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Commission: Steampunk Rarity

Well, several of you have been asking about her, and so it's with pleasure that I'm finally able to get her up here. Steampunk Rarity in all of her dreary Victorian glory!

This commission was done for the very tasteful ~Forderz, who came to me wanting a scene of wet-haired, steampunk Rarity out and about in the elements, and looking appropriately disgruntled for this fact. The picture was influenced to a certain extent by Forderz's fondness of this fabulous composition, "Rarity IS Industry", which very much helped to inspire me in creating a proper mood for the piece.

Also, even though I knew that the manestyle at least would not be used I created a page of concept art for the piece, to ensure a better grasp on the outfit that I designed for Rarity. All in all, despite the many challenges I have to say I enjoyed working on this project immensely!

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that looks....nice.
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"you will die"
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Excellent work! just look at our fabulous pony!Rarity (rainbow eye) plz Rarity (blink eye) plz 
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Nice Work!!!!!!! :D
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wow! awesome!:33
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Thank you so much, I appreciate it!
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reminds me on dr who
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Now THAT'S fashion. :D
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I hate to say this because I'm no longer a brony because I see them being insulted or bullied by non bronies however I do hate rarity because she's annoying than twilight and some episodes involving her mostly shows her being a brat (its just my opinion just don't judge) :P
WhiteDiamondsLtd's avatar
Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions of course, and I certainly do not take personal offense. Rarity is a complex, multi-facteted character who absolutely does have definite flaws in addition to her many character assets. Which is one of the reasons that I personally love her as I do. Her element is Generosity, yet we have seen her battle with her own selfish desires... the fact that she can be self-centered does not really make her a bad character when you consider the fact that she has always done the right, generous thing in the end... it simply makes her more real because she has to battle satisfying her own desires with doing what she knows is the right thing as we all must do. Likewise her obsession with always making good appearances likely stems from a certain deep-seated insecurity or desire to be approved of, similar to how Rainbow Dash covers up her own insecurity with bravado. At the end of the day though, Rarity truly does have a warm heart and an honest desire to help those she cares about (proven many, many times over in the series), and really does delight in making the world a better and more beautiful place to the best of her ability, in spite of her shortcomings. So for these reasons I love her.

That is only my own opinion though. And apologies for the belated response!
Sweat Rarity and steam punk combination
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She looks pretty good in a steampunk outfit!!! :O :O :O
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I suck at judging fashion, but this definitely looks charming!
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She's pretty :D
Awesome job on this! :iconrarityclapplz:
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Thank you very much, I appreciate the compliments! :heart:
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She doesn't seem very gadgetted out... then again, she probably has at least three concealed weapons designed into her outfit.
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