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The Perfect Little Kitty by WhiteBleedingFox The Perfect Little Kitty by WhiteBleedingFox
I was highly depressed for a while so my mom want to get me some kittens to consume my time. So she got me these two kittens, Lucy and Tony, that were damn near feral cats. Well I worked with them day after day to draw them out of their shells, Tony the more social of the two was the first to except me and began to show me love and affection, of course this made me feel very proud of myself. Well soon after poor Tony, not even two months old, was stuck by a car in my drive way seemingly on purpose, though still to this day I have no proof. I began to feel more depressed than I did before, on top of that the little progress I did make with his sister, Lucy seemed to have vanished. I continued to work with her even though the small kitten seemed depressed and was pulling her fur out. She did open up to me, but I'd have to talk to her and cox her for several minutes before she'd let me touch her, and this was every time. 
Soon super bowl came around, which means parties of course, but not for me. I divided to watch it at home with my brother while my parents hit up a party at a family friends house. Well my mom had told her friend Stacy, basically my aunt or something, that I was having a hard time coping with the stress of school and the death of my kitten. So when my parents arrived at her and her husband's house she had two surprises for us, little white and orange spotted tabbies, two boys I might add. My mom called us and told us to come get them. I named the mostly white one Diablo, while my brother named the mostly orange one Gregory. I was worried at first, even though these to kittens were significantly younger than Lucy, they were also much rowdier and bigger.
With the help of these social and playful boys I finally started to bring Lucy out of her shell. They also worked wonders on me, expressly the attention hog Gregory, how followed my every step with obnoxiously loud purred to follow. He was one of the happiest animals I have ever seen, though he was quiet the brat. 
I will forever miss the little guy who was such a positive thing in my life.
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October 9, 2017
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