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Potiti by WhiteCattheheroqueen Potiti :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 2 3 Gurona (non-magic conjuring version) by WhiteCattheheroqueen Gurona (non-magic conjuring version) :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 0 Ms. Africa by WhiteCattheheroqueen Ms. Africa :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 2 9 Mummycop 2 by WhiteCattheheroqueen Mummycop 2 :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 3 2 General Potiti by WhiteCattheheroqueen General Potiti :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 3 4 General Potiti (failed) by WhiteCattheheroqueen General Potiti (failed) :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 2 Halagan 2 by WhiteCattheheroqueen Halagan 2 :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 2 Queen Galaxy by WhiteCattheheroqueen Queen Galaxy :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 3 10 Mummycop by WhiteCattheheroqueen Mummycop :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 5 6 Halagan by WhiteCattheheroqueen Halagan :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 5 3 Nidon by WhiteCattheheroqueen Nidon :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 4 3 Sheena 2 by WhiteCattheheroqueen Sheena 2 :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 4 1 Sarah by WhiteCattheheroqueen Sarah :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 0 Sheena by WhiteCattheheroqueen Sheena :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 3 Gurona by WhiteCattheheroqueen Gurona :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 1 3 Sarah by WhiteCattheheroqueen Sarah :iconwhitecattheheroqueen:WhiteCattheheroqueen 6 4


RexCat: Planet of Horror
Rex/Cat: Planet of Horror
The fighting had been fierce along the forested front on Drachenwald.  Rex was flying with his troops in a LAAT, escorted by WhiteCat's squadron of Arc-170 fighters.
"Clankers coming in at point three five!" Rex called out to the squad.
"I see them!" White Cat acknowledged.  She swerved with her wingman to engage the droid vultures and blasted them out of the sky while Rex continued his advance.
"There are so many of them!" White Cat's wingman fired wildly into a sudden swarm of vulture fighters.  The droids blasted at them, but were mostly missing.
"Stay focused!" White Cat swerved around behind the swarm and started burning them out of the sky.  The rest of her squad caught the droids in a crossfire, wiping them out.  After a few intense moments of dogfighting, the Clone ships breached the outer defenses of the orbiting Separatist ships.  Two Banking Clan frigates tried to block the advance as more LAATS and fighters pushed forw
:iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 6 7
RexCat: Missing In Action
RexCat: Missing In Action
The words came to her straight from the Jedi.  General Kenobi was calm and allowed White Cat a moment to soak in the horror of war.
"I knew you were an....acquaintance of the Captain.  I thought should know...."
White Cat's jaw dropped in shock when the Jedi came personally to her apartment on Coruscant.  The news wasn't good.  It was worse than news of being killed.  Captain Rex's gunship crashed on a battlefield in the mountains of Planet Drachenwald, a dark, Gothic place of forests and hostile creatures.  He was officially listed as "missing in action".
"We are doing all we can to contact the other units of the 501st that went to that battle.  We were reinforcing Plo Koon's besieged troops on the Moons of Kalium while Rex assaulted Drachenwald.  The Separatists have cut us off from the system, however...."
White Cat went pale, unable to respond.  Her heart felt a cold weight from the news.  There
:iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 5 7
Captain Rex and White Cat by lordhadrian Captain Rex and White Cat :iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 39 10 Keep you in my coat for emergency cuddles by dacoolcat Keep you in my coat for emergency cuddles :icondacoolcat:dacoolcat 189 12 Hey by teamfreewillangel Hey :iconteamfreewillangel:teamfreewillangel 83 19
Mature content
A Bed for Three- Johnlockary :iconcivil-war-casualty:Civil-War-Casualty 19 40
Rex/Cat: Written in the Stars
Rex/Cat: Written in the Stars
Dooku had pondered a plan as he studied the Drachenwald system.  The Planet was about to be lost to the Republic, thanks to the intrepid actions of a new Jedi.  She had been identified by his Master, Sidious, as simply "The Cat".  This new warrior had to be stopped, but she was an enigma.  Dooku needed a new strategy to turn the tide if he was to succeed in the conquest of Drachenwald.
He gambled on one observable weakness provided by Darth Sidious.  She was a warrior with a heart.  And her heart belonged to a common soldier.  A clone.  Dooku almost sneered his face with contempt at the very thought that a clone, born from chemicals in a tube, could ever know true emotions and human feelings.  To him, the clones, while necessary to his Dark Master's ultimate plan, were an abomination of science.  But, in the instance of this one, particular clone, there was a new practical purpose.
Captain Rex would become
:iconlordhadrian:lordhadrian 7 0
Jealous. (Sherlock/Doctor Strange/Reader)
Imagine Stephen Strange ending up in 221B Baker Street, and Sherlock, your boyfriend, getting jealous because you seem to enjoy Strange's company.
He'd ended up in that parallel world quite by accident. He'd lost his sling ring, and he was trapped. But what made things worse, was that, in all the possible places of the Multiverse where he could have ended up in, he had to end up in a world in which he too existed, a parallel existence, to be precise. 
He was aware of parallel worlds and such things, but he never actually thought that he would look almost exactly the same. That was annoying. And what made things even more annoying, was the fact that his parallel self was just as egocentric as he sometimes could be. That was making things really hard between them. 
Oh, and then there was Y/n. His other self's girlfriend. She was the one who first found him in the flat, and the one that convinced Sherlock (his p
:iconilwyd:Ilwyd 20 2
Amralime (Kili x reader)
The first time Kíli and Y/n met he called her ‘amralime’, and being a human she had no idea what that meant. They were both sitting by the fire in Bilbo’s house, watching the poor hobbit scurry around trying to control the raging party.  Y/n glanced at Kíli for an explanation but he just smiled.
Y/n was the head navigator for the company. Gandalf brought her in just as he brought in Bilbo, knowing that she was the best possible person for the job. Y/n knew the lands of Middle Earth better than anyone.
She hit it off with the two brothers on the very first day of their travel. The three of them rode in this little pack of giggles and youth. A stark contrast to the grey beards and worn faces around them.
On their second day of travel, Kíli called her ‘amralime’ again. Only this time in front of his brother. Fíli’s eyes went wide and a huge smile stretched across his face, he immediately turned his head to see how Y/n would reac
:icond0gss:d0gss 132 8
Billy 'Robot' Roberts by GeneralPotiti Billy 'Robot' Roberts :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 5 40 Marley and Mose by GeneralPotiti Marley and Mose :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 5 316 Lego White Cat by GeneralPotiti Lego White Cat :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 3 22 Lego Mummycop by GeneralPotiti Lego Mummycop :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 2 445 Lego Noira by GeneralPotiti Lego Noira :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 5 284 Meeting by GeneralPotiti Meeting :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 2 25 Lego Rohlin by GeneralPotiti Lego Rohlin :icongeneralpotiti:GeneralPotiti 2 31


Iiiiiiii think this makes any of the stuff :icongeneralpotiti: himself did look like mega high art
Gurona (non-magic conjuring version)
As the title says it, it's the same drawing, just without that so called "magic"
Ms. Africa
Thought I should try to draw one of :icongeneralpotiti:'s characters, since I've been drawing my own OC's.

And yes, I used Esmeralda as the model for this character.

This is Ms. Africa, the love interest of his character, Nidon, and as he described her, a symbol of hope and freedom of Africa.
General Potiti
I actually made this one right before I made the one I just uploaded.

Idk if this one's better or worse. Whatever.

It was easier to split the colors with this one though

Note: Potiti is a he.

Potiti (c) :icongeneralpotiti:

The maker by AzaleaDolls


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