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Big Brother? Are we gonna go back for Mom and Dad? by WhiteFangKakashi300 Big Brother? Are we gonna go back for Mom and Dad? :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 11 15 Young Claude and Jehan Frollo by WhiteFangKakashi300 Young Claude and Jehan Frollo :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 7 6 Ervil poses by WhiteFangKakashi300 Ervil poses :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 7 5 Papa... I can't feel my legs. by WhiteFangKakashi300 Papa... I can't feel my legs. :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 10 6 Renee Frollo by WhiteFangKakashi300 Renee Frollo :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 15 12 Malocchio the Devil of Euphoria by WhiteFangKakashi300 Malocchio the Devil of Euphoria :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 9 11 Colossus the Leviathan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Colossus the Leviathan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 12 10 Beware of the Leviathan by WhiteFangKakashi300 Beware of the Leviathan :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 14 12 SOK - A Pirates Life for Me by WhiteFangKakashi300 SOK - A Pirates Life for Me :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 19 6 Aidan redraws4 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Aidan redraws4 :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 7 4 Aidan redraws3 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Aidan redraws3 :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 6 3 Aidan redraws2 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Aidan redraws2 :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 6 0 Aidan redraws1 by WhiteFangKakashi300 Aidan redraws1 :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 6 2 Girl Clone Colors by WhiteFangKakashi300 Girl Clone Colors :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 9 6 Occulting Light: Extras listening to mad priest. by WhiteFangKakashi300 Occulting Light: Extras listening to mad priest. :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 15 8 Regrets by WhiteFangKakashi300
Mature content
Regrets :iconwhitefangkakashi300:WhiteFangKakashi300 14 16


Owl Witch by Lychnobia Owl Witch :iconlychnobia:Lychnobia 559 16 vulnerable moment by tuherrus vulnerable moment :icontuherrus:tuherrus 40 6 Who am I? by RedPassion Who am I? :iconredpassion:RedPassion 23 2 'All he knows is what he's not' by Alantka 'All he knows is what he's not' :iconalantka:Alantka 216 15 Love will find a way by Alantka Love will find a way :iconalantka:Alantka 490 83 Frollo Sundae by Moe-Machine Frollo Sundae :iconmoe-machine:Moe-Machine 20 6 Yandere Frollo by Moe-Machine Yandere Frollo :iconmoe-machine:Moe-Machine 13 9 The end of Taka [SPEEDPAINT] by albinoWolf58 The end of Taka [SPEEDPAINT] :iconalbinowolf58:albinoWolf58 110 10 termites by tuherrus termites :icontuherrus:tuherrus 77 9 Morning Patrol by Lewont Morning Patrol :iconlewont:Lewont 73 5 DS: Arson by Tybay DS: Arson :icontybay:Tybay 235 3 Say it if you know! by RedPassion Say it if you know! :iconredpassion:RedPassion 54 3 His little flame by GrimmSkitz His little flame :icongrimmskitz:GrimmSkitz 67 20 BLUE MERMAID by FERNL BLUE MERMAID :iconfernl:FERNL 108 6 Next gen: Onyx Gleam by SilcyBell Next gen: Onyx Gleam :iconsilcybell:SilcyBell 67 8 The Lion King - Time With Mom by TC-96 The Lion King - Time With Mom :icontc-96:TC-96 1,949 217


Big Brother? Are we gonna go back for Mom and Dad?
Claude Frollo silently he looked back and the remains of his home. Where his parents both lay dead in their beds rotting from the plague that cursed their home.

"They're gone, Jehan...... They're all gone."

He knew his brother won't understand, he was too young to understand. He merely had to keep him from running back to the house while the mounds of bodies were being burned.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (C) Disney
Young Claude and Jehan Frollo
Got curious to see what Claude and his little brother Jehan would look like young.
I bet they acted like Wirt and Greg from Over the Garden Wall.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (C) Disney
Renee Frollo
The daughter of Claude Frollo.

