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This is a commission for Bashscript:  This is his OC. His wife surprised him for christmas. She took a video of him opening the package. Here is a ink to that video.…
I made the glasses out of minky and pellon. They are not removable.
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Comissions are open?
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Its wonderful! Thank you WhiteDove!
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I like that mane design!
Really cool and spikey!  =)

It must be fun to be able to see someone's real-time reaction like that!  =D
You probably don't get that very often while mailing them out all over the place.
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I love to see the videos. I think I have seen three
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You're welcome.
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He looks so amazing! Great work! :D
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He looks amazing!
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How awesome!  Great job!  I especially love how you made his glasses!  And that video was just too cute.  Hehe.
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Thanks, I loved the video
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Soon Soon........the glasses are adorable
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Sweet, she showed me the video a few days ago. Glad it came out so well and he was so excited to receive him!
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Thanks, it was a fun video
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Thank you BTW for sending them to me for help. Was fun!
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I will until you tell me otherwise, lol
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Saw his video on facebook unboxing this, so excited xD

I'm really jelly of him that's for sure
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