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Opal-Winona Doodles

Just a few little doodles of Opalescence and Winona, two characters I haven't drawn much of (or much at all really), an oversight I decided I needed to rectify. It isn't a lot by any means but anticipate much, much, much more art from me again soon!

Made with Paint Tool SAI by tRiBaLmArKiNgS
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:+fav: For Winona.
I hate cats.
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So lovely! It's perfect how much they resemble their owners~ :rofl:
Being both a dog and a cat person, I want them both NAO! :XD:
Do you like cats or dogs better? :aww:
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Oh Winona. You are so dog :heart:
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
I am disappointed in the lack of a swag shades-toting Winona plz. Well, just imagine this :iconwinonadogplz: plus this :iconraritygangsta: then, if you will.
verulence's avatar
*looks up how to make plz accounts* 
*needs mutiple emails*
*is lazy*
Well that's that. I tried. Luckily for you I have lots of... imaaaaaaaaaaaaagination! :iconimaginationplz:
Or I can always draw it instead =P
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Aww.. I loove Opal ^_^ hehe being a cat guy myself, she always has a sweet spot in my heart..  Love the expression and how you drew Winona, quite nice art!! ^_^ :D
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Yes, I admit I find her rather charming myself in spite of her often catty personality (though I guess as she actually is a cat she at least has a decent excuse).  Thank you very much dear, I appreciate it!
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My pleasure!! ^_^ I have to admit though, that I"m thoroughly grateful that none of my cats have ever been like Opal.  Although, my Thornicus is pretty fussy when it came to her kibble, lots of "crumbs" on the floor; whereas my mom's cat Gilbert would vacuum up anything dropped on the floor, Sullivan too, giglges.. She thinks she's a dog!
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Haha aww, such cute names! Yes, as I've said my cat Grace is for better or for worse quite a bit like Opal (and she is a very fussy eater, strangely refusing even chicken and fish though she is more than happy to eat any of my houseplants any chance she is able). My other younger cat Mariah on the other hand is incredibly sweet and friendly and very dog-like... she follows me everywhere, almost never stops meowing and has knocked more than one piece of furniture over before (and tripped me) from so vigorously rubbing on everything constantly.
Envirotech's avatar
Oh my, well Sullivan gobbles up any kind of food from a plate; chicken, fish, steak, pork, ice cream, cake, chocolate XD  Again, she thinks she's a dog. ^_^  We were told she was raised in a foster home that had 5 dogs and one other cat, so we figure that is where she learned and it has stuck with her ever since. Oh that kitty!  Aww ^_^ My Thornley would do that with me when I was living at home.  She never knocked much down, unless on my computer table, then the "desktop ponies" were all targets. But sometimes she'd run in front of me and make me have a nice spontaneous break dance routine.  Then again, Gilbert and Sullivan can be dangerous walking down the stairs if it is close to supper time.  Gilbert my mom and I agree is more like a real person. We have had him since around 6 months of age, and constantly talked to him like a real person. His personality was always cool to see, now that he's about 12 years old, he's more relaxing, 'enjoying retirement' as I call it.
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Hehe, this is kinda funny. These two are totally different, like their owners xD AJ and Rarity are like a dog and a cat, but they still make the cuttest pairing ♥
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
These two are very much like their owners in terms of how their personalities do (or likely would) clash. But yes I agree that in spite of their differences, Rarity and Applejack make quite a perfect pair.
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I absolutely did not notice this in my inbox, on account of how awful I am at noticing things in my inbox lately ;_; I apologize!

They're cute! And I think the Winona in the middle is my favourite xD Far be it normal for me to prefer the puppy in any picture, but that face is just cute to me. Opal on the right is also nice. It's nice to see her look pleased over something for once... even if it's probably her own self. I like cute little doodle collections like these, though, since you get to express several sides of someone relatively quickly and in a cute and easy way. It's one of the reasons why I wish I had the time to properly learn sketching for myself... though I'd probably give up pixels if I ever learned how to draw, and we can't have that ^^;

It's good to see some art :3 I hope there is some more soon, whenever time or heart permits.
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
That's quite alright dear! I know not everyone watches scraps after all. But I am glad you like them, even if they are just little doodles! I was quite surprised at myself when I realized I had never really drawn either of these two, something that I felt some practice would eventually be necessary for. So here they are, and yes, I had actually imagined that pleased Opal was head-rubbing against Rarity in a rare display of affection (the younger of my cats does this to me to the extent I've tripped over her before).

As for more art, there are certain things affecting my timing right now but believe me, it is ready and it IS coming! :plotting::evillaugh:
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Hello, dear! And thank you! :hug:
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Dog says: "You love me, you pet me, you feed me, you take care of me. I think you're God."

Cat says: "You love me, you pet me, you feed me, you take care of me. You think I'm God."
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
This sounds pretty close to being correct, in my experience.
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Very charming... Their personalities really shine through, and I like the color usage in mixing purples and browns in Winona to make her compliment Opal so well!
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Thank you dear! I think the color usage was more subconscious decision-making on my part.... honestly, all that I did was draw both pets in the same pinky-purple color and then as I always do selected my shade colors from that. So it was a purposeful choice of a unified palette in a way, but with far less effort involved than you are probably imagining.

Whatever the case though, I am glad you like them!
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Opal looks like she lost weight.
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