Before Frollo met Esmeralda, had a ward named Juliana. Though he was a part of the church, he and Julia became close. He left the brotherhood in favor of becoming her husband. His rank turned from priest to judge. Juliana adored Frollo, though she tried to open his views to have a greater understanding of the people they lived among. Frollo was hesitant to make such a change, gypsies didn't follow the same order as he did. Worst, how could he open himself up to the people who murdered his brother, Jehan? But still, he tried for her.

However, on the day they had their first daughter, Juliana bled to death. Leaving Frollo to take care of his daughter, Renee, and the teen aged Quasimodo alone. Frollo had lost too many people to take such a risk, he lost his parents, brother, and wife-- certainly he couldn't afford to lose his daughter too. He grew extra protective of her and did his best to shield her. But unlike Quasimodo who was stuck in the tower, Renee was free to do as she pleased. She was a sweet yet modest girl. Always wanted to make her father smile. But on one fateful day, her horse threw her off breaking her spine and leaving Renee paralyzed from below the waist. Frollo was devastated and kept her close to home where he or his servants could tend to her. He gave her almost anything she could ask for, one being her own private garden. There she'd plant her seeds and watch her flowers grow. Still, as happy as she tried to be, it left her heavily depressed that she was now half the girl she was. She would only see Quasimodo if her father brought her to Notre Dame, he was kind to her despite his appearance. But it grew to a point to where she preferred staying home most of the time.
While she was listening to her father read to her in her garden she spotted a fallen falcon chick being guarded by it's mother. She remarked how the grown up falcon reminded her of her father. This only made Frollo sad upon seeing the unfortunate sight. The fallen chick only reminded him of her, knowing that no matter how hard the parent would feed and protect it's child it will die like this. He tried to bring Renee inside but she was insistent on helping the poor bird. It took some convincing, but Frollo gave in and got it. Though the falcon mother put up a huge fight. It made Frollo question if it was worth getting those scratches. But Renee was determined and patient. She's spend hours taking care of it, making sure it was fed and it's wing was put into a hand made brace. She grew very attached to the bird but know there was another who wanted him more. Soon she was able to set him free and reunite the chick with it's mother. Frollo was honestly surprised his daughter was able to save it and it made him proud.

As time lingered on, it began to dawn on Frollo his years were growing limited. What would become of his crippled daughter if he suddenly perished? The first thought was to find someone for her to marry, but... who could afford to take care of her in her state? He doubted she could even have children in her condition. The nunnery seemed like the only way to keep her safe when the time comes.
However, much to his horror his daughter managed to catch the attention of a young foolish gypsy boy, Sacha. He was a daring young boy he dared to venture into Frollo's grounds just to personally meet his pretty daughter. Renee was shocked that anyone would bother to pay much mind to her, none the less a gypsy boy like him. But he stayed and played with her in her garden. He'd make time to come visit her in secret on a nightly basis. Frollo felt betrayed. He chased Sacha off the grounds and confronted his daughter about what she was doing behind his back. Renee fought back, Sacha was her first real friend outside her father and foster brother. She went so as to accused her father he was acting jealous because her mother was dead. Frollo broke and slapped Renee across the face. It felt them both shocked and hurt. Neither wanted to hurt the other, but there they were. Renee caved in, being the one to apologize first. She just didn't want her beloved father to be angry at her. Frollo felt he was still in the right, but he only wished he could take back the strike. How could he hurt his precious little girl? He forgave her but on the condition she would let him know if that boy ever saw him again. She promised, only to keep her feelings about Sasha to herself.

