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Family Portrait: Pokey Pierce

Parents: Earl Gray and Crochet
Children: Ponet, Perry Pierce, and Pokey Pierce
Ponet's love affairs: Derpy Hooves, Berry Punch, Shoeshine, and many more!
Ponet's unfathered foals: Bloo, Dinky Doo, Berry Pinch, Sun Glimmer, and many more!

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...I support this! Well...actually I am kind of neutral about shipping Derpy. I just don’t know her that well and most of the couples on my list are just going to be that, couples. I decided to condense my Next Gen characters to a small number, with only four children of the Mane Six (minus AJ and Dash who have no children).

Not sure who Perry Pierce is, can’t find him on the wiki, but I love the idea of Ponet and Royal Pin being siblings. I decided to replace Perry with this stallion (who I call StarSong but has no official name):… he is my husband for Twilight Sparkle and the father of my Next gen character Yesterdaisy.

I kind of like the idea of Ponet being a player and leaving so many broken hearts. It means that Ester can now have a ton of cousins that she doesn’t even know about (since Ponet and StarSong would not keep in as close contact as they once did) instead of just Flurry Heart.

But who is Sun Glimmer?

It also fits because that unnamed stallion was seen with about five different mares in different scenes in that episode.

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Perry Pierce used to be on the wiki last time I checked. He's Pokey's twin with orange eyes--- while Pokey has yellow. Perry lives in Canterlot an did very uptight. Pokey is sort of the black sheep of the family and lives in Ponyville. It was too much fun having Ponet being a lady killer--- or Mare Killer I guess. Since so many fillies have similar two stripe unicorn designs. 
---Sun Glimmer is that green and yellow Sweetie Belle lookalike.  
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Hi, White Fang.
I used your headcanon here for my fic, focussing on Earl Grey, but I've credited you.
Is that okay? :)
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Sure :D
Mind if you can link me to it, I'm flattered.
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Of course. My pleasure.…
Earl Grey features as sort of a mentor for Fancy Pants, largely supporting his career in politics. His family appear later in the story.
I've made a little edition. Crochet's maiden name which she, like many Equestrian mares, keeps after marriage is 'Doily'.
And Pierce is Pokey's middle name just as Perry's is Pace and Ponet's is Pierre
I should warn you it's a FancyxFleur fic. I hope you won't hold it against me.
I understand Raripants and I kind of like it but I just think Fleur's got quite an interesting character and this is a pre-canon fic so Rarity and the Mane 6 are still quite young.
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My god Ponet, find an actual mare friend for once!
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:iconmlpponetplz:: I can't help it! Being a womanizer is too much fun!
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Headcanon accepted :D
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What do use to color your art?
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Thanks for the info :3
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Oh dear I absolutely love that *o* I know it may be kinda rude, but could I use these cheracters to my pictures/stories *v*?
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Thanks :D
Sure, go right head :)
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Thank you so much ^//3//^
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Yeah, a lot of people were asking me to do brony art 
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why do I want to punch Ponet in the face now
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Maybe because he left derby with a kid, a Berry Punch, and a few other mares. XP
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this bad so if you don't like cursing don't look
this is for you Ponet:I'm This Unexcited 
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