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HMS Morgana by WhiteFangKakashi300, visual art

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Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)Painter's Palette Cake: Use when mixing delicious colored frosting (4)
My Bio
Favourite genre of music: any kind... I guess?
Favourite style of art: Photoshop and hand drawn
Wallpaper of choice: Naruto, Team 7, TSOK, Lion king
Favourite cartoon character: Kakashi, Brother Aidan, Medic, Cyborg, and V. I know he's not a cartoon character...
Personal Quote: Knock em Dead!

Favourite Visual Artist
Tomm Moore
Favourite Movies
The Secret of Kells, Third Naruto Shippudan movie, Lion King, and Anything Miyazaki... Etc
Favourite TV Shows
Game of Thrones, Naruto, Teen Titans, Call the Midwife, Sherlock, Keeping up appearances, MST3K, etc
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Nightwish, Coldplay, the Killers, etc
Favourite Books
Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Diary of a Partime Indian
Favourite Writers
Masashi Kishimoto
Favourite Games
Walking Dead, Amnesia, Happy Wheels, Limbo, Shadow of the Colossus, Brothers:tale of two sons, and Okami
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop, tombos, prismacolor markers
Other Interests
Movies, Animation, Stories, Anime/Manga... and Dark and Twisted Things!

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Thanks for adding my Easter and AMIP art :hug:

Hey WhiteFang, I wanted to share this little list of AU's and know which one do you think would be the most interesting. .Paranormal AU-Something of a modern AU where Belle, Jane Porter, and Milo Thatch are paranormal investigators who, along with Jack Skellington, solve strange mysteries all across the globe, while coming to face-to-face with various supernatural creatures and beings. And before you ask, yes, these creatures will be Disney characters. Most of them will still be more or less the same like Jack being a skeleton, Genie being a djinn, Mushu being a dragon, and Zeus being a god, but some would be changed to fit with the paranormal theme like Elsa being a vættir. .Explorer AU-Similar to the Paranormal AU, altogether not having much of a focus of the supernatural or mystery-solving and having a bigger cast as an expedition crew. Think of it being like Indiana Jones, Tintin, or even Atlantis: The Lost Empire itself. .Prehistoric AU-An AU where the Disney characters are cave people in a fantastical prehistoric world, similar to Genndy Tartavosky's Primal. The world is pretty much one big super continent like Pangaea, divided to various regions-grasslands, jungles, swamps, tropical lagoons and islands, polar ice caps/snowy mountain ranges, volcanic mountain ranges, deserts, forests, and even wastelands infested with dinosaur graveyards and tar pits. There are various tribes across the land, each one living in a different environment and using it to their advantage. The magical characters would still use magic in this AU, but as shamans and witch doctors. The animal characters will obviously be changed to fit better with the prehistoric setting like Simba being a cave lion, Baloo being a cave bear, and Tantor being some kind of elephant or hairless mammoth. As for the more supernatural characters like Genie and Chernabog, I guess they would be something like gods or demons. .Sci-Fi AU-An AU where the Disney characters exist in the distant future, either living in a futuristic metropolis, or being part of a interstellar crew like in Star Trek. For the animal and magical characters, they would be either be genetically-enhanced creatures or....just aliens. .Superhero AU-Another modern AU, but with the Disney characters having superpowers this time around. Characters like the Incredibles and Big Hero 6 would need no change to them whatsoever, but just about everyone else would need to find ways to fit into this world (both in terms of their civilian life and superhero alias). Ancient AU-An another historical AU, though this one takes one takes place during the ancient era of world. Films like Hercules, Mulan, Aladdin, Moana and Brave wouldn't need any changes since their worlds fit perfectly into this universe, but others would need to. Rapunzel and the rest of Corona would be a village of indomitable Gauls, serving as one of the last holdouts against the Roman Empire (sound familiar?), Anna, Elsa and the rest of Arendelle would be a tribe of vikings from the far north, and so on and so forth. Fantasy AU-Basically one big Disney crossover, but with more of a Dungeons and Dragons vibe.


My god that’s a Lot.

Yeah, I kinda tend to go into detail about specific things.