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Wow. This is the first painting I've managed to finish in four years.

I've been busy with work, had health issues, and just been plain tired, but on top of all that, I just couldn't seem to make myself finish anything. I'd get partway through a painting, get completely frustrated and disgusted with it, and then I'd just give up on it. I have dozens of partly-finished paintings on my hard drive right now, and many of them have been started and restarted over and over again--in fact, this one in particular has been started, given up in disgust and left to rot on my hard drive, then picked up and restarted again later at least five times.

This last time started like all the others, but partway through, at the point I usually get disgusted and walk away, something kind of clicked, and even though I felt a little frustration that things didn't quite look like what I saw in my head, I was able to push on. I'm not quite sure what happened, and I'm not sure I can capture that lightning in a bottle a second time, but I'm happy I managed to finished this one painting at least. It's still not quite what I saw in my head, and I can still see plenty of flaws, but I'm still ridiculously pleased. :-)

See up-close detail shots:

Technical details: Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 3 tablet, original size 16" x 24" at 300 dpi (4800 x 7200 pixels). Prints are available--see the button at the top right.
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