As days carried on, she saw her father less and less. He kept raving on about a gypsy woman he saw. Kept claiming she was a witch how put a spell on him. It made Renee worry about him dearly. But her mind was dwelling on Sacha, hoping he would just run away and stay safe while Paris burned. She knew her father would kill him. It wasn't long however when she had eves dropped on one of her father's conversations to his fellow men that Quasimodo would lead them to the Court of Miracles. Her heart was racing, Sacha was bound to be hiding there with his family! Under the cover of darkness, she dared to roll out in her chair by herself, desperately wanting to get there to warn them but it was too late. Her chair had broken on the uneven roads leaving her stranded. Her head was spiraling with all the warnings her father had told her through out her childhood. It was then she saw the smoke rising from Notre Dame and she forced herself to drag her crippled body there. When she finally arrived she could only scream in horror as she saw her father fall from Notre Dame and be burned alive in a vat of molten lead. He father was dead.
Renee became in shock and fainted while everyone below fought around her. Sacha found her and brought her to Quasimodo. She began to lash out at Sacha, too grief stricken to return the love he was hoping for. Though she was told about her father's horrible deeds that didn't sooth her mind. The one person who cared for her was dead and she was alone. She couldn't feel like she could trust Quasimodo anymore. She could hear what others were whispering about her. About the poor crippled daughter of the mad judge Frollo. It made her break down. If only she could have stopped him herself. If only he was still alive. She felt so alone. Unable to coup with her loss and seeing no real future in her happiness she gave up on her childish dreams of Sasha and her being together and having a family. She could only fear he'd just grow up to leave her for someone else would could feel what he felt and have kids. She rolled into her garden and began swallowing the poisonous blossoms of her flowers. There was no place for her in this life, all she wanted now was to keep her papa company in the afterlife.

Renee awoke to find herself surrounded by her mother, uncle, and grandparents. But her father was in hell...
She begged god to let her see him one last time. For she never got to tell him goodbye when they were alive. In Limbo she embraced her father, who was devastated to find her find her here so soon. Still, he embraced her and told her how sorry he was. She was even willing to follow him, but Frollo implored her not to. She hadn't enough bad deeds to save her a spot in hell. He told her he would miss her dreadfully, but he would greet every punishment with a smile knowing she was safe, able to walk, and was with her mother and family above. Renee didn't want to let him go, but promised she go back to heaven.

"G-goodbye Papa... I'll love you no matter where you are."

"Farewell Renee..... Your love will be my one comfort. I shall cherish it always! I'm so proud that my little, broken, bird has grown her wings."

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (C) Disney
You know the drill, copy the quiz and try it out with your answers to see who you get. :iconjackskellingtonplz: 
 Leaders of Tradition  by WhiteFangKakashi300

Frith the Easter Bunny
[ ] Spring is your favorite season. 
[x] You are very shy. 
[/] Easily scared. 
[/] Easter eggs can look cool.
[x] Bunnies are so cute. 
[x] You are very generous to others once you get to know them.
[x] Chocolate flavors are so good. (milk, dark, white, etc-- yum) 
[x] You make friends with outcasts. 
[x] Watership Down is one of your favorite books/movies.
[/] You like pastel colors. 
Total: 7 1/2

Lord Valentine
[x] You are beautiful no matter what they say. 
[x] Chocolate and strawberries are the best.  
[x] You strongly believe in true love. 
[/] You've had a toxic relationship before.
[x] Wings are awesome. 
[x] You like to stay fit. 
[/] Roman mythology is cool. 
[/] You are flirty. 
[x] Being single is fine. 
[ ] You like to play match maker. 
Total: 7 1/2

Patrick Lord of the Fairies
[/] You like riddles. 
[x] You use your wit rather than fists in conflicts.
[/] Green is your favorite color. 
[x] Celtic myths and legends are cool. 
[/] You like Leprechauns. 
[ ] You can hold your liquor. 
[/] You know how to throw a party. 
[x] You are smarter than others think. 
[/] You love beer--- even root beer.
[/] You like to play mind games with people just to see what happens.
Total: 6

Uncle Sam
[x] Cool guys don't look at explosions. 
[x] You believe freedom is the only way. 
[x] You love fireworks.
[x] Eagles are amazing. 
[x] BBQ and grilled foods are your favorite. 
[/] You are hard to impress. 
[x] Millennials both amaze you and make you cringe.  
[/] Some people would call you old fashioned. 
[/] You are a badass. 
[x] Summer is your favorite season. 
Total: 8 1/2

