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English correction by my friend OceanPearl83 . Thanks to you !

www.facebook.com/oceane.pearl.…"> My OC's : White Feather and Serenity Reference by Lucy-tan

Some drawings of talented artists, in order :

Moenkin , EvanRank , NattyVelvet , Magfen , Kitten-in-the-jar , sonigiraldo and Karat3l More information on White Feather (EN and FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… More information on Serenity (EN and FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… The history in pictures of White Feather and Serenity (not finish ^^) by the best, the great, the incredible artist and friend : Novaintellus Come Here by Novaintellus Reading for each character : Italics White Feather and normal for Serenity. "Serenity, what are you doing ?" "Oh I wanted to taste your scarf." "Stop tugging then, it's too tight". "Honestly, Feather, just come here." "This is getting awfully close, Sweetie." "So what, I like you as my soft blanket." "But we're not even a married couple." "Hmmm, that's a very good idea..." Beautiful sketch for Equestria Daily's Artist Training Ground VII Make Up Day Y and for me ^^ Thanks you my friend ! ^^ Marry Me by Novaintellus "My Serenity, I offer you this ring. Let it be a reminder of every moment when I truly loved you. And especially today I truly love you with all my heart. i want you to know that I respect you and that I cherish you, today, tomorrow, and for the rest of our live" "My White Feather, I offer you this ring. Let it be a symbol of all the joy and happiness you bring me. I found peace and love with you, and may that continue in the construction of our new life together" A some nice and beautiful soothing piano to go with it : Crystal Empire Suite Part 2 (Piano Improvisation) Love Birds by Novaintellus "Featherrr-...Hurry up over here for the picture !" "Says you, I'm not the one buzzing around." "I just can't wait to get get our picture taken." "Me too, but you need to stay still for the picture." Gift for my birthday ^^ Thanks you so much my friend ! Another Year with You by Novaintellus "Happy New Year, sweetie, I love you." "I love another beautiful year with you." Gift for the New Years !!! Big hug for you my friend ! ^^ Serene Bath by Novaintellus Inspired by the commission of: kahai99 and made by: L1nkoln "Ahhhh, what a perfect way it is to relax with the soothing water." Nah, it can only be perfect when I can share the bath with you. "You are just so precious to prepare all this, it's so beautiful." Happy Hearts and Hooves day sweetie. I love you so much. Valentine's Day Special Commission ! ^^ My gosh, They are so cute ! Honeymoon Night by Novaintellus "S-s...Serenity? Is this what you have been planning ?" "H-hello there White Feather. I was um waiting for you." "Sweetie, the heater just started, are you not cold ?" "Kinda, the bed is not getting any warmer with just me." "Were you waiting with all of these? Roses, candles...?" "Mhmmm...Um, do you see something you like then ?" "Sweet Celestia, I love you." "W-well, I'm all yours you stud." Listening to Serenity by Novaintellus "I like to chill here and just napping until night time fall." "You look beautiful when you are sleeping." "What a perfect afternoon it is, White Feather." "I don't know, it's not as warm as your belly." "Hey, cuddle my belly a bit less or my feathers will be mess, haha." "Shhh...let me listen to them... I love you so much my sweet Serenity... I love each of you all... " Our Blessings by Novaintellus "Look White Feather, she's fast asleep". "And he's looking for the dawning sun." They are just so precious and adorable. "And Beautiful foals from a lovely mare." Hearth's Warming Kisses by Novaintellus "Happy Hearth's Warming my love." "I got you a nice present to unwrap," "But looks like there is some mistletoe." "We can celebrate that first, hmm?" To be continued... ... with their beautiful foals Sunny Skies and Lily Dreams Drawing by : Celiaurore More information on Sunny Skies (EN and FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… More information on Lily Dreams (EN and FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… I particularly wish to thanks the artist Novaintellus for all the work done, to make of these moments of life and happiness a reality. Each drawing represents a lot of feeling, passion and love that I hope will continue for a long time. My dear friend, thank you again for everything you did for me. You are an incredible person who deserves more than just a thank you. You love this couple as much as I do, I know it ^^. But don’t worry, their story are not finished, it’s just beginning Alicorn Princess Cassiopee created by myself and Princess Andromeda created by EvanRank Drawing by: Moenkin and drawing by: EvanRank More information on Cassiopee (FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… More information on Andromeda (EN and FR) : whitefeather0.deviantart.com/f… Please, ask me if you want to use these OC and I’ll tell you if you can. Best Friends on Deviantart : Best artists on Deviantart : Waiting for commission : Paypal, DA Points and Request conrad-hauser : Comish nsfw duo WF + S Titanic version + 12 frames nsfw (Paid).

Favourite Visual Artist
BlazeMizu, RicoNeko, LupisPone, LogicaRuns, Shayxy, Perle-de-Suie, Celiaurore, EvanRank, Candy-Gold-Gallery...
Favourite Movies
Rio,Wreck-It Ralph, Snowpiercer, Number 9, lord of the rings, Alien, Dragon, Planes ...
Favourite TV Shows
Hawaii 5.0, Person of interest, Hunter X Hunter, Dr House, My Little Pony...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Daft Punk, Gorillaz, Owl City, Laurent Voulzy, Avicii...
Favourite Books
Donjon de Naheulbeuk (1 to 5), Halo series, L'empire des loups.
Favourite Writers
John Lang.
Favourite Games
Halo series, Worlds of Tanks, Forza 6, DOOM, Supreme Commander Forged Aliance, Ace Combat Electrosphere, Metroid Prime, C&C Tiberium War, alien Isolation, Lost planet...
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Xbox one, Gamecube, PC.
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