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Commission: Soviet Rarity

Finally, nearly a month after I actually finished work on the original version of this piece (as you see it here) and several months after starting talks with my client ~KerenskyLI planning it out, I am able to post this at last. This piece took me quite outside my comfort zone as I still don't consider myself especially proficient with drawing/painting complicated inorganic objects (which I suppose a Russian KV-85 tank would certainly qualify as) but in the end I'm relatively happy with it, and am relieved to be able to post it at last.

In my own opinion, this picture is quite reminiscent of my Steampunk Rarity artwork in many ways, but this is essentially exactly what my client asked for and he was happy with it, which is the most important thing of course! And I did have quite a lot of fun working on it, which is always a nice thing.

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reminds me of hunger games
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Ah, I see Rarity gets to experience the warm embrace of communism.
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In soviet ponyville, ponies ride you.
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I hate the commie
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There is no cider today. There was none yesterday. 

There will be none tomorrow. 

Such is life in Soviet Equestria. 
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like it but wheres the human colonel or sometihng like that ponies cant run a motherland like this our country is run by man not by ponies good drawing aaah the days back then snow cold in USSR
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russia dont be cute and all that in soviet russia there is not cute there is serious and war
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In Soviet Ponyville, Books read you!
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In sovjet Equestria you obay horses.
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Wich tank is it. KV-85?
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I have the KV-85 in World Of Tanks. Good thank.
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wait a KV-1? i think ponyville is safe from now on.XD
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Nope. It's a KV-85.
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ah, sorry for the mix up to me they look similer.
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Well, KV-85 IS a KV-1S, with the turret and gun from an IS-1. Fewer than 200 made.
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can't really blame you :3.
I also did mistake the KV-1S as the KV-85 before sooo yea.
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