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Greetings, friends... it has been a while since my last journal entry! I am afraid that (as many people seemingly noticed) up until quite recently I'd been absent from deviantART for a good while... regrettably, many real-life issues and health problems, both my own and within the family, simply made it difficult for me to keep up with things around here, so I had to put my fanart and consequently online socializing on the backburner for a little while. I will say I'm truly sorry if I managed to worry anyone with my absence as I would never intend for such a thing; as life has similarly pulled me away before on more than one occasion I suppose I didn't feel people would think anything of my disappearing for a bit, but it does appear I was mistaken there. However and again, my apologies if that was the case for anyone!

The past two months have been quite busy for me, and something of a whirlwind. I made the absolute last-minute decision to attend EQLA last month on a whim for one (my very first pony convention), and there had the utterly fantastic experience of meeting so many people face to face at last, both new friends and old... AquaticSun, LateCustomer, JoRoBro, yeendip, DarkFlame75, Tsitra360, FrogAndCog, NCMares, ponywise and so many others, as well as the eternally lovely Bernd01 who I will fully credit for making the whole experience happen for me in the first place (and to whom I shall be eternally grateful as a result :heart:). Thanks to the incredible experience I've come to the understanding I would love to attend as well as possibly vend at other conventions in the future also, and at the very least have every intention to be at the upcoming Pacific PonyCon in San Diego next January, for anyone who may have heard of it and might be making plans around that event as well. Expect further information and announcements on this subject to be forthcoming!

What all of these things mean for my artwork is that I've been recently energized, spurred on, and at last have both the time and means to return to creating fanart, some of which of course I've managed to share here already since returning, and with much more to come going forward. This also concerns my blog Rarijack-Daily as I understand many people have expressed interest in its continuation, which I am happy to say that I do plan to return to at some point in the future when I feel I can handle the commitment again, and in the meantime I will resume uploading older entries here on deviantART as I'm able to. I have to thank everyone sincerely for all of the ongoing interest and support of both this project and of all of my work; it means everything!

Last but not least at this time, I have recently made a Twitter account since coming back from the convention, and if anyone cares to find me there you can do so at my handle diamond_dusted. Much love friends! :heart:

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Greetings! I am a freelance artist and designer currently residing in southern California, who also happens to enjoy making fanart in my spare time (if such a thing was not obvious, that is!). A "My Little Pony" fan since the 1980s, I joined the Friendship is Magic fandom via my fanart blog in the summer of 2011, and in response to popular demand decided to create a deviantART page specifically for the purpose of sharing my pony-works. In September of 2014 I started my Tumblr fan project Rarijack-Daily for the duel purposes of keeping more involved with the fandom and also to try and better my self-taught cartooning skills. I very much look forward to returning to it soon!

To any who may possibly be interested in obtaining artworks from me, I'm afraid commissions are currently closed, but please do check back as this is certainly subject to change. Cheers, darlings! :heart:


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In case you people aren't aware...

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oh mah gawd , you should make speed paints!!!!!!
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It was lovely talking with you at Everfree Northwest this year! I'll have to get a cracking on some RariJack stuff.
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Happy Birthday!

Hope you're alright!
InfiniteWarlock Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Happy Birthday. Really hope you're doing fine. We haven't seen you put out work for a long time now. It would be great if we had a sense of what your current status is. Do you intend to return to regular art uploads? With that said, hope you enjoy your special day.:D (Big Grin) Nod :happybounce: 
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Happy Birthday! ᵔ.ᵔ…

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Happy Birthday. :party: :cake: :airborne: :dance:
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Happy Birthday!
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Happy birthday :)
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