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APH - Let the stars shine

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I don't know what to draw and forgive my fail idea and the out of perspective look xDDD

I wish I had an older brother like that... :iconforeveraloneplz:
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This is such a beautiful piece ahh <333 :'D
And gosh I agree with you...I wish I had a caring oniichan like that :icondesucraiplz:
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Awwww! Is this Doitsu and PRussia?
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yes! I believe it's them!
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I have having a bad day today, but then I saw this.

My reaction: :D
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It's a very cute picture! I would suggest that Prussia's left arm should be a good bit longer, or the shadows reworked a twidge to make it look like it's more pointing towards the background. :nod: That is all. :)
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So cute~
I luff this so much. <3
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awwww i cant stop smiling at this :)
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Кто не хотел бы такого Прусса в братья?
потрясающе нарисовано забудем на этот раз про перспективу, и правда, с каждим разом у тебя получается все лучше и лучше!
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Awwww. :heart:
This is seriously so adorable! I really do like that you went there for that perspective.
It's so dynamic and makes the picture a lot more full. So sweet. :aww:
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i actually screamed. and woke up my whole family cuz i love them as youngins so much
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my brothers younger, but hes like an inch shorter than me, so trying that would be a fail XD
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I used to do this with my little brother too. ;A; But he's gotten too big now OTL

But this is gorgeoussss~ I love the ceiling and the fan~ And the stars are pretty~
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Oh gosh, this is so lovely~
It all looks so happy!
Makes me wish I wasn't so tall, because my brother used to do this with me...
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I wish I had a younger brother like that. D8

Mine just watches football and tackles me whenever he see's me. Plus I can't pick him up anymore QQ.
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I realized I have a fetish for socks xDD
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lol XD
i like knee socks haha
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Gaaaah wheee~ That looks so fun :D :iconwheeeplz:
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