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Symbol of all light, the white is associated to the very strong moments of passage. Birth, death and spiritual illumination are represented by bundles of white luminosity. While the black means absence and fear, the white is expression of the light, mother of all forms. If a ray of white light crosses a prism, produces the colors of the rainbow. Each one of them stimulates an emotion, however the white receives all the colors and stimulates the sensation that we want. When the mind is not quiet, the whiteness can until bothering us.

White Book is the book that was given me in my birth and that sends me to the pureness, cleanness opening for new possibilities and opportunities in life. As well as a blank screen waiting to be painted my white book is waiting to be drawn with lived experiences and sensible emotions... Becoming a true rainbow due to the intensity of each moment. In the end of each phase it becomes calm and white once again, to enter in contact with my essence, understanding, acceptance and with my sincerity and truth to my inner.

For all of these, and in good time I started to feel me as White Book of Silence... I developed the capacity to silence myself and enter with my real true me, not the one I wanted to be neither the one that I wanted that others thought that I was.

About my work:

I always take my photos with my heart, and let him show me the way. After I edit them in CS5 or X2 to be able to show what I really see with my soul and what captures my senses so I hope that my work do the same for you.

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Mother Nature
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My skin
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white books, caligraphy, shodou and lots and lots of words

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i miss u dear friend...:hug::heart:

Thinking of you, hope you are well.

hope your well........