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Ximena - Full reference :iconwhitefeathur:Whitefeathur 9 5
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I'm so frank I make frankface look chill as fuck. Like, you thought some folks were honest and then you meet me and you get a perception check. Serious guys. Don't come up here and seek honestly unless you WANT some sting. It's gonna be like boxing. Some of it hurts unintentionally because it's part of the sport. :') It's not actually personal. I just seem like a dick. I'm really mush.
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Concept [ibizian kitsune] $$
A kitsune is generally a multi tailed fox, but this is a sighthound mix inspired by old content I was sifting through when asked about some stuff! Inspired by an image that originally got me my first shitty trolls <3. Man oh man, thems the days folks. 

This is just a rough concept at the moment, ment to imply 2 or 3 tails, a brindle pattern, and some heterochromia! 
Species mix is an Ibizian and a Saluki! Saluki silks only on the tails/the tails and the inner ears/around the ears. Still is a bit too foxlike for me, but I'll work on it!

If you're interested in actually having/using/keeping this I might be interested in finishing it! Just note me! (This would be a commission, not a request). 
"Commissions and scammers" [I live in the US and speak only of the US]

> If someone isn't 18years old, they cannot be legally bound to any contract. Verbally, written or otherwise, that's why you must be 18 years or older to even order pizza. 

> A lot of people on DA buying "adopts" and so forth that scam very often end up being pre-16 and taking money to buy stuff they're genuinely desperate to get. Then getting caught and deleting everything when parents find out and parents file chargebacks. man, my dad would literally give two shits about anyone I owed 50$ too for some art and he'd tell me "oh well guess you'll have to live with it" and he'd not care a fuck about anyone else but "us". So I KNOW there's gotta be other people like that out there. Not that it makes it okay, but it's worth remembering. 

> Checking the ages of accounts you're accepting from yourself before you take payments is YOUR responsibility at this small a stage. If you accept a commission for some dosh you're doing business no matter what and you HAVE to treat it that way. Tech. speaking taking large sums of money from anyone before 18 is not "legal". :'3

A tango ALWAYS takes 2, yes people fucking suck butts and their will ALWAYS be people ready to take advantage of you/others. Part of circumventing that is being prepared and trying to skirt issues as best you can BEFORE they happen. Preventive maintenance. 

I see Scams happen here INFINITELY MORE than I do on FA and I watch WAYYYYYYYYYYYY more active profiles there. The accounts on FA are doing more business more often, but you guys here get "scammed" infinitely more. Best I can tell is it's likely younger users more than anything else :')! I dare say approaching folks with more caution might help. 
A pecha berry - wip
This isn't finish, but FlyQueen gave me the okay to finish this up and their mimey is just precious as a pokesona so yeah! 

Psychic types gotta chill and be brochachos right?! Comrades! <3, still not done, but tomorrow I'll finish it some time! Separate upload cause I like to preserve sketches :3! 

Seems like this lady of mine is building up a sort of lore of her own! So far she lives in a hollowed out big ol tree and fits a fix witch pretty well! She likes to feed weary fellow mons with gifts of berries and it's not uncommon for her to have a satchel full of stuff. I based her heavily on my shadow priest <3. :") Yay for wow tie in and ultra NERDYNESS. So far you guys have seen the hut and her friendly neighbor, the ghost doggo. I enjoy drawing her with friends mons so if you have an actual pokesona maybe share them sometime! :3
Best coffee
Comes with bear smooches <3! He tends to be up before me and he always makes me coffee and it's kinda the best! I hope to actually color this warmup whenever I finish my current commission project!! :3 
As I promised myself, slowly keeping up with my goal of doing more personal work! SO far I've done some stickers for a bud and this warmup sketch among some smaller things! Way better than previous years! 


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