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Another hasty, hasty picture from me, that I'm uploading because I have nothing newer and better to share and because people have been asking me to get some more art up! This is another picture that I'm quite sure I'll scrap eventually, seeing as how I think I scribbled it out in around fifteen minutes all-told, and as for what's going on here (as I explained on my blog, and shall quote), it's one of those classic cliche "oops-someone-has-tripped-and/or-fallen-onto-the-other-person-so-now-we-shall-both-just-stare-and-blush-furiously-for-a-few-moments" that came about as a result of trying to draw Rarity's head from such an angle and which apparently led my shipper-brain to add Applejack in as a natural course of action. ^^; So, ah, yes, enjoy or something, and as always

EDIT: Oh yes, and at this point (if it does not go without saying) I have decided not to scrap this piece after all, or at least not any time soon thanks to all of the kind and encouraging positive feedback I have received. Much appreciated dears! :heart:
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kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss 
Just kiss!
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Kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
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kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss kiss
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the ship has sailed!
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just checked ur gallery, amazi'n work!
keep it up! >v<
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Awe thank you ^v^ you too!
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>w< *Squee!!* ;w;
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*pushes* Push~♡
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Best ship ever!
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That's a cutie.
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Rarijack i the best :D
Love your work, man!
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Best shipping ever! :iconraritylaplz: :iconapplejacklaplz:
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Proof that opposites do attact each other!
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This is a surprise? :3 
At least in some parts of the wide fandom world.
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Good things are better when they're a rarity.
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Metal: *BA-DUM-TSCH!*
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ASDF :heart:
I luv your rarijack pics!
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