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Well, here we go. Some of you who have been following my posts recently have gathered that I have had some bigger projects in the works over the past couple of weeks/months, and at long last I am ready to unveil one of them, or as ready as I shall ever be anyhow, I think! Inspired by karpet-shark's delightful Twily-Daily blog (now sadly retired), I've decided to launch a daily art blog of my own, after close to a year of ruminating on the notion of creating a tumblr account. Despite the title it will not be a strictly "shipping" blog either (not that I've ever drawn any seriously "shippy" art myself, really), rather just focused on my two favorite ponies who have never failed to inspire me, so it will be something I should have no trouble staying with and hopefully something everyone can enjoy.

If it does not go without saying, most of the art will not be as involved and finished as this launch image, and indeed some days there may only be simple sketches to share, but nevertheless there will always be something! I've sincerely missed being more involved with the fandom on a regular basis and I feel this is an excellent way to do so... I hope you all will enjoy. :heart:

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