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Inktober 2020 - Day 27 - Music

Inktober day 27, and I've been waiting for this one the entire month.🙂 The prompt for today is "Music," and for me, there's nothing that embodies how much music means to me more than my favorite band in all of time and space, Poets of the Fall. 💜 I've always believed that music is the way the soul speaks, and their music touched me at a time when my soul felt very defeated and lost--and it reignited my passion for creating music, for creating art...for CREATING, full stop, which for me is as necessary for sustaining life as air or water. Their music was like sudden sunlight bursting into a dark and dusty room. Making music means your soul is speaking through the air and the ether and reaches of time to touch other souls and convey things that exist beyond words or understanding--and that's exactly what Poets did for me.

This drawing is a montage of symbols and imagery that appear throughout Poets' albums and videos. The black moth with the pin in him is Morpho, who's been the mascot for Poets since the very beginning and features in the video for the song "Lift." The lollipop comes from the cover of the Carnival of Rust album, and also features throughout the video for the song "Carnival of Rust" (my favorite song in the known universe🙂 ) And the feather pendant is a Hopecatcher, which comes from the video for the song "Choice Millionaire," and I also own one myself and I wear it when I go out anywhere. 💜

If you're interested in watching the videos I mentioned, I'm linking them here:

Carnival of Rust:

Choice Millionaire:


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Their music never ceases to amaze me. What's your favorite song? And have you listened to the Old Gods song: Take Control?

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My absolute favorite song in all of time and space is Carnival of Rust. 🍭💜💜💜 And Take Control is awesome! I still haven't had a chance to play the game Control yet, but I know they used the song Take Control in one of the puzzles in a really clever way, so I'm definitely looking forward to that part. :headbang: