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Hercules was wearing my baby Scar! I was soooo shocked. 
I'm watching older Disney movie that I haven't watched since I was little like now I'm watching Tarzan. I forgot how heart breaking the begin is.
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Miss Potts and Chip made an appearance in Tarzan. 
Disney never ceases to amaze me.
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Hei venner! Jeg lærer et nytt språk! Det er virkelig vanskelig.... Jeg lærer det for en cosplay.Tord fra Eddsworld faktisk! Læring dialekten er den vanskeligste delen med å skrive den. Siden noen bokstaver er ikke på tastaturet mitt har jeg å skrive det inn på google translate for å få de riktige bokstavene.

Hello friends! I'm learning a new langue! It's really hard. I'm learning it for a cosplay. Tord from Eddsworld in fact! Learning the accent is the hardest part along with writing it. Since some letters aren't on my keyboard I have to type it in to google translate to get the right letters.

Fun Fact About the Norwegian Culture!

1. It is normal to just ignore someone if you don't want to talk to them! You can just act they don't exist! I wish that was okay in America!

2.Gas prices are among the highest in the world, even though Norway is one of the biggest exporters of oil in the world... :(

It is the most peaceful country, according to the Global Peace Index.

If caught driving under the influence, there is an automatic 30 days in jail, lose your license for a year, and pay fines up to 10% of your annual income!

5. Ironically b
inge drinking on the weekends is a well-established tradition. Just don’t drive home!

Food stores cannot be open on Sundays. If you need groceries then, you have to get them at the local gas station, which are allowed to sell food on Sundays.

Food prices are so high in Norway that many people travel to Sweden to buy their groceries. Though a girl I'm talking to from Norway a fellow cosplayer (I'm helping her learn how to do an American accent) who's helping me learn how to do a Norwegian accent, pointed out that sometimes this isn't the greatest idea, cause you gotta pay for really high price gas, so it's only a good idea if you live close. She admitted though that she is one of though people who drive to Sweden even though it may not save much money.

If you own a TV in Norway, you have to pay an annual fee of $300.
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Why did I have to fall for a guy? I mean I love girls, there bodies... their just hot... I like the female figure. But nope not for me. I feel for a guy. I really do find myself more and more attracted to him everyday. But the thing is I'm transgender and he's not real thrilled about it... But I wish he would just open his eyes and understand this is hard on me too. I mean I don't really like guys, I never really have, but there's just something about him I just can get enough of. I want him to love me the why I love him, but that'll never happen till he gets it through his thick sulk that I'm a boy even if he doesn't like it. To be honest he tears me to pieces sometimes, and I know he doesn't mean to. But he does all these little things that's like a bitch slap to my gender and one of my best friends doesn't help, she tries to get my all dolled up to hang out with him, and if you'd met her you'd understand to her the word no is not in her vocabulary unless it is come out of her mouth. I wish everyone could just see me as I see myself. Because it's really eating away at me.
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I just got back from my lovely hometown and back to the boring ol' town I live in now. Well I was in my home town I visited my dad's parents, Ron and Vicki, and my mom's grandparents, Coy and Nancy. Along with mom's cousin, Missy and her son John.

And the beautiful blushing bride Stephanie! She lives in Alabama, but came home just so the family didn't have to travel to go to the wedding.
Steph is a real tomboy so my dad, mom, and me (my brother didn't really remember her) were dumbfounded by how girly and fluffy her wedding dress was, not that is wasn't beautiful. It was 97 degrees though and everyone was sweating. Luckily her waiting was by a lake and we had a nice breezy going, so the heat wasn't too bad.
With the girly but simple wedding being very short sweet to the point. Which also was dumbfounding since my family has a flare for going all out. I seen Steph had not changed on bit when the beautiful young lady hiked up her wedding dress so she wouldn't trip down the aisle in her fancy plain white flip-flops. Gotta love Steph. <3

Also while we were up north I realized just how bad my beloved town was getting. The first day I was there, a man and his wife were shot inside of their home. She was shot once in the head, he was shot three times in his lower regain in both the front and back before being shot in the head. Defiantly a crime of passion. My uncle Steve, also Steph's father and my mom's uncle, works as a cop and an embalmer. He really wanted to know what the guy had done to piss someone of that much. On the second day a sixteen-year-old was shot in the head while playing basket ball in the park when two gangs went to war and he happen to be killed in the cross-fire. A house was severely burned to the ground with the family still in the house, a man and wife with two teenage kids trapped inside. It was so bad that the cars in the driveway had started to melt. On the three day a small fire start (not on purpose) no body was hurt. A man was shot in the head (the bullet didn't not go all the way through) and had his legs ran over. He had ran almost a mile with a broken leg and bled out by the train tracks.

R.I.P. for all these poor souls.

On the fourth day nothing but Steph's wedding happened. She was very happy to hear that. As she walked down the ails with her dad she asked him to not have to find any bodies on her day. And no one had to!
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Has anyone every read the book Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson?

Is it a good book?

How do you feel about it being read in a school setting?
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You have to name the journal- Summer Time Memories. You have to list at least 5 good things that has happened to you, favorite to ok. (Basically 1st-5th etc) You can list as many as you want. Then you must tag your friends.

What was some of your favorite things about summer?

1.) being lazy with my boyfriend
2.) seeing Collin's puppies be all cute and stuff
3.) not haveing to soicalize
4.) forgeting what sunlight is
5.) sleeping in

And no I'm not tagging anyone I think the girl who tagged me got all my friends.

Note: I really do like summer. I hate soicalizing and not a fan of the sun. So nice just staying in all day.
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My mind needs to calm itself. It's being pervy and a little more than erotic to say the least.


"Must be good. Must be good. Must be good. Must be good. Must be good. Must be good."

*takes a breath of sweet fresh air*

"Not working. Not working. Not working. Not working! Not working!!"

*shakes head*

"I'm going to hell for these thoughts..."

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I've been gone for what seems like forever. I got back from my crazy grandmother's house. Not even gonna talk about that. She wouldn't give me her wifi password and I wasn't allow to touch her computer. So no wifi for a mounth! Yay! (that would be sarcasm) Then when I got home my laptop crashed. RIP little buddy. So long story short it's been hard to get on DeviantArt and FaceBook and all my Roll Plays that I still haven't gotten back on and most likely won't since I'm bored with them all, I don't want to see the drama FaceBook, so ta-duh! Here I am (sorry to break it to you). I'll try to catch up with my many fan with all there fan mail (again sarcasms I had two messages from the same person)
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Okay I was very bored... like very, very bored. So I draw a short hentia manga one a roll of toilet paper the rolled it back up to were it'd take some time to fined. Well I did his two days ago. My dad found it ripped the toilet paper off and put it in his dresser then gave me twenty bucks and told me I was an amazing artist.... he's never said this about any thing good about anything I've ever done... So that was cool. But over hentia... gosh. Weird ass dad, but hell I'd draw him more hentia if I can get a few bucks out of it.
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It's 2am and no one's up and I'm bored. and I can't sleep. And I'm really bored and my time line thingy didn't take as long as I'd hoped. And my dad's gonna make me work in the yard so should be sleeping but noo! My body doesn't want to sleep it wants to go for a fucking jog! Stupid body listen to my mind so I can go o sleep at a decent hour.... I hope I can go to Collin's... Hmm... I wander how quickly I can do yard work... I might be able to pull it off in time! See what you guys are doing to me I'm talking to myself on my own journal just wow.
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Yeah I'm bored so Ima just put my life in a time line for all to see. Because that's the logical thing to do. I will only be doing major events.
WARNIG: 70% sure this will sound depressing as fuck, but all is well.

One year old:
I was born very sick since I was born with a nutrients deficiency which made it difficult for my bones to grow and for me to eat.
I throw up one my birthday cake...

Two years old:
My dad spoiled the shit out of me.
I never really seen my mom.
I was a brat.
There was o signs of my nutrients deficiency.

Three years old:
My bother was born.
My brother became very sick, to this day we don't know why he was sick or what with.
I was sent to live with my Uncle Donny. So my parents could care for Glen without me getting in the way.

Four years old:
I got my first boyfriend Mikey.
My Uncle Donny's daughter Ally killed his wife Mandy. I can still remember the screams...
My Uncle Donny became unstable and I was sent back to my parents.
My brother was while again and I loved him instantly.

Age Five:
Me and my best friend Hope where kidnapped by a man at the park we jumped out of his car and had to walk to a drug store where  nice lady took us home. We cried the whole way home.
Hope was killed on Halloween by an evil woman who put a needle in her candy. It was just me and Hope there and I didn't know who to save her.
My house brunt down do to an electrical fire the week before Christmas.

Age Six:
My ODC became very bad and I killed my dog Pumpkin because he ran in the house with dirty paws. I loved that dog...
My mom began to fear me and sent me back to my Uncle Donny's.
I started wearing gloves and a mask to protect me from the dirtiness f the outside world.
I made a friend Jason because he thought my mask was cool.

Age Seven:
My Uncle Donny was dynodes with cancer.
I moved to where live now with my parents.
Befriended Jamie and Michelle.
My father became a drunk.
I spent the summer with my Uncle Jim. He was not very fun...
Jim taught me how to kill rabbits.
I killed over twenty rabbits....

Age eight:
I befriend Quinton.
Dated Sam and Dustin on and off. Not at the same time.
I met my cousin Makyla and became close friends with her.
Spent the summer wit Donny.

Age nine:
Sam moved away.
Me and Dustin dated.
I went to my first funeral still have no idea who they were but I cried any ways.
Spent the summer with Donny.
Donny was clear of all cancer.
Made friends with Jackson (even though he followed m around in pre-school)
Jackson's mother was arrested and he lived with me and Donny.

Age ten:
My dad started to beat me tell I'd pas out when ever he was mad.
Makyla died of cancer.
Dustin cheated on me and we broke I off for the last time.
Spent the summer with Donny and Jackson.

Age eleven:
Uncle Jim died in a car accident.
My father almost killed me.
Me and Jason started dating.
Me, Donny, Jason, and Jackson lived together though the summer.

Age twelve:
I tried to commit suicide for the first time. Jackson stopped me.
I started smoking weed and drinking.
Spent the summer with Donny, Jason, and Jackson.

Age thirteen:
Tried to commit suicide many times Jackson stopped me.
Was high 24/7.
Was drunk 24/7.
Befriend Daria. (I think it as this years...?)
Spent the summer with Donny, Jason, and Jackson.
OD on se pretty bad drugs.

Age fourteen:
Stopped all drugs.
Cut down on drinking.
Befriended Claire, Halie, a different Sam, and Allen.
Jason commit suicide because I broke up with him to get away from drugs.
Started dating Chase broke up with him because of my OCD.
Was put on meds for my OCD.

Age fifteen:
I befriended Collin and a lot of other people... to many to write down. Love you guys!
Dated Nathan failed horribly... he cheated on me.
Started drinking heavily again.
Donny died of a heart attack.
I tried to commit suicide Jackson stopped me again.
Started cutting myself.
My cousin Amy killed herself and the next week her big brother Chris killed himself.
OCD start to act up.
Had to be but on stronger meds.
My nutrients deficiency  came back but not as bad.
Had more meds for that....
To many meds couldn't focus grads started dropping.
Started dating Collin. <3
My nutrients deficiency went away again.

I still drink, it's been awhile since even thought of cutting myself, I don't have too many meds to take anymore. I left some info out. Ages twelve to fifteen my not be in the right order.. I'm not real sure...
But here you go this is my time line! It took way to long to do.... an I don't even want to post it. But I will.
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Why not do this thing.

[x] You have a boyfriend/girlfriend

[x] You have your own room.

[x] You own a cell phone.

[x] You have an iPod/ mp3 player

[x] Your parents are still married.

[x] You have more than 2 best friends.

[x] There is a swimming pool in your backyard

TOTAL: seven

[ ] You dress how you want to.

[x] You hang out with friends more than once a week.

[x] There is a computer/laptop in your room.

[ ] You have never been beaten up.

[ ] You never cry more than twice a month.

[ ] You are allowed to listen to the music you want to.

[x] Your room is big enough for you.

[ ] People don't use you for something you have.

[x] You have been to a concert.

