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The New Princes I

It's Prince time!

Geno and Ferto, sons of Bambi and Faline
Turner Smith-- featuring Red Feather the Turkey, son of Pocahontas and John Smith
Salvador, son of Tiana and Naveen
Leon, son of Cinderella and Prince Daniel (Charming)
Lucas, son of Adam and Belle
Kopa, son of Simba and Nala
Ping, son of Shang and Mulan
and Jamal, son of Aladdin and Jasmine

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Aww, Salvador's a changeling! ^^

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Yeah, the colors happened to work for him.

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Geno and Ferto-Deers;

Turner Smith-Bison

Red Feather the Turkey


Leon-Earth Pony;

Lucas_Unicorn Pony;


Jamal-Earth Pony.

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Leon- Crystal Pony actually.

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Hey, you added the scrapped turkey sidekick!

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That's right.

I was stuck on Turner as a character, so I went about thinking off animal companions to help give them someone to work off of. So Kaokee has a Coyote for hunting, Thomas has a Bobcat he found when trying to set up his new home. And Turner has Red Feather. The more I chewed on it the more Turner seems like the stoic eccentric who no one knows will do next.

Sort of like this.

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Any idea who's left?

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Prince's part 2. Maybe the Shield Maidens mlp style.

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Nice to see the princes here. Really like the final line up you've got going. Their designs and animal forms are great (especially loved seeing Salvador as a changeling).

WhiteFangKakashi300's avatar

Thanks, the combo shifting really helped me nail down who needed to stay together. :)

It made the most sense, since his heritage revolved around shifting.

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Like before, I loved how you made some of them something other than ponies to fit their characters better.

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