omg XD
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*Titti Tiri titti* Yeah Zordon ? Sydney, you say ? Ok, we are going . TRANSFORMATION !
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thats awesome!
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that's just awesome.
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I like your solution, lol. (Honestly, it's not that great of an architectural wonder... acoustically, you can't really even hear a decent opera in the opera house.) But it does look cool on the horizon.
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Just love how you can turn something so normal into something so much more interesting. :D Great job.
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More-than-half-blind-wife, squinting across the room: "Hmm... what's Jared painting the opera house for? I don't see anything else weird going on... how strangely domestic of him."
*Jared points out giant crab*

Hehe. Annie says it's awesome. :} (and also asks why you put your art on my computer, and when are staying home for breakfast?)
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Haha that is genius! :D I like how no one really seems very bothered by this arrangement... boats peacefully tooling around the water, no emergency vehicles or military helicopters... maybe they just haven't noticed yet?
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Glanced at the thumbnail from my messages... "hmm watercolor landscape, whatevs, don't need to zoom in" ... see that it is from whiteflyinglizard, and think twice. Click. Happy. :D (Trying to say that almost everything you do has a charming twist! I love it!)
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Wow, I had never thought about it that way!
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