TOTAL: eleven

[x] You have over 50 friends on Facebook.

[x] Your parents let you have a Facebook

[ ] You get allowance.

[ ] You collect something normal.

[ ] You look forward to going to school.

[ ] You don't wish you were someone else.

[x] You play a sport.

[x] You do something after school.

TOTAL: fifteen

[x] You own a car.

[ ] You usually don't fight with your parents.

[ ] You are happy with your appearance.

[ ] You aren't self-conscious at all.

[ ] You have never got a failing grade in your life.

[x] You have friends.

TOTAL: seventeen

[x] You know what is going on in the world.

[x] You care about so many people.

[ ] You are happy with your life.

[x] You know more than one language.

[x] You own a pet.

[x] You know the words to 5 songs or more.

[ ] You don't have any enemies

[x] You are a generally nice person.

TOTAL: twenty-three

TOTAL: 69%

Now count your total and multiply by three. Then title this journal "My life is __% Happy".

I stopped taking my meds for my ODC.... Well I just wanted to be able to stay focused on everything that's going on around me but... It might be to much for me to handle everything's so dirty... and Jackson messed up my room not knowing I stopped taking my meds so I need to clean my room... But it just makes me want to throw everything away so it can't get dirty anymore... Tomorrow after school I'm going out to buy gloves at the very least hopefully I'll find a mask too...
Okay so one of my friends asked my to write as many well known paraphilias as I can before the end of school if I get fifteen she'll give me thirty dollars plus two dollars for every poem over fifteen. I can't wait to get my hands on that money and buy me a new cosplay!

Note: this is very easy for me since I have SOME of these parphilias most of them in a masochism way. I will state which ones I DON't HAVE.
Okay so my mom's making me get on birth control because I "spent to much time with Collin". So because of that mom's taking me to the doctors to be put on birth control. So what if we've been spending time together. Like seriously. I don't want to go to the doctors and get all up and naked in front of other people and it's not like I'll remember to take it every day. Good going fuck you buddy. 

Keep reading --> -->

Lol. My mom when she was younger she had sex with her best friend and since Collin is a dude (and other guys too) so just to be safe she's making me get on birth control. Lol. I hope you guys freaked and thought we were doing "stuff" but no we haven't. 
(don't be makin' jokes about this at Collin he said he'd snap about it kay kay?)
(oh and Collin helped me come up with this)
(and yes my mom is really doing this)
I just want to wish an extra special birthday to my bro Tav! I hope your birthday was great kiddo!
Okay I'm going to word it this way. The why I see it is I'm a guy, and yes I'm also into guys. I know my friends see me and dresses and stuff, but it's more of a painful reminder that I'm a girl. So no I'm not a lesbian. Ignore the fact that I've had a crush on one girl for over a year but she'd a different story. 
My father is a huge homophobic and my mother's not much better. So I know I'd be kicked out of the house and all.... But I kinda want to tell my mom, but then she'd have to keep it from dad and I really don't want to do that to her...
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Okay so this person sent me a voice mail.... and well to be blunt about it he/she was masturbating... and like the strange person I am I listened to the full message trying to hear a slip up, tell me a name or even if I just recognized a voice. There voice was high pitched, but sounded male. They said my name a handful of times as well as called me Karkat. They also said things like "I bet you wish this was your pretty little Gam" or "Would John do this for you" "Sollux and Tav would never be this kind." So it sounded like they knew me to some extent. I still can't wrap my had around the fact that they kept pointing out that Gam and John wouldn't do that... It was just really weird. I didn't recognize the voice but they did say they watch me on deviant art. I also heard a female say "Stop teasing the girl she's probably grossed out". And yes she's right, that is gross and disturbing. You want to jack off I don't care, you want to think of me while doing it, go ahead I can't stop you, but you leave me the fuck alone. And if this has been happening to anybody else please inform me. And if this person is you for the love of god leave me the fuck alone.
I'm sorry to inform you but I fucked up on the story timeline on "Addicted and Love Stick" so that shit's goning to the trash I may return to it later but no promises on it. Sorry to my bros and sisters.
Okay I'm in science class and normally my deviantART account is block but not today I guess. :D