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Lost In Thoughts
Commission for the wonderful RamTheDragon on FA! Worked on between some of my bigger commissions as I finish stuff up and start new stuff! 
The incredible phenomena that is, creating a TERMS OF SERVICE for BUYING art online. :') 

So... writing one for BUYING art doesn't count. I keep seeing people try to write their own terms of service for buying art FROM people... If you have a set of rules for what you do/don't support out of an artist, you literally "vote" or "choose" or  go about that with your wallet and being an educated customer. A tos that you post in journals or something isn't going to over right or somehow trump mine or anyone else's if an issue arises.

If there's an "issue", a refund going through paypal is ALWAYS heavily weighted in the "customers" favor. In some cases you can prove you have shipped an item (physically) to prevent a chargeback, otherwise it's case by case, but almost always guaranteed to your customer's favor and not the seller. That's just tough luck and you know that going into it. That's why YOU the ARTIST has a TERMS OF HECKING FUCKING SERVICE. LOL. 

If you paid in some other way or you can't for some reason get a refund that way, you have to, you know, be an adult of SOME caliber and actually work it out with your artist. Like an adult or something{woweeohnoe}, like you would talk to a manager if your food is shit at a restaurant. That's how it works. That's why building an audience and working with people and getting on with folks, at least to some extent, is pretty integral. Half of this stuff is still customer service on the artists' end. 

While some may argue nuances here and that buying my/anyone's art is a "service too them" that doesn't hold up with a court if you try that shit at walmart. Certainly still applies right here. It's not like offering a legal service to someone, or a cleaning service or what I'm doing here might like. It's different.

I'm offering you my time, 8 years of trial/error/knowledge/experience  and abilities to create and render an image for you.You aren't rendering me a "service". So those of you writing out "T.o.S. " of your own, like,  I get what you're trying to do my dudes but it doesn't work like that. :')  To give you a BETTER example of how that looks, that's like telling the lawyer you read up on your shit 30 minutes before going in and you got this.

If you're worried about people reposting content/using your content/or getting ripped off then there are OTHER actually effective ways around those issues already in place that don't waste your time and everyone elses' in the process. 

I mean yes, people shouldn't repost your content, but a tos doesn't stop that.  That's just reposting :') , and you have to issue a DMCA take down to places where people are hosting your content against your wishes when/where you find it, and again, approaching the individuals and attempting to resolve the issue that way.

An effective way to hinder this is to put watermarks on your content, there are some other tips, but that's often the main go to. People WILL share your shit. This is the internet, you're not going to have total control here, this isn't ever going to be that and chasing the illusion of full and totalitarian control will make you go stir crazy, but a watermark cleverly placed within your work and genuinely unique characters/ideas/concepts will make it so even when reposted people will ALWAYS be drawn back to YOU the original with no/little hassle or damage.

Otherwise, again, it's just a dog chasing it's own tail, you're wearing yourself down while everyone else watches and it makes YOU look silly. Also remember Fair Use policy and basic Copy Rights do protect you, you don't have to "cite" or post these on every single image/item/etc. for them to work. They're not a magic spells or a hex you have to invoke, much in the same way freedom of speech just "works". Once you create something, WHAM, it's in existence and to some degree you're protected. If you want to get serious, you can pursue more serious avenues to marketing yourself under a label or studio/brand of your own so you may better protect your IPs.

There's lots of information out there, and double checking all the aforementioned is encouraged, especially since I'm no perfect source on anything, but what I DO know is a "terms of service" for a customer isn't effective. A terms of service is for ME, the provider, to cover my ass in the event of issues. All the items in my terms of service are there because someone else has been the cause of an issue, and to avoid FUTURE ISSUES REPEATING during my work, I had to write rules down to the issues I saw the most often or forsaw to cause the most damage. 

My terms of service ALSO tell people what I allow them to do with the content they have purchase from me, what they can edit within their content, if they can color line art they've purchased, etc. etc. etc. As a customer you don't need that shit. So why are you wasting your time? :') That's what a TOS is for, for someone like me. You don't use a hammer to weld. You use a welder. 


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