[x] You put family and friends first. 
[x] You don't like to fight. 
[x] Turkeys are underrated. 
[x] Native American cultures are fascinating. 
[x] Autumn is your favorite season. 
[x] Archery is fun. 
[x] You like the woods.
[ ] You are even nice to your enemies. 
[x] People who are different than you makes life more interesting. 
[ ] You like to cook. 
Total: 8

Santa Claus 
[x] You are a workaholic. 
[x] You have a sweet tooth. 
[/] Winter is your favorite season.
[/] You can tell who's been naughty or nice. 
[x] You can be strict but never actually hurt people. 
[x] You like reindeer. 
[x] Toys are fun to make and/or play with. 
[x] You like to keep things organized. 
[x] New places scare you. 
[x] You keep calm even when conflicts happen. 
Total: 9

Jack Skellington
[x] Halloween is your favorite holiday--- but you have a soft spot for Christmas.
[/] You get bored easily.
[x] Skeletons are cool and spooky. 
[x] You love dogs-- ghost ones too. 
[/] You like to experiment. 
[x] You like to do scare pranks. 
[x] Gothic fashion is cool.
[x] Jack-o-lanterns are fun to make. 
[x] You get frustrated of others don't get your ideas. 
[x] You are a night owl. 
Total: 9

Final Result: A TIE! Between Santa Claus and Jack Skellington! :iconsandyclawsplz::iconjackskellingtonplz:
  • Listening to: movie soundtracks and random stuff
  • Reading: fanfictions
  • Watching: the secret of kells and a lot of other stuff
  • Playing: Sims 3
  • Eating: ramen and other good stuff
  • Drinking: milk, sprite, and coffee


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Favourite style of art: Photoshop and hand drawn
Wallpaper of choice: Naruto, Team 7, TSOK, Lion king
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi, Brother Aidan, Medic, Cyborg, and V. I know he's not a cartoon character...
Personal Quote: Knock em Dead!



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NDC99 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2019  Student Filmographer
Hey there, WhiteFangKakashi300. NDC99 here. I hope that you had a Happy New Year last year. You could tell me what Christmas gifts you got last year if you'd like. I see that the Kakashi part of your username must be a reference to Kakashi Hatake from Naruto. That must mean that you are of Naruto. Oh, and one more thing. Is it okay if I can call you Julia?
WhiteFangKakashi300 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
Hey there, I prefer being addressed as WhiteFang here.
Yes, I adore Kakashi though I’ve sort of moved on from Naruto.
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Sorry if I haven't talked to you in a while. I was kind of busy with things (I work at a child development center and I spend most of my time drawing things). 

Some facts about me:
I am a huge anime and manga fan, other than Yoh Yoshinari (who is currently my favorite anime artist of all time) here are some other anime/manga artists I like:
I have never seen Evangelion, I love the designs and I am very familiar with the designs of the EVA robots and Angels, but I have never actually sat down to see the series. I love very much the work of Hayao Miyazaki (My Neighbor Totoro, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Porco Rosso, and Howl's Moving Castle) and Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy). I love quite a bit of the work of Mamaoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), and Satoshi Kon (The writer and director of Tokyo Godfathers and PAPRIKA. I think he was the finest storyteller in anime other than Takahata and Miyazaki).
I also love the work Jiro Taniguchi, (as his work is incredibly contemplative and meditative), the sculptures of Nirasawa, and the horror stories of Junji Ito.
I am also very influenced by Japanese game designers (such as Hideo Kojima).
When it comes to manga I like Bleach (I've seen the anime as well), Death Note, Soul Eater (I like the manga just as much as I like the anime), Gantz, and Blame!(It's a really surreal and beautiful manga). And I love the work of Katsuya Terada (The Monkey King and Devil Man 1999).
WhiteFangKakashi300 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
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Thank you so much for these many faves on my Farthing Wood stuff. :)
WhiteFangKakashi300 Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2019  Student Traditional Artist
You’re welcome.
You have a nice style and spin on them.
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