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Hey, Sugarcube

And the last, but certainly not the least of my older artworks left to be uploaded here to deviantART. And just in time as well! October 1st this year has been designated as Applejack Appreciation Day, and while I personally feel that it is a terrible shame that such a day is even needed to get people to come together and show Applejack the love and appreciation she deserves, that doesn't mean I would miss participating for anything, either. So here she is, and while I do apologize that I was unable to get anything entirely new finished for the occasion there should be more work featuring fabulous orange farmponies coming in the very near future.

Dearest darling Applejack, how on earth do you manage to be so ridiculously cute? There is no doubt in my mind at least that you will always be Best Pony. :heart:

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Applejack truly is best pony!

Well done!

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Aaawww it's so cute and amazing at the same time ~ :aww:
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wow, what an amazing job :O congratulations ^^
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Cool, the lighting looks great in this piece! 
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Bloody 'ell! Dis is so beaute' and cute art mate. Dis's goo' work.
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Very good. Clapping Pony Icon - Applejack  Good work. :)
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very good one on applejack :D
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Adorableneess. :heart:
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AJ is so cute x3
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She really is, isn't she? Thank you!
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Your welcome! x3
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AJ is best pony. This is adorable
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She really truly is. :heart: And thank you so much, I sincerely appreciate it!
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No problem! Forgot to watch you ^^;
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Oh, no worries, but thank you for that as well, then!
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No problam! Your art is gorgeous
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I love AJ's expression here, expressive but not too exaggerated. Adorable yet lifelike!
(Also, fun fact: I cannot spell "exaggerate" without help from google.)
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Thank you! I'm not going to lie, I think Applejack must be the most adorable thing I have ever come across at least, and I'm so glad you enjoy her here. And while "exaggerate" has never given me a problem, I can't seem to ever spell "frivolous" without second-guessing myself.
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Agreed, AJ is extremely adorable.
I can understand your trouble with "frivolous", it's one of those words that looks like it's spelled wrong even when it isn't.
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